Passenger list 1870 - bark Askur
  Carl DeckmannDrammen May 5Quebec June 22NAC C-4525 list 52

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ID 416501Amund Larsen Carlsrudseiet28 Hadeland  
ID 416512Karen Carlsrudseiet*31 wife - Hadeland  
ID 416523Ole Amundsen* Carlsrudseiet*son - Hadeland  
ID 416534Niels K Bergh41 Land  
ID 416545Berthe Marie Bergh*38 wife - Land  
ID 416556Rønnov Marie Nielsdatter* Bergh*daughter - Died at Drammen - Land  
ID 416567Rønnøv Andersdatter63 widow - Land  
ID 416578Hans Marthinsen Nygjerdet30 Land  
ID 416589Karen Marie Nygjerdet*28 wife - Land  
ID 4165910Oline Marie Nygjerdet*Land  
ID 4166011Hans Petter Hansen* Nygjerdet*10m son - Land  
ID 4166112Hans Thorald Gulbrandsen19 Land  
ID 4166213Christian Rotterud31 Land  
ID 4166314Agnette Rotterud*30 wife - Land  
ID 4166415Niels Christian Christiansen* Rotterud*son - Land  
ID 4166516Mathea Christiansdatter* Rotterud*daughter - Land  
ID 4166617Andreas Christiansen* Rotterud*son - Land  
ID 4166718Carl Christiansen* Rotterud*11m son - Land  
ID 4166819Niels Hansen Rotterud*64 Land  
ID 4166920Endre Olsen46 Drammen E: 1865 census: Østre Aker, Waageby  
ID 4167021Marie 38 wife - Drammen E: 1865 census: Østre Aker, Waageby  
ID 4167122Thora Bergithe Endresdatter*13 daughter - Drammen  
ID 4167223Peder Oscar Endresen*10 son - Drammen  
ID 4167324Carl Johan Endresen*son - Drammen  
ID 4167425Endre Endresen*46!! son - Drammen  
ID 4167526Anne Marie 1-1/2!! girl - Drammen  
ID 4167627Ole Andersen Krogstad50 Drammen  
ID 4167728Else Krogstad*51 wife - Drammen  
ID 4167829Johannes Olsen* Krogstad*19 son - Drammen  
ID 4167930Lauritz Olaves Olsen* Krogstad*17 son - Drammen  
ID 4168031Otte Olsen* Krogstad*son - Drammen  
ID 4168132Maren Olsdatter* Krogstad*daughter - Drammen  
ID 4168233Carl Olsen* Krogstad*son - Drammen  
ID 4168334Mathias Engebrethsen53 Skien  
ID 4168435Karin 43 wife - Skien  
ID 4168536Mina Marie Mathiasdatter*daughter - Skien  
ID 4168637Josephine Ovidia Mathiasdatter*daughter - chin-cough - Skien  
ID 4168738Caroline Mathea Mathiasdatter*3-1/2 daughter - Skien  
ID 4168839Bernhard Olsen21 Drammen  
ID 4168940Ole Steffensen40 Eker  
ID 4169041Sigvard Olsen24 Skauger  
ID 4169142Christine Olsdatter26 sister - Skauger  
ID 4169243Hans Olsen Bøe61 Lier  
ID 4169344Maren Bøe*48 wife - Lier  
ID 4169445Anne Hansdatter* Bøe*20 daughter - Lier  
ID 4169546Karen Hansdatter* Bøe*13 daughter - Lier  
ID 4169647Jørgine Hansdatter* Bøe*10-1/2 daughter - Lier  
ID 4169748Olava Hansdatter* Bøe*daughter - Lier  
ID 4169849Carl Hansen* Bøe*son - Lier  
ID 4169950Hans Christoffersen Hullrud??27 Lier  
ID 4170051Anne Kristine 27 wife - Lier  
ID 4170152Karen Gulbrandsen24 girl - Lier  
ID 4170253Marthinius Andersen26-1/2 smith - Drammen  
ID 4170354Randi Johanne 25 wife - Drammen  
ID 4170455Mathea Marthinusdatter*1/2 daughter - Died of bronchitis - Drammen  
ID 4170556Johan Klemsesen Veile43 Land  
ID 4170657Karen Veile*38 wife - Land  
ID 4170758Iver Johansen* Veile*11 son - Land  
ID 4170859Marthin Johansen* Veile*son - Land  
ID 4170960Erich Johansen* Veile*son - Land  
ID 4171061Kari Johansdatter* Veile*daughter - Land  
ID 4171162Kari Christiansdatter70 widow - Land  
ID 4171263Olaus Grinerud40 Skauger  
ID 4171364Lina Grinerud*30 wife - Skauger  
ID 4171465Johan Pettersen20 Lier??  
