Passenger list 1849 - bark Benedicte
  Fr. With jr.Drammen June 8New York Aug. 22arr. no. 1176

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ID 121591H. F. Thonsli??36 Cabin  
ID 121602Niels Aalstad??31 Cabin  
ID 121613Ole Linderud29 Cabin  
ID 121624!! Dahl24 Cabin  
ID 121635Peder Johrager??30 Cabin  
ID 121646Lars Huusværet30 Cabin  
ID 121657Even Frydenlund39 Steerage  
ID 121668Morten Helgerud32 Steerage  
ID 121679Frederik Huusværet23 Steerage  
ID 1216810Johannes Lÿbek28 Steerage  
ID 1216911Iver Skaret24 Steerage  
ID 1217012John Bergesen46 Steerage  
ID 1217113Berthe Marie 12 Steerage  
ID 1217214Johan W. BendictusSteerage  
ID 1217315Marthe LarsdatterSteerage  
ID 1217416Maria Bjørnsdatter20 Steerage  
ID 1217517Mari Torgersdatter24 Steerage  
ID 1217618Johannes Torgersen26 Steerage  
ID 1217719Karen Larsdatter25 Steerage  
ID 1217820Anne Larsdatter*28 Steerage  
ID 1217921Ole Krohnborg36 Steerage  
ID 1218022Petronelle Olsdatter48 Steerage  
ID 1218123Anders Stu??22 Steerage  
ID 1218224Mathea Paulsdatter21 Steerage  
ID 1218325Jørgen Thomli??25 Steerage  
ID 1218426Berthe Reiersdatter??22 Steerage  
ID 1218527Johannes Ommelstadsæteren27 Steerage Info by Terry Sateren 
ID 1218628Niels Olsen26 Steerage  
ID 1218729Jonas Gjerdet44 Steerage Info by Clarine Andresen  
ID 1218830Marit Halvorsdatter*27 Steerage Info by Clarine Andresen 
ID 1218931Ragnild Johansdatter*20 Steerage  
ID 1219032Kirsti Johansdatter*11 Steerage  
ID 1219133Kari Johansdatter*6mo Steerage  
ID 1219234J. T. Testmann55 Steerage  
ID 1219335Marit Evensdatter54 Steerage  
ID 1219436Hans Teflesrud56 Steerage  
ID 1219537Guri Andersdatter50 Steerage  
ID 1219638Torger Hansen27 Steerage  
ID 1219739Andreas Hansen*23 Steerage  
ID 1219840Ole Slodsvolden60 Steerage  
ID 1219941Marthe Sørensdatter55 Steerage  
ID 1220042Hans Olsen36 Steerage  
ID 1220143Berthe Olsdatter26 Steerage  
ID 1220244Johannes Olsen22 Steerage  
ID 1220345Søren Olsen20 Steerage  
ID 1220446Ingeborg Olsdatter19 Steerage  
ID 1220547Syver Gaarder49 Steerage  
ID 1220648Barbro Helgesdatter Gaarder*40 Steerage  
ID 1220749Guttorm Syversen Gaarder*22 Steerage  
ID 1220850Thove Olsdatter Gaarder*25 Steerage  
ID 1220951Helge Syversen Gaarder*20 Steerage  
ID 1221052Peter Syversen Gaarder*Steerage  
ID 1221153Ole Syversen* Gaarder*6mo Steerage  
ID 1221254Siri Syversdatter Gaarder*19 Steerage  
ID 1221355Lise Syversdatter Gaarder*16 Steerage  
ID 1221456Anne Syversdatter* Gaarder*14 Steerage  
ID 1221557Barbra Syversdatter* Gaarder*11 Steerage  
ID 1221658Marit Syversdatter* Gaarder*Steerage  
ID 1221759Berthe Syversdatter* Gaarder*Steerage  
ID 1221860Hans Eid37 Steerage  
ID 1221961Mari Eriksdatter Eid*30 Steerage  
ID 1222062Peder Hansen Eid*Steerage  
ID 1222163Erik Hansen* Eid*Steerage  
ID 1222264Karen?? Hansdatter Eid*6mo Steerage  
ID 1222365Berthe Eriksdatter25 Steerage  
