Passenger list 1868 - ship Benedicte
  Fredrik CappelenChristiania May 1Quebec June 21Police emigrant protocol and passenger list

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ID 139761Ole Ingebrigtsen34 Laborer - Residence Vestby  
ID 139772Mathea Pedersen34 Residence Vestby  
ID 139783Caroline SamuelsdatterResidence Vestby  
ID 139794Kristian Herman Rom30 Cigarmaker - Residence Moss - Cabin passenger  
ID 139805Meri Ronalde Rom31 Residence Moss - Cabin passenger  
ID 139816Helga Gundersen31 single woman - Residence Christiania - Cabin passenger  
ID 139827Helene Henriksen28 single woman - Residence Christiania - Cabin passenger  
ID 139838Ingeborg Jacobsen25 single woman - Residence Bergen  
ID 139849Ole Olsen Johnsrud65 Laborer - Residence Gran  
ID 1398510Anne Jonsdatter64 Residence Gran  
ID 1398611Mons Olsen26 Residence Gran  
ID 1398712Gulbrand Olsdatter*20 Residence Gran  
ID 1398813Kari Olsdatter*23 Residence Gran  
ID 1398914Torine Olsdatter*18 Residence Gran  
ID 1399015Andreas Ingebrigtsen51 Joiner - Residence Christiania  
ID 1399116Steffen Larsen26 Laborer - Residence Gran  
ID 1399217Ingeborg Steffensen53 Residence Gran  
ID 1399318Berte Larsen19 Residence Gran  
ID 1399419Kari Larsen13 Residence Gran - died 18th May - measles  
ID 1399520Anne LarsenResidence Gran - Cabin passenger  
ID 1399621Elise Andersen29 single woman - Residence Christiania  
ID 1399722Erik Sunarsen Morstad23 Laborer - Residence Gran  
ID 1399823Hans Botolsen44 Laborer - Residence Jevnager  
ID 1399924Anne Dorthea Toresdatter35 Residence Jevnager  
ID 1400025Anne Marie LarsdatterResidence Jevnager  
ID 1400126Gunder Gundersen30 Laborer - Residence Grue possible protocol entry as Olaves Svendsen, age 39 
ID 1400227Olaves Nielsen28 Laborer - Residence [Christiania]  
ID 1400328Ole Jacobsen Jonsrud19 Laborer - Residence Gran  
ID 1400429Johannes Andersen21 Laborer - Residence Næs, Hedmarken  
ID 1400530Andreas Andersen29 Laborer - Residence Næs, Hedmarken  
ID 1400631Christoffer Pedersen Uhlen30 Laborer - Residence N. Froen  
ID 1400732Berit Østensen27 Residence N. Froen  
ID 1400833Johan Christoffersen15mo. Residence N. Froen  
ID 1400934Iver Mortensen Moen26 Laborer - Residence Froen  
ID 1401035Anne Olsen Moen*27 Residence Froen  
ID 1401136Morten Iversen Moen*inf Residence Froen  
ID 1401237Hans Haagenstuen57 Laborer - Residence N. Froen  
ID 1401338Barbra Tollevsdatter* Haagenstuen*54 Residence N. Froen  
ID 1401439Anne Hansdatter Haagenstuen*24 Residence N. Froen  
ID 1401540Iver Hansen Haagenstuen*19 Residence N. Froen  
ID 1401641Tollev Hansen Haagenstuen*12 Residence N. Froen  
ID 1401742Ingeborg Hansdatter Haagenstuen*10 Residence N. Froen  
ID 1401843Carl Christian Martinsen28 Shoemaker - Residence V. Toten  
ID 1401944Johanne Christiansen31 Residence V. Toten  
ID 1402045Martine CarlsdatterResidence V. Toten  
ID 1402146Torger Eriksen35 Farmer - Residence Ringebu  
ID 1402247Rønnaug Jørgensen33 Residence Ringebu  
ID 1402348Anne Torgersdatter*13 Residence Ringebu  
ID 1402449Mari Torgersdatter*10 Residence Ringebu  
ID 1402550Erik TorgersenResidence Ringebu  
ID 1402651Jørgen TorgersenResidence Ringebu  
ID 1402752Mathias TorgersenResidence Ringebu  
ID 1402853Marit Johnsdatter Sæterløkken21 Residence Ringebu  
ID 1402954Mathias Johansen Revlingseiet33 Laborer - Residence Ringsaker  
ID 1403055Agnette Johannesen Revlingseiet40 Residence Ringsaker  
ID 1403156Johannes MathiassenResidence Ringsaker  
ID 1403257Johanne Johannesen Strand24 Residence Ringsaker  
ID 1403358Christian Simonsen13 Residence Ringsaker  
ID 1403459Mathias Simonsen17 Residence Ringsaker - Cabin passenger  
