A meeting place for people with Norwegian roots
If you are researching your Norwegian roots, and you are interested in the Norwegian cultural heritage. Then you should consider joining the NORWAY-List

What is the NORWAY-List?

The list is owned and administrated by Karla Halsan Mattila. Karla administrates the list with the care and love of a mother. The list is a part of Rootsweb. It is a list of over 600 of the friendliest and most patient and helpful people on the Internet, at least dealing with things Norwegian. The experience level in Norwegian genealogy and various aspects of computing on the List ranges from absolute beginner to professionals. Most people are looking for ancestors and want to help others. Some are there only because they enjoy helping others, especially the wonderful members who live in Norway. The purpose of the list is for people to meet on the web, to enjoy the hobby of genealogy research, and to share a common interest with others on the list. The members on the list will not do your family research for you, but in many cases they will do lookups, and give advice. Experienced list members will offer ways they have found, that may help you find answers for yourself.

The subjects discussed on the list ranges a wide specter of Norwegian related stuff, from Norwegian genealogy and research, to recipes, folklore, traveling in Norway, and much more. There is even a daily Norwegian joke posted to the list.

Would you like to find out more? If the answer is yes, you should go to the NORWAY-List Web Site.

To subscribe to Digest write with the word SUBSCRIBE in message body. Nothing else.

To subscribe to the List write Norway-L-request@rootsweb.comwith the word SUBSCRIBE in the message body. Subject blank, (if possible).

To UNSUBSCRIBE just replace the word SUBSCRIBE with UNSUBSCRIBE. Do notuse these addresses to post, It won't work.

(Please remember to read the NORWAY-List guidelines, you can find them at the NORWAY-List Web Site.

Happy hunting!

Børge Solem, November 1998

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