Passenger list 1865 - brig Atalanta
  B. L. RødChristiania May 5Quebec June 25NAC C-4520 list - 30

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ID 80681Peter Sjølander43 Steerage  
ID 80692Oleana Olsdatter Sjølander*41 Steerage  
ID 80703Carl August Sjølander13 Steerage  
ID 80714Anders Larsen Kjelsvien53 Steerage  
ID 80725Olse Kjelsdatter Kjelsvien*58 Steerage  
ID 80736Lina Andersdatter Kjelsvien*23 Steerage  
ID 80747Bertha Andersdatter Kjelsvien*21 Steerage  
ID 80758Christine Andersdatter Kjelsvien*19 Steerage  
ID 80769Anne Andersdatter Kjelsvien*12 Steerage  
ID 807710Even Andersen Kjelsvien17 Steerage  
ID 807811Ingeborg Andersdatter28 Steerage  
ID 807912Berginus Jonssen Linstad23 Steerage  
ID 808013Johan Jonssen Linstad21 Steerage  
ID 808114Christian Arnesen Støer26 Steerage  
ID 808215Ole Thorsen Saaestad58 Steerage  
ID 808316Olea Nilsdatter48 Steerage  
ID 808417Agnete Olsdatter23 Steerage  
ID 808518Anders Andersen21 Steerage  
ID 808619Christine Olsdatter19 Steerage  
ID 808720Siver Olsen15 Steerage  
ID 808821Oline OlsdatterSteerage  
ID 808922Karen Andersdatter6mo. Steerage  
ID 809023Even Olssen Grannerud47 Steerage  
ID 809124Karen Nilsdatter Grannerud*44 Steerage  
ID 809225Elen Eriksdatter70 Steerage  
ID 809326Ole Evensen Grannerud16 Steerage  
ID 809427Lars Larsen Grannerud28 Steerage  
ID 809528Even Evensen Grannerud12 Steerage  
ID 809629Martin Evensen Grannerud6½ Steerage  
ID 809730Severin Evensen GrannerudSteerage  
ID 809831Christian Evensen GrannerudSteerage  
ID 809932Johan Evensen Grannerud9mo. Steerage  
ID 810033Nils Eriksen Vitberg23 Steerage  
ID 810134Martinus Eriksen Vitberg17 Steerage  
ID 810235Christian Olsen Aasvold28 Steerage  
ID 810336Eline Eriksdatter Aasvold*25 Steerage  
ID 810437Anne Christiansdatter Aasvold*11mo. Steerage  
ID 810538Nils Nielsen Langrud39 Steerage  
ID 810639Helene Hansdatter Langrud*35 Steerage  
ID 810740Hans Nilsen Langrud*Steerage  
ID 810841Ludvig Nilsen Langrud*9mo. Steerage  
ID 810942Berte Marie Andersdatter30 Steerage  
ID 811043Ole Olsen Lilleberg60 Steerage  
ID 811144Marie Steffansdatter Lilleberg60 Steerage  
ID 811245Karen Olsdatter Lilleberg26 Steerage  
ID 811346Rebekka Olsdatter Lilleberg24 Steerage  
ID 811447Christian Olsen Lilleberg29 Steerage  
ID 811548Nils Nilsen24 Steerage  
ID 811649Christian Bryn35 Steerage  
ID 811750Hans Bryn23 Steerage  
ID 811851Johan Andersen Granberg38 Steerage  
ID 811952Karen Christiansdatter32 Steerage  
ID 812053Johannes Sivertsen Rognhagen30 Steerage  
ID 812154Gurid Ellefsdatter Rognhagen*22 Steerage  
ID 812255Amalie Johannesdatter Rognhagen*3mo. Steerage  
ID 812356Anders Johannesen Stolmyrsbakken40 Steerage  
ID 812457Gunhild Nilsdatter Stolmyrsbakken*40 Steerage  
ID 812558Johannes Andersen Stolmyrsbakken*17 Steerage  
ID 812659Elin Andersdatter Stolmyrsbakken*15 Steerage  
ID 812760Berthe Andersdatter Stolmyrsbakken*12 Steerage  
ID 812861Ole Andersen Stolmyrsbakken*Steerage  
ID 812962Nils Andersen Stolmyrsbakken*Steerage  
ID 813063Mikkel Andersen Stolmyrsbakken*11mo. Steerage  
ID 813164Anders Andersen Stolmyrsbakken*3mo. Steerage  
ID 813265Ole Jacobsen Sørtinæs32 Steerage  
ID 813366Anders Svensen34 Steerage  
ID 813467Karen Siversdatter23 Steerage  
ID 813568Maren Sofie Andersdatter9mo. Steerage  
ID 813669Clara Lie23 Steerage  
ID 813770Herman Jacobsen Engelstad29 Steerage  
ID 813871Christofer Nilsen Landrud31 Steerage  
ID 813972Marthe Olsdatter57 Steerage  
ID 814073Elen Marie Larsdatter32 Steerage  
ID 814174Hans Jensen Bjerkebæk29 Steerage  
ID 814275Tore Eriksen22 Steerage  
ID 814376Lars Engelsen Hukestad??58 Steerage  
ID 814477Engel Larsen Hukestad??24 Steerage  
ID 814578Marie Christiansdatter25 Steerage  
ID 814679Ole Christian Engelsen11mo. Died, Steerage  
ID 814780Lauritz Larsen17 Steerage  
ID 814881Jens Gulbrandsen56 Steerage  
