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for the S/S Eldorado (3) journey 1888-06-02 Bergen - Stavanger - Hull
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Register by Trond Austheim 2002 - all rights reserved
 MSteamshipShipowner or operatorDeparture/port ArrivalRemarks
 S/S British PrinceAmerican LineLiverpool  Philadelphia 1888-06-10 Also reported arrive 1888-06-11 
 S/S DevoniaAnchor LineGlasgow 1888-05-31 New York 1888-06-10  
 S/S Hibernian (1)Allan LineGlasgow 1888-05-31 Halifax 1888-06-10 Londonderry - Philadelphia 
 S/S PavoniaCunard LineLiverpool 1888-05-31 Boston 1888-06-10  
 S/S Republic (1)White Star LineLiverpool  New York 1888-06-10 Arrived in the morning 
 S/S ServiaCunard LineLiverpool 1888-06-02 New York 1888-06-10  
 S/S EiderNorddeutscher LloydBremen  New York 1888-06-11  
 S/S P. ClandHolland America LineRotterdam  New York 1888-06-11 Journey of 12 days from Holland 
 S/S DonauNorddeutscher LloydBremen  Baltimore 1888-06-12  
 S/S State of NebraskaState LineGlasgow  New York 1888-06-12  
 S/S TorontoDominion LineLiverpool 1888-06-01 Quebec 1888-06-12 Belfast - Montreal 
 S/S BelgenlandRed Star LineAntwerp  New York 1888-06-13  
 S/S Buenos AyreanAllan LineGlasgow 1888-06-02 Quebec 1888-06-13  
 S/S WisconsinGuion LineLiverpool  New York 1888-06-13  
 S/S EmsNorddeutscher LloydBremen  New York 1888-06-14  
 S/S NestorianAllan LineLondon 1888-05-30 Quebec 1888-06-14  
 S/S Rotterdam (1)Holland America LineRotterdam  New York 1888-06-14 Journey of 12 days from Holland 
S/S City of ChesterInman LineLiverpool  New York 1888-06-15 Also reported arrive 1888-06-14
1824 passengers 
 S/S GermanicWhite Star LineLiverpool 1888-06-06 New York 1888-06-15 Arrived in the morning 
S/S ParisianAllan LineLiverpool 1888-06-07 Quebec 1888-06-15 Londonderry 1888-06-08. Also reported arrive Quebec 1888-06-16 
 S/S Polynesia (1)Hamburg America LineHamburg 1888-06-06 New York 1888-06-15 Arrived at 04:00 morning 
 S/S Scythia (1)Cunard LineLiverpool  New York 1888-06-15 ?? Boston 
 S/S OntarioDominion LineBristol (Avonmouth) 1888-06-02 Quebec 1888-06-16 Montreal 
 S/S UmbriaCunard LineLiverpool  New York 1888-06-16  
 S/S Circassia (1)Anchor LineGlasgow 1888-06-07 New York 1888-06-17  
S/S IndianaAmerican LineLiverpool  Philadelphia 1888-06-17 Also reported arrive 1888-06-16 and 1888-06-18 
S/S SarniaDominion LineLiverpool 1888-06-08 Quebec 1888-06-18 Belfast 1888-06-09 - Montreal. 1097 passengers arrived at Quebec at 02:00 early morning 
 S/S GrecianAllan LineGlasgow 1888-06-08 Quebec 1888-06-20 Montreal 
 S/S State of IndianaState LineGlasgow  New York 1888-06-20  
 S/S Rhein (1)Norddeutscher LloydBremen  Baltimore 1888-06-21  
 S/S Adriatic (1)White Star LineLiverpool  New York 1888-06-22  
 S/S Assyrian (2)Allan LineLondon 1888-06-09 Quebec 1888-06-22  
 S/S City of ChicagoInman LineLiverpool 1888-06-14 New York 1888-06-22  
 S/S PeruvianAllan LineLiverpool 1888-06-12 Halifax 1888-06-22 St. Johns - Baltimore 
 S/S ThingvallaThingvalla LineChristiania 1888-06-07 New York 1888-06-22 Passengers from Bergen embarked in Kristiansand 
 S/S AlaskaGuion LineLiverpool  New York 1888-06-23  
 S/S Aurania (1)Cunard LineLiverpool  New York 1888-06-23  
 S/S ZaandamHolland America LineRotterdam  New York 1888-06-23  
 S/S British PrincessAmerican LineLiverpool  Philadelphia 1888-06-24 Also reported arrive 1888-06-22 and 1888-06-25 
 S/S FurnessiaAnchor LineGlasgow 1888-06-14 New York 1888-06-24  
 S/S Lake SuperiorBeaver LineLiverpool  Montreal 1888-06-24 Crossing the Ocean in 8 days 
 S/S OregonDominion LineLiverpool 1888-06-14 Quebec 1888-06-24 Londonderry - Montreal 
 S/S State of PennsylvaniaState LineGlasgow  New York 1888-06-25 Also reported arrive 1888-06-28 
 S/S TexasDominion LineBristol (Avonmouth) 1888-06-15 Quebec 1888-06-26 Montreal 
 S/S Westernland (1)Red Star LineAntwerp  New York 1888-06-26  
 S/S AmericaNorddeutscher LloydBremen  Baltimore 1888-06-27  
 S/S Hammonia (3)Hamburg America LineHamburg  New York 1888-06-27 Arrived at 04:00 morning after crossing from Hamburg in 8,5 days 
 S/S Britannic (1)White Star LineLiverpool 1888-06-20 New York 1888-06-29 Also reported arrive 1888-06-28 
 S/S GalliaCunard LineLiverpool  New York 1888-06-29  
 S/S LahnNorddeutscher LloydBremen  New York 1888-06-29  
M followed with an arrow () = Confirmed connects
Passenger list is usually dated 1 - 2 days after arrival
This register is built from telegrams sent from the arrival ports to the local newspapers in Norway. The purpose of these telegrams were to tell the folks back home that the journey had been safe, and that all was well with the emigrants on board.

Reference to newspapers used: Morgenbladet, Christiania Intelegenssedler, Dagbladet, Verdens Gang, Trondhjems Adresseavis, Bergens Tidende and other newspapers.

Blue Riband of the North Atlantic in 1888: Steamship Etruria record crossing Queenstown - New York in 6 days, 1 hours and 47 min. ( 2.800 nm )
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