Hunting Passenger Lists
1999 - BÝrge Solem, Trond Austheim, Sue Swiggum & Debbie Beavis

If you have been wondering where to start looking for information about your Norwegian emigrant ancestors, you will probably find some answers in this article. It will give a brief overview of the different sources available.

The article has been reorganized in to separate chapters in 2007, you will find them by using the links below


Hunting Passenger Lists:

 -  Chapter 1:   Emigration Records - Sources (By BÝrge Solem & Trond Austheim)
 -  Chapter 2:   Canadian Records (1865-1935) (by Sue Swiggum, Trond Austheim & BÝrge Solem)
 -  Chapter 3:   Searching the Canadian Immigration Records Database (by Annette Fulford - 2002)
 -  Chapter 4:   US arrivals - Customs Passenger Lists (by Sue Swiggum, Trond Austheim & BÝrge Solem)
 -  Chapter 5:   Port of New York Passenger Records (By Jo Anne Sadler, 2003
 -  Chapter 6:   Norwegian Emigration Records (By BÝrge Solem)
 -  Chapter 7:   The British Board of Trade outbound passenger lists (By Debbie Beavis)