ID 1403560Stine Marie Olsen30 Residence Kristiania - Cabin passenger  
ID 1403661Caroline Olsen25 Residence Fredrikstad  
ID 1403762Peter Petersen34 Laborer - Residence Christiania  
ID 1403863Mathea Petersen44 Residence Christiania  
ID 1403964Adolf PetersenResidence Christiania - Cabin passenger  
ID 1404065August Aarnæs20 Farmer - Residence Marker - Cabin passenger  
ID 1404166Niels Sæther21 Student - Residence Christiania  
ID 1404267Wilhelm Waldemarsen19 Goldsmith - Residence Christiania  
ID 1404368Thea Paulsen24 single woman - Residence Christiania  
ID 1404469Christine Carlsen25 single woman - Residence Christiania  
ID 1404570Peder Olsen Bue36 Mechanic - Residence Lillehammer  
ID 1404671Marie Andersdatter Bue*34 Residence Lillehammer  
ID 1404772Ole Pedersen* BueResidence Lillehammer  
ID 1404873Albert Pedersen* BueResidence Lillehammer - died 8th June - measles  
ID 1404974Bergine Pedersdatter* Bueinf Residence Lillehammer  
ID 1405075Johanne Svendsdatter32 Residence Lillehammer  
ID 1405176Johan Bastiansen27 Laborer - Residence Ringebu/Maridalen  
ID 1405277Amund Stenersen42 Laborer - Residence Rauland, Telemark  
ID 1405378Liv Aslaksdatter45 Residence Rauland, Telemark  
ID 1405479Ingeborg Olsdatter20 Residence Rauland, Telemark  
ID 1405580Stener AmundsenResidence Rauland, Telemark  
ID 1405681Aslak AmundsenResidence Rauland, Telemark  
ID 1405782Høie AmundsenResidence Rauland, Telemark  
ID 1405883Guttorm Ingebretsen Gjøster26 Residence Aasnes  
ID 1405984Berte Bredesdatter Gjøster20 Residence Aasnes  
ID 1406085Emma Guttormsdatter* GjøsterResidence Aasnes  
ID 1406185aGunder A. Benedicte Guttormsdatter* Gjøsterinf Gunder Atlanta Benedicte, born on the voyage  
ID 1406286Anders Olsen30 Shoemaker - Residence Vang, Hedemarken  
ID 1406387Edvard Johnsen22 Shoemaker - Residence Vang, Hedemarken  
ID 1406488Hans Larsen Hagen28 Laborer - Residence Froen  
ID 1406589Christian Pedersen33 Joiner - Residence Solør  
ID 1406690Ludvig Adolf Nilsen20 Joiner - Residence Christiania  
ID 1406791Maren Larsen53 Residence Christiania  
ID 1406892Emanuel Nielsen17 Residence Christiania  
ID 1406993Nicoline Nielsen14 Residence Christiania  
ID 1407094Elenore Nielsen13 Residence Christiania  
ID 1407195Hans Johannesen44 Laborer - Residence Ø. Toten  
ID 1407296Sivert Larsen37 Mason - Residence Christiania  
ID 1407397Katrinka Larsen27 Residence Christiania  
ID 1407498Anna LarsenResidence Christiania  
ID 1407599Ludvig LarsenResidence Christiania  
ID 14076100Edvin Larseninf Residence Christiania  
ID 14077101Jens Person30 Laborer - Residence Vidsand Socken, Wermeland  
ID 14078102Kari Person32 Residence Vidsand Socken, Wermeland  
ID 14079103Inga PersonResidence Vidsand Socken, Wermeland  
ID 14080104Kirstine PersonResidence Vidsand Socken, Wermeland  
ID 14081105Caroline Personinf Residence Vidsand Socken, Wermeland  
ID 14082106Per Person22 Residence Vidsand Socken, Wermeland  
ID 14083107Aste?? Greager37 Residence Botne  
ID 14084108Hans Kr. Greager13 Residence Botne  
ID 14085109Hanna Agate Greager11 Residence Botne  
ID 14086110Amalie Martine GreagerResidence Botne  
ID 14087111Lars Martin GreagerResidence Botne - died 28th May - measles  
ID 14088112Nikoline Anette GreagerResidence Botne  
ID 14089113Bernt Andersen24 Painter - Residence Christiania  
ID 14090114Anne Andersen29 Residence Christiania  
ID 14091115Alma AndersenResidence Christiania  
ID 14092116Hilda Anderseninf Residence Christiania  
ID 14093117Ole Haavelsen31 Shoemaker - Residence Christiania  
ID 14094118Karen Haavelsen33 Residence Christiania  
ID 14095119Jørgen Olsen49 Farmer - Residence V. Slidre ??  
