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Everyone agrees that a journey on one of this line's steamers satisfies all reasonable demands that a traveler should have regarding the size, speed, fitting, food and treatment aboard the ships.

A closer description of the 3rd class accommodation Though the arrangements on this line is well known to emigrants, and a closer description should not be necessary. There are some things we would like to point out. No other line offers higher comfort, more human treatment and richer meals for the 3rd class passengers, than the Cunard Line.

Special departments
There are separate departments, one for families, one for unmarried women and one for unmarried men. For each department there is a dining room, kitchen and servery.

The cabins are placed amidships and in the aft. They are fitted for 2, 4 or 6 persons, and this makes it possible to ensure that groups can stay together during the voyage, if notice is given before the travel. This also makes it possible for groups of different size to have a cabin to them selves. The cabins are separated from each other by solid walls, and the doors are equipped with a lock. The cabins have all necessary equipment (see under "gigantic steamers").

The meals are rich, good tasting and are served by the stewards 3 times a day at the tables which is covered with white tablecloths. The sets are cleaned between each meal.



Breakfast:Oatmeal porridge with milk, boiled eggs, bread and butter, stowed vegetables, jam or marmalade tea or coffee.
Dinner:Soup, roast beef, potatoes, vegetables, bread and plum pudding with sweet sauce.
Evening:Tea, wheat bread, salted meat, bread and butter with jam or marmalade.
Breakfast:Oatmeal porridge with milk, beef with unions, bread and butter, jam or marmalade tea or coffee.
Dinner:Soup, fish, meat and potatoes, vegetables, sweet pickles, cucumbers, bread and rice pudding.
Evening:Apricot porridge and rice, bread and butter, jam or marmalade, tea.
Breakfast:Oatmeal porridge with milk, salt herring, stew, potatoes, bread and butter, jam or marmalade tea or coffee.
Dinner:Pea soup, cooked meat with vegetables and potatoes, sweet pickles, cucumbers, preserved plums with rice.
Evening:Tea, bread, butter and cheese, jam and marmalade.
Breakfast:Oatmeal porridge with milk, beef with unions, bread and butter, jam or marmalade tea or coffee.
Dinner:Fried pork with apple sauce, potatoes, vegetables, cucumbers, bread and kidney pie.
Evening:Tea, salted lamb, bread, butter, jam or marmalade.
Breakfast:Oatmeal porridge with milk, stew, ham with cucumbers, bread and butter, jam or marmalade tea or coffee.
Dinner:Soup, fried meat and kidney, lamb stew, potatoes, bread and cucumbers, sago pudding.
Evening:Tea, apple porridge with rice, bread, butter and jam or marmalade.
Breakfast:Oatmeal porridge with milk, salted herring and potatoes, bread and butter, jam or marmalade tea or coffee.
Dinner:Soup, fish with egg sauce, potatoes, stewed vegetables, bread, butter and pudding.
Evening:Fried clipfish, bread, butter and cheese, tea, jam or marmalade.
Breakfast:Oatmeal porridge with milk, beef with unions and potatoes, bread and butter, jam or marmalade tea or coffee.
Dinner:Soup, cooked lamb in capers sauce, potatoes, vegetables, bread and cucumbers, preserved plums with rice.
Evening:Tea, salted meat with cucumbers, currant bun, butter and bread, jam or marmalade.

Cleansing and inspection
There is a strict order aboard the ships, which can be witnessed by the many of the line's passengers. The cleaning is very accurate, and is conducted every day in all the rooms. The rooms are inspected by the captain, which is accompanied by the doctor and the head steward every morning. If any of the passengers have complaints they can be directed to the captain then, and the matter will immediately be handled with. As an example of the cleanliness conducted aboard the ships it should be noted that the line have its own steam laundry in Liverpool. The laundry house is 100 feet long and 36 feet breadth, and 18 feet high. In the season 70 000 pieces of cloths is washed weekly, consisting of table clothes, pillow cases, blankets, sheets and other things. All of the Cunard Line employees at the laundry draws a fixed salary.

Female stewardesses
For families and unmarried women there are among the crew female Scandinavian stewardesses.

Ships doctor
Is following on every steamer, there is also a pharmacy and hospital available for the sick.

For infants which can not eat other food, there is always fresh milk, and all what you can ever need. One does not have to lack anything.

There is always an interpreter on the ships, and among the crew are many Scandinavians.

The ship is illuminated by electric light, and during the cold season the cabins are heated.

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