ID 4171566Petter Pettersen20 Lier??  
ID 4171667Jens Aslaksen64 Nordre Aurdal  
ID 4171768Olaves Kittelsen45 Drammen  
ID 4171869Berthe 37 wife - Drammen  
ID 4171970Elise Olavesdatter*15 daughter - Drammen  
ID 4172071Caroline Mari Olavesdatter*12 daughter - Drammen  
ID 4172172Carla Mathilde Olavesdatter*10 daughter - Drammen  
ID 4172273Hanna Ovedia Olavesdatter*daughter - Drammen  
ID 4172374Olava Marie Olavesdatter*daughter - Drammen  
ID 4172475Carl Christian Olavesen*son - Drammen  
ID 4172576Otille Bergithe Olavesdatter*daughter - Drammen  
ID 4172677Ingeborg Arnesen20 girl - Drammen  
ID 4172778Gunhild Hansdatter69 widow - Drammen  
ID 4172879Thorvald Thollesen28 Drammen  
ID 4172980Lina Hansen28 Drammen  
ID 4173081Caroline Andersdatter11 Drammen  
ID 4173182Hans Olsen Raadeseie22 Ringeriget  
ID 4173283Marthin Olsen Wahl29 Ringeriget  
ID 4173384Henrich Jacobsen42 master mason - Drammen  
ID 4173485Josephine Anette Henrichsdatter*17 daughter - Drammen  
ID 4173586Berthe Gundersen25 girl - Drammen  
ID 4173687Hans Thoresen Sandsæteren49 Ringeriget  
ID 4173788Inger Sandsæteren*44 wife - Ringeriget  
ID 4173889Maren Hansdatter* Sandsæteren*24 daughter - Ringeriget  
ID 4173990Johanne Hansdatter* Sandsæteren*18 daughter - Ringeriget  
ID 4174091Thrine Hansdatter* Sandsæteren*16 daughter - Ringeriget  
ID 4174192Hans Johan Hansen* Sandsæteren*13-1/2 son - Ringeriget  
ID 4174293Gunhild Hansdatter* Sandsæteren*11 daughter - Ringeriget  
ID 4174394Marie Hansdatter* Sandsæteren*daughter - Ringeriget  
ID 4174495Marthe Hansdatter* Sandsæteren*daughter - Ringeriget  
ID 4174596Otto Hansen* Sandsæteren*son - Ringeriget  
ID 4174697Peder Andersen Finstuen35 Ringeriget  
ID 4174798Anne Karine Finstuen*36 wife - Ringeriget  
ID 4174899Maren Olene Pedersdatter* Finstuen*11 daughter - Ringeriget  
ID 41749100Andreas Pedersen* Finstuen*son - Ringeriget  
ID 41750101Karen Pedersdatter* Finstuen*3-1/2 daughter - Ringeriget  
ID 41751102Kari Nielsdatter Finstuen*69 widow - Ringeriget  
ID 41752103Johan Jahr64 Ringeriget  
ID 41753104Anders Gulbrandsen22 Ringeriget  
ID 41754105Johan Christoffersen43 Hadeland  
ID 41755106!! Engebregthsen %Fl??re??%15 Modum  
ID 41756107Sophie 14 sister - NB - Modum  
ID 41757108Fredrich Johannesen24 Kongsberg  
ID 41758109Anders Simensen Krogstad27 Eker  
ID 41759110August Johannesen24 Sverige (Sweden)  
ID 41760111Erik Johannesen21 Sverige (Sweden)  
ID 41761112Alexander Hansen25 Sverige (Sweden)  
ID 41762113Valdemar G. Schvane16 Kongsberg  
ID 41763114Bernt Johnsen33 ??  
ID 41764115Fredrich Bergmann21 ??  
