Passenger list 1845 - bark Æolus
  Jacob ThorbjørnsenKragerø July 15New York Sep. 4NARA Roll #59, Arr. No. 744

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Ref.NameAgeSexRemarksAddition: Read or submit by clicking the names
ID 441731B. ??ra??mensen55 Farmers - Destination United States  
ID 441742E. ??ra??mensen*51   
ID 441753S. ??ra??mensen*28   
ID 441764E. ??ra??mensen*23   
ID 441775B. ??ra??mensen*16   
ID 441786M.J. ??ra??mensen*23   
ID 441797J. ??ra??mensen*30   
ID 441808D. ??ra??mensen*10   
ID 441819Brynyne Torsen31  See 1a - 1d below 
ID 4418210In?? Torsen*26   
ID 4418311Gunhild Torsen*  
ID 4418412Ingeborg Torsen*  
ID 4418513Halvor Torsen*17   
ID 4418614Gurin?? Torsen*24   
ID 4418715E. Christensen50   
ID 4418816M. Christensen*40   
ID 4418917A. Christensen*10   
ID 4419018J. Christensen*  
ID 4419119G. Suirsen62   
ID 4419220A. Suirsen*60   
ID 4419321V. Suirsen*23   
ID 4419422S. Suirsen*19   
ID 4419523T. Ellofson31   
ID 4419624Ole* Boreson43   
ID 4419725T. Arneldsdotter35   
ID 4419826A. Oleson19   
ID 4419927B. Oleson  
ID 4420028T. Olsdotter  
ID 4420129A. Mortenson49   
ID 4420230S. Brjørnsdotter47   
ID 4420331G.M. Abrolenesdotter16   
ID 4420432M. Abrolenesdotter*11   
ID 4420533M. Abro??neson  
ID 4420634M. Abro??neson*14   
ID 4420735R. Knudsdotter24   
ID 4420836G. Nelson43   
ID 4420937A. Torgensdotter26   
ID 4421038M. Evendsdotter13   
ID 4421139M. Evendson10   
ID 4421240L. Evendson  
ID 4421341B. Evendsdotter  
ID 4421442?? Evendsdotter  
ID 4421543H. Ri??son20   
ID 4421644E. Tyggeson17   
ID 4421745L. Rittelson25   
ID 4421846H. Pederson??8   
ID 4421947O. Olsdotter44   
ID 4422048T. Herstingson23   
ID 4422149T. Herstingson*20   
ID 4422250T. Herstingson*  
ID 4422351Knud* Nielson35   
ID 4422452O. Halvorsdotter30   
ID 4422553N. Knudson Born on the voyage  
ID 4422654Niel* T??kson40   
ID 4422755J. Svendsdotter34   
ID 4422856Ingeborg* Nielsdotter  
ID 4422957L. Nielsdotter  
ID 4423058M. Nielsdotter  
ID 4423159F. Christoffersdotter65   
ID 4423260?? Nielson14   
ID 4423361O. P. Da??dis??nsen30   
ID 4423462L. Johansdotter27   
ID 4423563T. Amundson18   
ID 4423664H. Amundson16   
ID 4423765T. Birjsen29   
ID 4423866M. Thorsdotter25   
ID 4423967M. Thorsdotter*  
ID 4424068T. Torjerson  
ID 4424169John Homlie??34   
ID 4424270H. Jorgersdotter51   
ID 4424371M. Pedersdotter46   
ID 4424472N. Anderson17   
ID 4424573Torger* Ruisdson61   
ID 4424674M. Olesdotter58   
ID 4424775A. Torjersdotter15   
ID 4424876H. Swenson30   
ID 4424977L. Amundsdotter??   
ID 4425078A. Christiensdotter18   
ID 4425179R. Christienson  
ID 4425280G. Halvorsdotter  
ID 4425381Halvor* J??son42   
ID 4425482M. Torgersdotter34   
ID 4425583O. Halvorsdotter  
ID 4425684T. Halvorson  
ID 4425785Lars* Thorson42   
ID 4425886A. Endresdotter40   
ID 4425987Thor Larsson12   
ID 4426088R. Larsdotter  
ID 4426189G. Larsson  
ID 4426290P. Larsson  
ID 4426391L. Larsson  
ID 4426492?? P. Nielson29  See 2a 
ID 4426593M. Olsdotter32  See 2b 
ID 4426694N. Nielson See 2c 
ID 4426795M. Nielsdotter23   
ID 4426896Abra??un* Sorensen37  See 3a - 3e below 
ID 4426997L.D. ??31   
ID 4427098S. Jorunsdotter  
ID 4427199H. Abra??unson  
ID 44272100M Abra??unsdotter ½   
ID 44273101Halvor* Olson57   
ID 44274102A. Jensdotter41   
ID 44275103B. Halvorson18   
ID 44276104T. Halvorson*15   
ID 44277105H. Halvorson*  
ID 44278106B. Halvorson*  
ID 44279107H. Halvorson*  
ID 44280108L. Hovnsdotter40   
ID 44281109P. Nielson27   
ID 44282110L. Johansdotter29   
ID 44283111R. Olson37   
ID 44284112H. Gardeson29   
ID 44285113D. ??dotter22   
ID 44286114O. Johansdotter24   
ID 44287115N. Pederson27   
ID 44288116John Knudson20   
ID 44289117O. Olson??7   
ID 44290118Ing. Olsdotter34   
ID 44291119O. I??son28   
ID 44292120R. Nielson20   
ID 44293121Ingebrett* Jenson43   
ID 44294122L. Nielsdotter30   
ID 44295123L. Ingebrettson15   
ID 44296124A. Ingebrettson*11   
ID 44297125M. Ingebrettson*  
ID 44298126R. Ingebrettsdotter  
ID 44299127N. Ingebrettson 9 mo   
ID 44300128G. Olson29   
ID 44301129I. Nielsdotter29   
ID 44302130P. E??dotter 6 mo   
ID 44303131N. Erickson21   
ID 44304132G. Jacobson21   
ID 44305133O. Arneson20   
ID 44306134E. Evenson66   
ID 44307135C Gurundson28   
ID 44308136T. Larson15   
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Additional information 1a – 3e from microfiche “Emigrant kartotek Telemark frem til år 1900”

Additional information:
ID 443091aBrynjold Torsen Stilnestangen31   shoemaker from Sannidal 
ID 443101bInger Marie Nilsdatter26    
ID 443111cGunhild Marie    
ID 443121dIngeborg    
ID 443132aNils Peder Nilsen29   from Sannidal 
ID 443142bKristen Marie Olsdatter34    
ID 443152cNils    
ID 443163aAbraham Gunnesen39   from Kragerø 
ID 443173bHermandine Caroline 26    
ID 443183cSophie Marianne    
ID 443193dHalvor    
ID 443203eMaren Caroline    
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