Passenger list 1836 - brig Norden
  Tønnes WillhelmsenStavanger May 25New York July 20No info.

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ID 521Knud Olsen Hetleved43 Countryman  
ID 532Sigrid Hetleved*43 his wife   
ID 543Ole Knudsen* Hetleved*12 son  
ID 554Johannes Knudsen* Hetleved*son  
ID 565Søren Knudsen* Hetleved*son  
ID 576Ellen Sophia Knudsdatter* Hetleved*15 daughter  
ID 587Malene Knudsdatter* Hetleved*daughter  
ID 598Birthe Serina Knudsdatter* Hetleved*daughter  
ID 609Jacob Jacobsen25 Countryman  
ID 6110Christine 22 his wife  
ID 6211Lars Nielsen Hellen27 Countryman  
ID 6312Martha Hellen*22 his wife  
ID 6413Samuel Enersen49 Countryman  
ID 6514Birtha 51 his wife  
ID 6615Kirstina Samuelsdatter*13 his daughter  
ID 6716Bertha Serina Samuelsdatter*his daughter  
ID 6817Halvar Bergersen32 Countryman  
ID 6918Martha Olsdatter31 his wife  
ID 7019Peder Ornmundsen32 Countryman  
ID 7120Bertha Karina 20 wife  
ID 7221Hendrick Erichsen44 Countryman  
ID 7322Magle 36 his wife  
ID 7423Johnas Hendricksen*10 son  
ID 7524Erich Hendricksen*son  
ID 7625Peder Hendricksen*son  
ID 7726Bertha Hendricksdatter*14 daughter - Died  
ID 7827Walbarg Hendricksdatter*daughter - Died  
ID 7928Anton Osmundsen24 Joiner  
ID 8029Johannes Berecssen?? Hetland30 Countryman  
ID 8130Bertha Hetland*27 his wife  
ID 8231Lars Hetland*son  
ID 8332Osmund?? Endresen?? Tretland38 Countryman  
ID 8433Maria Tretland*33 his wife  
ID 8534Endre Osmundsen* Tretland*11 son  
ID 8635Reier Osmundsen* Tretland*son  
ID 8736Osmund Osmundsen* Tretland*son  
ID 8837Endre Osmundsen* Tretland*son - Died  
ID 8938Peder Ormsen33 Countryman  
ID 9039John Jacobsen Hallen55 Countryman  
ID 9140Kirsten Hallen*50 his wife  
ID 9241Hanna Johnsdatter* Hallen*24 daugther  
ID 9342Gurri Johnsdatter* Hallen*20 daughter  
ID 9443Kirsten Johnsdatter* Hallen*14 daughter  
ID 9544Helge     
ID 9645Jacob 18 son   
ID 9746Marcus 10 son   
ID 9847Isack Jacob Gudmunsen20 Countryman - Died  
ID 9948Anna Olsdatter18    
ID 10049Ole Marcussen46 Carpenter  
ID 10150Anna Cathrina 44 wife   
ID 10251Kleng Klensen27 Carpenter   
ID 10352Inger 24 wife   
ID 10453Marthe Klengdatterdaughter   
ID 10554Gurri Klengdatterdaughter - Died  
ID 10655Ole Kleppe25 Carpenter   
ID 10756Karen Kleppe*36 sister   
ID 10857Djorn Andressen Eike34 Carpenter   
ID 10958Abel Catharina Eike*26 wife   
ID 11059Arenhaldus Andreas Eike*son  
ID 11160Augustinus Meldalson  
ID 11261Baar Hansen Boe48 Carpenter   
ID 11362Helge Boe*41 his wife   
ID 11463Hans Baarsen* Boe*12 son   
ID 11564Birtha Baarsdatter* Boe*15 daughter   
ID 11665Boel Baarsdatter* Boe*10 daughter   
ID 11766Anna Dorthea Baarsdatter* Boe*daughter   
ID 11867Anna Baarsdatter* Boe*daughter   
ID 11968Karen Baarsdatter* Boe*daughter   
ID 12069Holger Hansen Natvig35 Smith   
ID 12170Andreas Sigbjornsen26 Countryman   
ID 12271Marthe Govertsdatter26 Maid Servant   
ID 12372Ole Tensen25 Countryman   
ID 12473Anders Enersen45 Countryman   
ID 12574Oline 47 his wife   
ID 12675Ener Andressen*15 son  
ID 12776Anderes Andressen*son  
ID 12877Susanna Andersdatter*14 daughter   
ID 12978Lisbeth Andersdatter*11 daughter   
ID 13079Iver R. Walde35 Countryman   
ID 13180Anna Walde*26 his wife   
ID 13281Bertha Iversdatter* Walde*daughter   
ID 13382Cecille Iversdatter* Walde*daughter   
ID 13483Reier Iversen* Walde*son - Died  
ID 13584Karen Christophersdatter24    
ID 13685Johan Gieruldsen21 Merchant  
ID 13786D. Anæstatter40 widow   
ID 13887Aad 15 her son   
ID 13988Gudmund her son   
ID 14089Anna 15 daughter   
ID 14190Ellen Sophia 13 daughter   
ID 14291Bertha Serina daughter   
ID 14392Knud A. Slogvig38 Countryman   
ID 14493Anderes A. Oskeland34 Countryman   
ID 14594Malene Oskeland*30 his wife   
ID 14695Andereas Andersen* Oskeland*son   
ID 14796Anna Larsdatter18 Maid Servant   
ID 14897T. Jacobsdatter18 Maid Servant   
ID 14998Lars Larsen Brimsoe24 Joiner   
ID 15099Jacob K. Djerke47 Countryman   
ID 151100Magle Djerke*44 his wife   
ID 152101Gjertrud Jacobsdatter* Djerke*12 daughter   
ID 153102Britha Jacobsdatter* Djerke*daughter   
ID 154103Bagnhild Jacobsdatter* Djerke*daughter   
ID 155104Knud Jacobsen* Djerke*son   
ID 156105Jacob Jacobsen* Djerke*10 son   
ID 157106John A. Kalleftad34 Countryman   
ID 158107Lars L. Narrevig!!  Countryman   
ID 159108Ole C. L. Lomme56 Countryman   
ID 160109Ana Olsdatter29 Maid- Servant  
ID 161110Mette Troelsdatter30 Maid Servant   
Transcribed by Trond Austheim - 1999

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