Passenger list 1849 - sail 17de Mai
  Fritz SerckBergen May 12New York June 26NARA M237, roll #80

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ID 598441Halvor Brynilsen Lone60   
ID 598452Magrethe Konalver50   
ID 598463Inger Holversdatter Lone*26   
ID 598474Ragnald Holversen Lone*21   
ID 598485Peder Halverssen Lone*19   
ID 598496Knud Holverssen Lone*13 M*   
ID 598507Claus Holverssen Lone*10   
ID 598518Synnev Holversdatter Lone*  
ID 598529Martha Holversdatter Lone*16   
ID 5985310Magrethe Nielsdatter19   
ID 5985411Torke Torbjornsen Kobbasvig46   
ID 5985512Anne Arnesdatter Kobbasvig*39   
ID 5985613Marthe Tarkesdatter Kobbasvig*18 F*   
ID 5985714Ingeborg Torkesdatter Kobbasvig*15   
ID 5985815Torbjon Torkessen Kobbasvig*10   
ID 5985916Arent Chr. Torkessen Kobbasvig*  
ID 5986017Bertha C. Torkesdatter Kobbasvig*F*   
ID 5986118Knud B. Takendatter6 mos   
ID 5986219Peder Svenssen Eliass27   
ID 5986320Sigrev Gillendatter22 F*   
ID 5986421Naris Gellendatter5 mos   
ID 5986522Erek Iversen Houglum48   
ID 5986623Magdalen Steffensen60   
ID 5986724Holsten Gulbeansen Haaden43 M   
ID 5986825Assen Arensdatter Haaden*44   
ID 5986926Gulbrand Halsteensen Haaden*14   
ID 5987027Arent Halsteensen  
ID 5987128Tor Horad56   
ID 5987229Mon Juellsdatter46   
ID 5987330Ole Joelsen21   
ID 5987431Hasti Jonsdatter46   
ID 5987532Astri Jonsdatter13   
ID 5987633Joel Joelsen10   
ID 5987734Even Joelsen  
ID 5987835Gertind Joelsdatter  
ID 5987936Ole Knudsen Gegstad21   
ID 5988037Ragni Olsdatter Gegstad*24   
ID 5988138Knud Olsen Gegstad*10 mos   
ID 5988239Ole Thorssen Dovre22   
ID 5988340Ole Bendixen Bergee25   
ID 5988441Knud Bendixen Bergee20   
ID 5988542Ingebright Larsen Raumun21   
ID 5988643Iver Halsteensen Branson25   
ID 5988744Knud Johnson Hoverud28   
ID 5988845Iver G. Rengessad36   
ID 5988946Anne Olsdatter39   
ID 5989047Trine Andersdatter17   
ID 5989148Anders S. Andersen14   
ID 5989249Anthon S. Andersen12   
ID 5989350Elen Clastes Aadnsdent10   
ID 5989451Anne Nirie Andersdatter  
ID 5989552Lina Andersdatter  
ID 5989653Inger Caroline Gulbrandsd28   
ID 5989754Turi Siversdatter Bregum44   
ID 5989855Niels Olsen Bregum23   
ID 5989956Thor Hermanssen Boe33   
ID 5990057Anne Thomasdatter Boe*43   
ID 5990158Guri Thorndatter Boe*  
ID 5990259Hermand Thoresen Boe*  
ID 5990360Anders Ereksen Lundi29   
ID 5990461Synneve Erisdat Lundi*23   
ID 5990562Erek Andersen Lundi*10 mos   
ID 5990663Grenok Otterssen Rye28   
ID 5990764Ragnild Toyesdatter25   
ID 5990865Bent Gallaksen10 mos   
ID 5990966Berta Olsen Bringe60   
ID 5991067Koren Bertindatter27   
ID 5991168Ole Tollefsen Noss27   
ID 5991269Anders Tork Kelen22   
ID 5991370Sjur Neilsen Bale28   
ID 5991471Anne Barndatter30   
ID 5991572Peder Ereksen Hereim27   
ID 5991673Berte Hermansdtr* Hereim*24   
ID 5991774Erek Pedersen Hereim*10 mos   
ID 5991875Iver Endresen Skan22   
ID 5991976Lori Iversen Nasinen31   
ID 5992077Holver Brenildsen Lori60   
ID 5992178Magrethe Rognaldsd50 F*   
ID 5992279Gjertrud Seifersdatter30   
ID 5992380Lucia Honsdatter  
ID 5992481Martha Hansdatter  
ID 5992582Ole Fredricksen Fjorestad28   
ID 5992683Hans Pedersen Fammesdal33   
ID 5992784Mori Ellingsdatter Fammesdal*43   
ID 5992885Peder Hanssen Fammesdal*  
ID 5992986Elling Hansen Fammesdal*10 mos   
ID 5993087Hans Olsen Nundal45   
ID 5993188Mai Mortensdat45   
ID 5993289Hans Hansen Mundalskram30   
ID 5993390Kori Andersdatter25   
ID 5993491Johannes Hansen  
ID 5993592Erek Olsen Fleischje37   
ID 5993693Sigrid Pedersdat25   
ID 5993794Anne Eriksdatter  
ID 5993895Ole Ereksen9 mos   
ID 5993996Mori Piradtr Indselle18   
ID 5994097Elen Ida Opdahl24   
ID 5994198Peder Hansen Mundalskreen20   
ID 5994299Marte Hansdatter24   
ID 59943100Ole Johannesen Wanderung25   
ID 59944101Kori Griers Einungsdatter26   
ID 59945102Annin Olsen Bahle42   
ID 59946103Marlene Larsdatter33   
ID 59947104Ambjorn L. Mundal33   
ID 59948105Berte Knudsdatter Mundal*33   
ID 59949106Lasse Ornssen Mundal*  
ID 59950107Synneve Anbjornsd Mundal*  
ID 59951108True Ombjornsen Mundal*  
ID 59952109Brete Heryirnsen2 mos   
ID 59953110Iver C. Henjum44   
ID 59954111Gjertrud Endresda Henjum*42   
ID 59955112Christopher Iversen Henjum*18   
ID 59956113Anne Iversdatter Henjum*15   
ID 59957114Endre Iversen Henjum*11   
ID 59958115Iver Iversen Henjum*  
ID 59959116Lasse Iversen Henjum*14?   
ID 59960117Knud Iversen Henjum*  
ID 59961118Maline Iversdatter Henjum*  
ID 59962119Erik Iversen Houglum48   
ID 59963120Torber Erikdatter Kjotsedt28   
ID 59964121Anton Larsen6 mos   
ID 59965122Kori Hansdatter Mundalskreen5 mos   
ID 59966123F. N? Boroloy19   
ID 59967124Enrich Reine23   
ID 59968125Jacob Olsen20   
ID 59969126Anarcai P. Schneider19   
ID 59970127Anne Marie Nielsen22 Jomfru   
Transcribed by Jo Anne Sadler 2005

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Reprinted from Budstikken May 1982 with permission of Valdres Samband
Notes from the Budstikken:
List transcribed by Professor Gerhard B. Naeseth. The first part of the list is composed of passengers from the Bergen area. Further down the list are some from Valdres. The ship’s list has not been easy to decipher. Many such lists have poor handwriting in faded ink. As Historians, journalist and genealogist neither Naeseth nor the Budstikken editors have made any attempt to correct what seem to be obvious errors.
As with all genealogical work one must be alert to discover one’s ancestors “hidden” in aliases as they travel to the New World.

Jo Anne Sadler
March 30, 2005

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