ID 41765116Jacob Hansen36 master builder - Drammen  
ID 41766117Jensine Fredriche 26 wife - Drammen  
ID 41767118Anne Dorthea Jacobsdatter*daughter - Drammen  
ID 41768119Helene Larsen30 girl - Drammen  
ID 41769120Andreas %Olsen% ??16 Drammen  
ID 41770121Johan Ludvig Hansen17 Kongsberg  
ID 41771122Christian %Knudsen% Klemmsen??31 Kongsberg  
ID 41772123Marie Olava 23 wife - Kongsberg  
ID 41773124Joh. Jensen Kaas35 sergeant-major - Drammen  
ID 41774125Christine Kaas*26 wife - Drammen  
ID 41775126Johan Hjalmar Kaas*4-1/2 son - Drammen  
ID 41776127Carl Edvard Kaas*son - Drammen  
ID 41777128Johanna Lovise Olia Kaas*8m daughter - Drammen  
ID 41778129Aase Larsdatter Granseth66 Sigdal  
ID 41779130Kari Hansdatter Granseth*30 daughter - Sigdal  
ID 41780131Marthe Granseth*3-1/2 daughter - Sigdal  
ID 41781132Andrine Granseth*9m daughter - Sigdal  
ID 41782133Henriette Caroline Haagensen16 girl - Sigdal  
ID 41783134Carl Olsen37 Horten  
ID 41784135Helene 38 wife - Horten  
ID 41785136Oluf Frithjof Carlsen*11 son - Horten  
ID 41786137Josephine Caroline Carlsdatter*daughter - Horten  
ID 41787138Ludvig Valdemar Carlsen*son - Horten  
ID 41788139Katterine Andersdatter40 wife - Horten  
ID 41789140Anne Sophie daughter - Horten  
ID 41790141Johan 3-1/2 son - Horten  
ID 41791142Peder Olsen Kulbek43 Modum  
ID 41792143Elen Bolette Kulbek*40 wife - Modum  
ID 41793144Olaus Pedersen* Kulbek*20 son - Modum  
ID 41794145Peder Pedersen* Kulbek*16 son - Modum  
ID 41795146Carl Pedersen* Kulbek*13 son - Modum  
ID 41796147Caroline Pedersdatter* Kulbek*11 daughter - Modum  
ID 41797148Anne Marie Pedersdatter* Kulbek*daughter - Modum  
ID 41798149Bernhart Pedersen* Kulbek*son - Modum  
ID 41799150?? Henriette Pedersdatter* Kulbek*3-1/2 daughter - Modum  
ID 41800151Gunhild Olsdatter28 f girl - Modum  
ID 41801152Marie 20 girl - Modum  
ID 41802153Mathis Jacobsen Rudstad26 Sigdahl  
ID 41803154Marith Rudstad*32 wife - Sigdahl  
ID 41804155Gunhild Mathisdatter* Rudstad*3-1/2 daughter - Sigdahl  
ID 41805156Ole Mathisen* Rudstad*1-1/2 son - Sigdahl  
ID 41806157Jacob Mathisen* Rudstad*2m son - Sigdahl  
ID 41807158Christen Christensen Haffard25 Sigdahl  
ID 41808159Ingeborg Haffard*22 wife - Sigdahl  
ID 41809160Gunnild Christensdatter* Haffard*1-1/2 daughter - Sigdahl  
ID 41810161Anne Christensdatter* Haffard*2m daughter - Sigdahl  
ID 41811162Inger Fingalsdatter20 girl - Sigdahl  
ID 41812163Marie Knudsdatter25 girl - Sigdahl  
ID 41813164Petronelle Alfsen32 wife - Horten  
ID 41814165Alvilde 11-1/2 daughter - Horten  
ID 41815166Inga daughter - Horten  
ID 41816167Stian 6-1/2 son - Horten  
ID 41817168Ole Eriksen Pande36 Horten  
ID 41818169Anne ?? Pande*33 wife - Horten  
ID 41819170Stina Oline Olsdatter* Pande*daughter - Horten  
ID 41820171Joseph Olsen* Pande*son - Horten  
ID 41821172Ole Pedersen15 Hadeland  
ID 41822173Mathilde Regine Christensdatter23 Ba??  
ID 41823174Hans Christensen15 Ba??  
ID 41824175Lars Larsen Hvamstad38 Hadeland  
ID 41825176Ingeborg Andersdatter Hvamstad*29 wife - Hadeland  
ID 41826177Rilda Larsdatter Hvamstad*child - Hadeland  
ID 41827178Anders Gullichsen30 Hadeland  
ID 41828179Berthe Marie 20 girl - Hadeland  
ID 41829180Tinko Hermandsen17 Hadeland  
ID 41830181Berthe Olia 19 girl - Hadeland  
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