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researching Peter Autou Beyer

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Printed on: 23/05/2018


Topic author: neil beyers
Subject: researching Peter Autou Beyer
Posted on: 28/03/2008 02:29:03

Peter Autou Beyer was born either 1848-49-50, he was a miner in Norway but boarded the Hovding as a seaman to New Zealand in 1872 or 1873. Once arrived in Napier New Zealand he did not return to the ship. any info would be greatly appreciated.



Reply author: jwiborg
Replied on: 28/03/2008 22:19:57

He is not listed on the Passenger lists for the ship Høvding for 1872/73?

I would guess that you're looking for Peter Anton Beyer?

There is one "Johan Henriksen Beier" (49) in census-1865 for Kongsberg. Johan was then working in the Silver mine in Kongsberg.

Johan Henriksen Beier and wife Olene Marie Olsdr are registered with the following children on LDS:

Maren Gurine Johansen , b 1848 Kongsberg, Buskerud
Henrik Johansen , b 1850 Kongsberg, Buskerud
Ingeborg Olea Johansen , b 1852 Kongsberg, Buskerud
Olavus Johansen , b 1855 Kongsberg, Buskerud

Unfortunately, I have not found that they had a son named Peter Anton...

The name Beyer and that he was a miner could indicate that he was of German lineage, and from the Silver mines in Kongsberg...

Jan Peter

Reply author: Kåarto
Replied on: 29/03/2008 00:11:37

There were 54 persons with last name Beyer in Norway in 1865.


34 in Bergen in Hordaland county
8 in Oslo
1 in Sandefjord in Vestfold county
4 in Skien in Telemark county
2 in Stavanger in Rogaland county.
2 in Kristiansund in Møre&Romsdal county.
1 in Bodø and 2 in Vågen, both in Norland county.

No Peter Autou (Anton/Otto) Beyer found.

Høvding arrived New Zealand Dec. 1. 1873


Reply author: neil beyers
Replied on: 29/03/2008 08:33:28

Thankyou Jan and Kare, My Great grandfather certainly has turned out to be a mystery man.It is true that we are of German heritage,Peter was born in Norway but when old enough saw the opportunity to work on the Hovding and when arrived in NZ he jumped ship. It may also be highly possible that he changed parts of his name to evade the authorities in NZ at the time.
Thankyou again for the research you have done for me.


Reply author: jwiborg
Replied on: 29/03/2008 10:54:08

What do you mean by "changed his name"?
That he changed it from Anton to Autou to fool the NZ authorities?
What are your sources that he was known by the name Autou? As far as I know, that is not a name in any country, atleast not here in northern Europe...

It looks like the name has be deciphered incorrectly, and that the "u" should read "n"...

Jan Peter

Reply author: neil beyers
Replied on: 30/03/2008 05:41:35

greetings Jan, My source for the name Autou is my great uncles birth certificate, it has the father as Peter Autou Beyer ,Peters birth place was in Norway, the name Autou is written twice on that certificate issued at Kumara, New Zealand 1894.
It was only a " possibility" there "may" have been a change in name due to the fact that Peter would have been classed as an illegal immigrant. it was common back with early settlement to NZ that some mariners saw NZ as an opportunity to start a new life by defecting and not returning to the ship .
I have not found anything regarding the ships (Hovding) crew but only viewed the passenger list that you also mentioned in your first reply.
Thankyou Jan , have a good day.


Reply author: Lester Hanson
Replied on: 30/03/2008 06:38:12


Old curser wrtiing of the letter n looks like a u.


Reply author: neil beyers
Replied on: 30/03/2008 08:17:11

thanks Les, will pursue the n as recommended by the former posts.


Reply author: jwiborg
Replied on: 30/03/2008 12:20:52

Here is one Peter Bayer born 1848, but his middle name is Christian...

Peter Christian Beyer
Born 25 OCT 1848
Christening: 11 FEB 1849, Tønsberg, Vestfold
Parents: Peter Christian Beyer & Anne Marie Tollefsdr
Christening record no 12.
Confirmation record no 3.

P. Beyer as a salesman in census-1865.
He has a sister Josephine Mathilde, christened: 01 DEC 1850 in Tønsberg, Vestfold.

Was any of his children named Christian, Anne, Marie, Josephine, Mathilde...?

Jan Peter

Reply author: neil beyers
Replied on: 31/03/2008 10:47:36

greetings Jan.
sorry Jan but all of peters children were born to him in NZ.
May, Alfred/Adolf, Alice,Bertha, Peter, George and Rose.
I know nothing of Peters parents (my great great grandparents) or of any other children they had in Norway.
thankyou for the research you have submitted and your last post would be the closest to my great grandfather, but as you said his middle name is Christian.. hmmmmm.


Reply author: Heatherk91
Replied on: 03/08/2013 03:20:19

I am also working on this line through his daughter Bertha Julia Beyer who had a son Frederick William Hawke Beyer. I feel William Hawke was the child father name even though not names on birth. Would like contact to Rutherford research.

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