ID 814982Hans C. Engelsen21 Steerage  
ID 815083Hans Olsen43 Steerage  
ID 815184Nils Pettersen Moe34 Steerage  
ID 815285Maren Karine Iversdatter Moe*30 Steerage  
ID 815386Johan Lauritz Nilsen Moe*11mo. Steerage  
ID 815487Ole Olsen Egge23 Steerage  
ID 815588Martin Ellingsen Thanberg19 Steerage  
ID 815689Ole Johannesen Nordrumsløkken39 Steerage  
ID 815790Mari Olsdatter Nordrumsløkken*39 Steerage  
ID 815891Johan Olsen Nordrumsløkken*14 Steerage  
ID 815992Lisbeth Olsdatter Nordrumsløkken*Steerage  
ID 816093Karen Olsdatter Nordrumsløkken*Steerage  
ID 816194Ole Olsen Nordrumsløkken*11mo. Steerage  
ID 816295Johannes Olsen Nordrumsløkken64 Steerage  
ID 816396Kari Andersdatter60 Steerage  
ID 816497Mari Johannesdatter25 Steerage  
ID 816598Ole Erlandsen11mo. Steerage  
ID 816699Ingerid Johannesdatter21 Steerage  
ID 8167100Anders Johannesen Nordrumsløkken36 Steerage  
ID 8168101Kari Olsdatter Nordrumsløkken*31 Steerage  
ID 8169102Johanne Andersdatter Nordrumsløkken*Steerage  
ID 8170103Ole Andersen Nordrumsløkken*10mo. Steerage  
ID 8171104Engebret Amundsen Branderudhagen31 Steerage  
ID 8172105Anne Olsdatter Branderudhagen*34 Steerage  
ID 8173106Anton Engebretsen Branderudhagen*Steerage  
ID 8174107Anne M. Engebretsdatter Branderudhagen*6mo. Steerage  
ID 8175108Amund Engebretsen Branderudhagen*60 Steerage  
ID 8176109Kari Amundsdatter Branderudhagen*28 Steerage  
ID 8177110Ole Andersen Rolstadeie41 Steerage  
ID 8178111Ingebjørg Eriksdatter Rolstadeie*38 Steerage  
ID 8179112Anne Olsdatter Rolstadeie*Steerage  
ID 8180113Erland Olsen Rolstadeie*Steerage  
ID 8181114Hans Eriksen Gaasevolden32 Steerage  
ID 8182115Olava Pedersdatter Gaasevolden*33 Steerage  
ID 8183116Anna Hansdatter Gaasevolden*Steerage  
ID 8184117Peter Hansen Gaasevolden*5½ Steerage  
ID 8185118Even Hansen Gaasevolden*Steerage  
ID 8186119Anton Hansen Gaasevolden*Steerage  
ID 8187120Haakon Hansen Gaasevolden*3mo. Steerage  
ID 8188121Knud Hansen Gaasevolden31 Steerage  
ID 8189122Rønnau Pedersdatter Gaasevolden*30 Steerage  
ID 8190123Marte Knudsdatter Gaasevolden*Steerage  
ID 8191124Peter Knudsen Gaasevolden*9mo. Steerage  
ID 8192125Rønnau Hansdatter20 Steerage  
ID 8193126Christoffer Olsen Sveen41 Steerage  
ID 8194127Thora Amundsdatter Sveen*28 Steerage  
ID 8195128Ole Christoffersen Sveen*Steerage  
ID 8196129Engebret Johansen31 Steerage  
ID 8197130Hans Hansen Kroken36 Steerage  
ID 8198131Ole Larsen Skurdalseie24 Steerage  
ID 8199132Anne Larsdatter65 Steerage  
ID 8200133Marit Larsdatter28 Steerage  
ID 8201134Mari Larsdatter31 Steerage  
ID 8202135Sven Svensen Bonkal@Boukal27 Steerage  
ID 8203136Knud Olsen Stavne20 Steerage  
ID 8204137Amund Ivarsen Hovden22 Steerage  
ID 8205138Mads Nilsen Haugen72 Steerage  
ID 8206139Anne Ivarsdatter72 Steerage  
ID 8207140Peder Paulsen Ravhullet37 Steerage  
ID 8208141Anne Frederiksdatter39 Steerage  
ID 8209142Frederik PedersenSteerage  
ID 8210143Paul Pedersen11mo. Steerage  
ID 8211144Karen Ingebretsdatter Botten20 Steerage  
ID 8212145Mari Ingebretsdatter Botten18 Steerage  
ID 8213145Iver Amundsen31 Steerage  
ID 8214146Ambjorg Halvorsdatter28 Steerage  
ID 8215147Amund IversenSteerage  
ID 8216148Marie IversdatterSteerage  
ID 8217149Rønnau Iversdatter6mo. Steerage  
ID 8218150Ole Gunnarsen Melanderførs28 Steerage  
ID 8219151Ole Jensen Modig29 Steerage  
ID 8220152Marit Eriksdatter22 Steerage  
ID 8221153Inge Kristine Olsdatter11mo. Steerage  
ID 8222154Peder Jensen32 Steerage  
ID 8223155Jon Henriksen Østmark27 Steerage  
ID 8224156Marit Madsdatter25 Steerage  
ID 8225157Johan Johnsen2½ Steerage  
ID 8226158Andreas P. Larsen29 Steerage  
ID 8227159Olie Larsen27 Steerage  
ID 8228160Albertine LarsenSteerage  
ID 8229161Carl Larsen11mo. Steerage  
ID 8230162Kr. Grønvold30 Cabin  
ID 8231163G. Agersborg25 Cabin  
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