Passenger list 1852 - schooner Ariel
  Johan KahrsBergen May 26New York July 14arr. no. 947

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ID 58691Mathias Rosendahl22  Kilstrøm 
ID 58702Wilhelm* Magnus* Rosendahl21   
ID 58713Jørgen Jørgensen22   
ID 58724Peder Ollsen13   
ID 58735Bjørn Thoressen30   
ID 58746Synneve Wil??datter36   
ID 58757Herman Troye32   
ID 58768Mathias Folkesta30   
ID 58779Daarthe Olsdatter20   
ID 587810Berent Andersen31   
ID 587911Iver Torgersen47   
ID 588012Antoniette Torgersen33   
ID 588113!! Ivers*3mo  - one child no name  
ID 588214Torger Svenson23   
ID 588315Marit Svenson23   
ID 588416Iver Torgersen* Svenson*  
ID 588517Henrick Torgersen* Svenson*  
ID 588618Ole Pederson23   
ID 588719Marit Pederson28   
ID 588820Johannes Fuglaas26   
ID 588921Christian Johnson26   
ID 589022Eric E Mathiasson22   
ID 589123Eric Eliasson54   
ID 589224Aleksander Eddis27   
ID 589325John Erickson26   
ID 589426Brita Erickson27   
ID 589527Johannes Johanson26   
ID 589628Turger Turgerson20   
ID 589729Lars Larson25   
ID 589830Kari Larson28   
ID 589931Lars Larson20   
ID 590032Johannes Endersson20   
ID 590133Ole L??gson23   
ID 590234Daniel Olson28   
ID 590335Johanne Olsdotter19   
ID 590436Gurina Olsdotter24   
ID 590537Hermand Baatolfsen29   
ID 590638Inger Baatolfsen*29   
ID 590739Anna Hermandsdatter* Baatolfsen*  
ID 590840Einar Hermandsen* Baatolfsen*20   
ID 590941Elling Nielson39   
ID 591042Martha Nielson??6   
ID 591143Niels Ellingsen* Nielson*16   
ID 591244Thomas Ellingsen* Nielson*12   
ID 591345Christian Ellingsen* Nielson*  
ID 591446Metta C Ellingsdatter* Nielson*  
ID 591547Reidar Thomasson23   
ID 591648?? Thomasson20   
ID 591749Øllegaard ??datter22 m!!   
ID 591850Elias Torgerson27   
ID 591951Peder Thoresson24   
ID 592052John Johnson21   
ID 592153Fredrik Johnson39   
ID 592254Karin Larsdotter48   
ID 592355John Larsson12   
ID 592456Thomasine Olsdotter10   
ID 592557Anna M Olsdotter  
Transcribed by Børge Solem - 2000

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All passengers marked Occupation Mechanics/farmers- Residence/origin of Norway

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