Passenger list 1849 - bark Superb
  Iver C. PettersenSkien May 13New York July 2arr. no. 851

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ID 2931Hans Hansen Neuseth20 farmers  
ID 2942Isak Nielsen Folnæs21 farmers  
ID 2953Knud Neilsen Grorud22 farmers  
ID 2964Marthe Pedersdatter28 farmers  
ID 2975Kirsten Simensdatter Stuten36 farmers  
ID 2986Halvor Christophersen Glende43 farmers  
ID 2997Gunhild Zachariasdatter Glende40 wife - farmers  
ID 3008Zacharias Halvorsen* Glende14 son - farmers  
ID 3019Maren Halvorsdatter* Glende10 daughter - farmers  
ID 30210Inger Halvorsdatter* Glendedaughter - farmers  
ID 30311Ingeborg Halvorsdatter* Glendedaughter - farmers  
ID 30412Christian Halvorsen* Glendeson - farmers  
ID 30513Anna Gurine Simensdatter31 farmers  
ID 30614Jacob Andersen Raas??33 farmers  
ID 30715Carl Halfdan Norderhaug22 farmers  
ID 30816Ole Christensen Gurholt26 farmers  
ID 30917Knud Eriksen Tveten25 farmers  
ID 31018Lars Eriksen Tveten21 farmers  
ID 31119Erik Ingebretsen Tveten57 farmers - died on the voyage  
ID 31220Anne Pernille Tveten*20 daugther - farmers  
ID 31321Karen Tveten*18 daugther - farmers  
ID 31422Theodor Ekstorrn23 farmers  
ID 31523Marx Wittrock27 farmers  
ID 31624Marie M Elisabeth Wittrock*25 wife - farmers  
ID 31725Adolph E F Wittrock2½ son - farmers  
ID 31826Marie M Wittrock*daughter - farmers  
ID 31927Ole Aslaksen Høglie29 farmers  
ID 32028Ole Torkildsen Moe52 farmers  
ID 32129Ingeborg Jacobsdatter Moe*48 wife - farmers  
ID 32230Gunhild Marie Olsdatter* Moe*19 daughter - farmers  
ID 32331Jacob Olsen* Moe*13 son - farmers  
ID 32432Dorthe M Olsdatter72 farmers  
ID 32533Andreas Olsen Bøe40 farmers  
ID 32634Marie Hansdatter Bøe*26 wife - farmers  
ID 32735Niels Andreassen* Bøe*16 son - farmers  
ID 32836Anne T Torkildsdatter26 farmers  
ID 32937Ingebret H Fossum23 farmers  
ID 33038Ernst A Erlandsen22 farmers  
ID 33139John Rassmussen Bestul23 farmers  
ID 33240Aslak H Sverige38 farmers  
ID 33341Anne Hansdatter Sverige*29 wife - farmers  
ID 33442Anne Helvig Aslaksdatter* Sverige*10 daughter - farmers  
ID 33543Ingeborg Aslaksdatter* Sverige*daughter - farmers  
ID 33644Hans Aslaksen* Sverige*son - farmers  
ID 33745Peder Aslaksen* Sverige*twin - farmers  
ID 33846Halvor Aslaksen* Sverige*twin - farmers  
ID 33947Aslak Halvorsen21 farmers  
ID 34048Anne H Vasender21 farmers  
ID 34149Svanaug Olsdatter66 farmers  
ID 34250Erik Jacobsen Jisland@Iisland25 farmers  
ID 34351Amund Amundsen Brække26 farmers  
ID 34452Ingeborg Rasmusdatter24 farmers  
ID 34553Ole Andersen Solverød57 farmers  
ID 34654Anders Olsen Solverød26 farmers  
ID 34755Kari Isaksdatter Solverød*51 wife - farmers  
ID 34856Ingeborg Olsdatter* Solverød*18 daughter - farmers  
ID 34957Isak Olsen* Solverød*25 son - farmers  
ID 35058Niels Olsen* Solverød*10 son - farmers  
ID 35159Peder Jensen Grønseth40 farmers  
ID 35260Svanaug Gunbjørnsdatter Grønseth*39 farmers  
