The Great Liners
2003 - BÝrge Solem

How great were the liners really? - We are displaying some pictures from a Cunard Line "Comparisons" booklet issued by the company some time around 1925

The Giant Berengaria placed in the American League Baseball Stadium in New York. Babe Ruth's longest hit ball would fall far short of her great length

Showing the magnitude of the Aquitania as compared with the Capitol at Washington DC

20,000 ton liner (Scytia, Samaria, Laconia) Compared with the Washington Monument

An eight-car section of a typical American express train could be placed and sustained on the upper deck of the Aquitania from the first to the fourth funnel, with ample clearance as shown DC

Some of the provisions required to feed this traveling city, the giant of the Aquitania on one trip: 12,561 lbs. butter, 625 boxes of oranges, 520 boxes of apples, 29,768 lbs. sugar, 239,584 eggs, 80 tons of meat, Fowl 19,112, Ham&Bacon 15 tons, fresh fish 30 tons, 16,000 qts. claims, 1.221 qts. oysters, 1,440 gals. milk, 4,807 lbs. potatoes, 5,139 lbs. cheese, 9,450 qts. ice cream, 125 geese, 250 turkeys, 500 ducks, 3,000 fowl, 75 Heads of Cattle and Calfs, 250 Sheep and Lambs, 150 pigs, 250 pheasants, 500 pigeons, 300 grouse, 1,000 quail, 300 partridge, 250 snipe