ID 1222466Ingeborg Sæteren??25 Steerage  
ID 1222567Berthe Fraslie27 Steerage  
ID 1222668Mari Fraslie*24 Steerage  
ID 1222769Gulbrand Wold28 Steerage  
ID 1222870Ole Braaten22 Steerage  
ID 1222971Thomas Wold18 Steerage  
ID 1223072Torkild Huusværet70 Steerage  
ID 1223173Eli Larsdatter62 Steerage  
ID 1223274Gulbrand Torkildsen26 Steerage  
ID 1223375Mari Helgerud75 Steerage  
ID 1223476Bertha Monsdatter24 Steerage  
ID 1223577Johannes Endresrud46 Steerage  
ID 1223678Mathea Pedersdatter20 Steerage  
ID 1223779Ole Monsen40 Steerage  
ID 1223880Karen Torkildsdatter34 Steerage  
ID 1223981Martha OlsdatterSteerage  
ID 1224082H. Olsdatter*Steerage  
ID 1224183Eli Olsdatter*Steerage  
ID 1224284Anne Hansdatter17 Steerage  
ID 1224385Paul Grødahl40 Steerage  
ID 1224486Berthe Larsdatter Grødahl*30 Steerage  
ID 1224587Lars Paulsen Grødahl*Steerage  
ID 1224688Erik Paulsen* Grødahl*Steerage  
ID 1224789Ole Paulsen* Grødahl*6mo Steerage  
ID 1224890Torsten Lund60 Steerage  
ID 1224991Ingeborg Larsdatter Lund*60 Steerage  
ID 1225092Eilif Torstensen Lund*21 Steerage  
ID 1225193Lars Torstensen* Lund*18 Steerage  
ID 1225294Inger Torstensdatter Lund*16 Steerage  
ID 1225395Maria Lund21 Steerage  
ID 1225496Helge Blisrud??26 Steerage  
ID 1225597Lars Fraemstad68 Steerage  
ID 1225698Inger Eriksdatter Fraemstad*57 Steerage  
ID 1225799Hans Larsen Fraemstad*22 Steerage  
ID 12258100Erik Larsen* Fraemstad*19 Steerage  
ID 12259101Lars Larsen* Fraemstad*16 Steerage  
ID 12260102Berthe Hansdatter21 Steerage  
ID 12261103Johannes Teslo??54 Steerage  
ID 12262104Anne Christoffersdatter30 Steerage  
ID 12263105Christoffer Johannesen16 Steerage  
ID 12264106Hans Johannesen*13 Steerage  
ID 12265107Halvar Johannesen*12 Steerage  
ID 12266108Paul Johannesen*Steerage  
ID 12267109Ole Thingestad??29 Steerage  
ID 12268110Eli Olsdatter23 Steerage  
ID 12269111Hans Olsen6mo Steerage  
ID 12270112Bent Thingstad26 Steerage  
ID 12271113Anne Lunder23 Steerage  
ID 12272114Marthe Lunder*20 Steerage  
ID 12273115Ole Kal??hovd18 Steerage  
ID 12274116John Opperud52 Steerage  
ID 12275117Dorthe Eriksdatter Opperud*57 Steerage  
ID 12276118Wilhelm Johnsen Opperud*28 Steerage  
ID 12277119Johan Johnsen* Opperud*21 Steerage  
ID 12278120Dorthe Johnsdatter Opperud*21?? Steerage  
ID 12279121Abraham Herinden??53 Steerage  
ID 12280122Randi Jacobsdatter47 Steerage  
ID 12281123Jacob Abrahamsen20 Steerage  
ID 12282124Helene Abrahamsdatter16 Steerage  
ID 12283125Lise Abrahamsdatter*14 Steerage  
ID 12284126Ingeborg Abrahamsdatter*11 Steerage  
ID 12285127Hans AbrahamsenSteerage  
ID 12286128Iver Hovinden34 Steerage  
ID 12287129Abigal Abrahamsdatter Hovinden*24 Steerage  
ID 12288130Ole Iversen Hovinden*Steerage  
ID 12289131Anne Iversdatter Hovinden*6mo Steerage  
Transcribed by Børge Solem - 2001

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