The Diary of an emigrant leaving Trondheim on the ship "Juno" in 1893

May 24. I left my home for Kristiansund.
May 27. I left Kristiansund for Trondheim
June 1. The ship S/S Juno left Trondheim at 12 midday, and arrived Kristiansund at 8 in the evening, and from Kristiansund she left at 10 o'clock the same evening.
June 2. Arrived at Aalesund at 5 in the morning. From Aalesund the course was set for Hull, and at 6 in the afternoon we lost Norway of sight. Good weather, but fog.
June 3. Good weather, a little fog. There was music and dance on board the whole day.
June 4. In the morning it was clear sky and nice weather, at dinnertime we had rainy weather with thunder and lightning. Arrived at Hull at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. At 7 the ship was anchored at the pier, and there was a dance up on deck.
June 5. At 5 o'clock in the morning we had to leave the ship and go on shore in Hull. We left Hull around 11 o'clock and arrived in Liverpool at 6 o'clock in the evening. In Liverpool we stayed from Monday evening to Thursday morning. There was music and dance every day. I took Liverpool's poverty and miserable state in to my eyes. Fallen women walking about with a bottle in one hand and a glass in the other, so drunk that they tumbled from one side of the road to the other.
June 8. I boarded the S/S Gallia of the Cunard Line around midday to depart for America.
June 9. Arrived at Queenstown, Ireland at about 9 o'clock. Nice weather.
June 10. Saturday in the morning we had thick fog which later cleared and we had nice weather. Good wind.
June 11. Sunday - Nice clear weather with good wind. There was a service. We met an other steamer.
June 12. There was roomers that a foreign girl had died, but this turned out not to be truth. We had a little wind against us. Vaccinations for men.
June 13. Today strong unfavorable winds. Vaccinations for women. Riots between two of the crew. Strong wind and rain.
June 14. Unfavorable wind and thick fog, calm sea. We meet an other steamer. Rain.
June 15. Misty weather, but unfavorable wind. An Englishman in his 50ies died at 12 o'clock, and at 5 o'clock he was buried in the depth of the sea. A sad sight. A sailing vessel in the horizon.
June 16. Clear air. Good wind. We passes a sailing vessel an two other steamers. There was a concert on board.
June 17. Good wind. At 6 in the afternoon we had the pilot on board. At 8 in the evening we could se lights from the American coast. At 9 we entered the harbor in Boston, a splendid sight! The town with it's numerous lights.
June 18. Sunday - I went ashore after having been examined by the physician. At 8 in the evening I left Boston by Train.