The Mads Knudsen Fauske account of the crossing on the Marie in 1864
1999 - Bob Anderson of Apple Valley, Minnesota

The story below is part of a biography written by Mads Knudsen Fauske. It was was submitted by Bob Anderson of Apple Valley, Minnesota. Mads Knudsen Fauske was his g-g-grandfather.

The ship Marie, commanded by Captain Jacob Hanson [this is an error, captain's name was I. Christensen] left Bergen on May 10, 1864 for Quebec.

"A few days out on the ocean a terrible storm came up. All the masts, three in number, were broken during the storm. The ship drove before the wind to Lyell, [Shields] England where it was laid up for repairs, two weeks. While there, Mrs. Knudtson gave birth to a child which was named Atlanthea Norgea. [This child is Bob Anderson's great grandmother] After leaving England the ship sprung a leak so that the pumps had to be worked constantly."

"After 17 weeks it reached Quebec. Water gave out. Provisions failed many of the passengers. Out of 360 passengers, only three families had sufficient provisions to last to the end of the voyage. But, fortunately, by dividing their supplies with what was provided for the ships crew, no one suffered actual starvation."

Arriving in Quebec, Knudtson had only a few cents left, but he and others in similar circumstances were carried free to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There he borrowed from a fellow passenger eight dollars for transportation to LaCrosse, WI. Eight dollars at that time were worth twenty one and 24/100 dollars in U. S. money.

On reaching LaCrosse he was fortunate enough to meet a countryman who had come in to carry a load of household goods for some of his friends to Bostwick valley. He asked Knudtson what he intended to do. Knudtson told him he wanted to get out in the country somewhere where he could get work. The man offered Knudtson's family the privilege of riding on his load. This offer was accepted and Knudtson walked behind.