ID 35361Jens Pedersen* Grønseth*19 son - farmers  
ID 35462Maren Gurine Pedersdatter* Grønseth*16 daughter - farmers  
ID 35563Kirstin Pedersdatter* Grønseth*13 daughter - farmers  
ID 35664Sara Pedersdatter* Grønseth*10 daughter - farmers  
ID 35765Niels, son Pedersen* Grønseth*son - farmers  
ID 35866Karen, daughter Pedersdatter* Grønseth*daughter - farmers  
ID 35967Niels Olsen Eriksrød23 farmers  
ID 36068Gregorius Eriksen Haugerød22 farmers  
ID 36169Peder Ingebretsen Rød60 farmers  
ID 36270Kari Nielsdatter Rød*58 wife - farmers  
ID 36371Helvig Pedersdatter* Rød*25 daughter - farmers  
ID 36472Margrethe Pedersdatter* Rød*21 daughter - farmers  
ID 36573Karen Pedersdatter* Rød*20 daughter - farmers  
ID 36674Ole Pedersen Rød*33 farmers  
ID 36775Marie P Rød29 wife - farmers  
ID 36876Ingebret Olsen* Rød*son - farmers  
ID 36977Ansie Olsdatter* Rød*daughter - farmers  
ID 37078Ole Christiansen Holm20 farmers  
ID 37179Ole Ellingsen Skilbred54 farmers  
ID 37280Dorthe C Aslaksdatter Skilbred*34 farmers  
ID 37381Aslak Olsen* Skilbred*29 son - farmers  
ID 37482Elling Olsen* Skilbred*22 son - farmers  
ID 37583Ole Olsen* Skilbred*14 son - farmers  
ID 37684Gurine Olsdatter* Skilbred*20 daughter - farmers  
ID 37785Mathias Hansen Smith49 farmers  
ID 37886Ole Olson Tveten18 farmers  
ID 37987Aslak Rasmusen Sletner26 farmers  
ID 38088Gunhild Lukasdatter23 farmers  
ID 38189Ingebret Frantsen Dyrkold??21 farmers  
ID 38290Niels Olsen Vannebo29 farmers  
ID 38391Raamus C. Holm13 farmers  
ID 38492Halvor H Bjaaland25 farmers  
ID 38593Niels Larsen Høringer??23 farmers  
ID 38694Jens Jacobsen Rustad24 farmers  
ID 38795Martha M Kleven28 farmers  
ID 38896Gunder H Bjaaland22 farmers  
ID 38997Knud Zachariassen20 farmers  
ID 39098Rollef N Ramberg24 farmers  
ID 39199Halvor O Bjaaland25 farmers  
ID 392100Bjorn H Bjaaland31 farmers  
ID 393101Ole Isaksen Holm51 farmers  
ID 394102Gunhild Olsdatter Holm*32 wife - farmers  
ID 395103Anders Olsen* Holm*18 son - farmers  
ID 396104Anne Kirstine Olsdatter* Holm*13 daughter - farmers  
ID 397105Christine Christiansdatterfarmers  
ID 398106Karen Simmensdatter* Solveraad28 farmers  
ID 399107Ingeborg Jacobsdatter25 farmers  
ID 400108Andreas J Meyer29 farmers  
ID 401109Simon V. Borm??21 farmers  
ID 402110Bartholomeus Candrup28 farmers  
ID 403111Hans Sørensen Smith22 farmers  
ID 404112Niels Olsen23 farmers  
ID 405113Ole Bridsætere34 farmers  
ID 406114Engebret H. Gaasedal35 farmers  
ID 407115Aslak H. Gaasedal21 farmers  
ID 408116Niels Olsen Oskerød46 farmers  
ID 409117Andreas J Meyer37 farmers  
ID 410118Edvard Hesler22 farmers  
ID 411119Jacob A Baasene51 farmers  
ID 412120Ingeborg Zachariasdatter Baasene*51 wife - farmers  
ID 413121Gunhild Marie Jacobsdatter* Baasene*27 daughter - farmers  
ID 414122%Maren Sophie% %34% farmers  
Transcribed by Wendy Zander and Børge Solem, Jan. 2000

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