ID 14096120Ingeborg Torstensdatter48 Residence V. Slidre ??  
ID 14097121Marit Jørgensdatter*16 Residence V. Slidre ??  
ID 14098122Torsten Jørgensen*10 Residence V. Slidre ??  
ID 14099123Ole Jørgensen*Residence V. Slidre ??  
ID 14100123aBarbro Jørgensdatter*12 Residence V. Slidre ??  
ID 14101124Lars Hansen32 Shoemaker - Residence Christiania  
ID 14102125Lovise Larsdatter28 Residence Christiania  
ID 14103126Aagot Helene Larsdatter18mo. Residence Christiania  
ID 14104127Amalie Jonassen24 Residence Sarpsborg  
ID 14105128Ole Eriksen29 Shoemaker - Residence Christiania  
ID 14106129Lena Eriksen39 Residence Christiania  
ID 14107130Aagot EriksenResidence Christiania  
ID 14108131Inger Erikseninf Residence Christiania  
ID 14109132Helga Syversdatter18 Residence Christiania  
ID 14110133Hans Gulbrandsen 17 Residence Christiania  
ID 14111134Gulbrand Hansen Sølvbjerg41 Laborer - Residence Gran  
ID 14112135Johanne Nielsen39 Residence Gran  
ID 14113136Marie GulbrandsenResidence Gran  
ID 14114137Hans GulbrandsenResidence Gran  
ID 14115138Niels GulbrandsenResidence Gran - Cabin passenger  
ID 14116139Margrete Halgrimsen26 single woman - Residence Christiania - Cabin passenger  
ID 14117140Halgrim Halgrimsen19 Laborer - Residence Christiania  
ID 14118141Hans Eriksen29 Sailor - Residence Hurum  
ID 14119142Sigvart@Sigurd Pedersen26 Blacksmith - Residence Maridalen  
ID 14120143Julius Pettersen18 Residence Maridalen  
ID 14121144Kari Svendsen40 Residence Maridalen  
ID 14122145Kari Eriksdatter33 Residence Vidsand Socken, Wermeland  
ID 14123146Jan Person33 [Laborer] - Residence Vidsand Socken, Wermeland  
ID 14124147Jan JansonResidence Vidsand Socken, Wermeland  
ID 14125148Per JansonResidence Vidsand Socken, Wermeland  
ID 14126149Kristine JansdatterResidence Vidsand Socken, Wermeland - died 3rd June - measles  
ID 14127150Niels Jansoninf Residence Vidsand Socken, Wermeland  
ID 14128151Nils Person53 Blacksmith - Residence Vidsand Socken, Wermeland  
ID 14129152Kari Iversdatter54 Residence Vidsand Socken, Wermeland  
ID 14130153Olaf Nielson10 Residence Vidsand Socken, Wermeland  
ID 14131154Aneka Persdatter50 Residence Vidsand Socken, Wermeland  
ID 14132155Johan Olsen Karlsrud22 Laborer - Residence Gjøvik  
ID 14133156Cecile Andersen40 Residence Gjøvik  
ID 14134157Inger Gulbrandsdatter33 single woman - Residence Aadalen  
ID 14135158Anne Hansen35 single woman - Residence Christiania  
ID 14136159Ole Olsen Stenberg36 Laborer - Residence Hurdalen  
ID 14137160Even Nilsen Stenberg45 Residence Hurdalen  
ID 14138161Margret Olsdatter Stenberg*45 Residence Hurdalen  
ID 14139162Niels Evensen Stenberg*16 Residence Hurdalen  
ID 14140163Karin Evensdatter Stenberg*13 Residence Hurdalen  
ID 14141164Martine Evensdatter Stenberg*11 Residence Hurdalen  
ID 14142165Hans Evensen Stenberg*Residence Hurdalen  
ID 14143166Else Andersen30 Residence Hurdalen  
ID 14144167Marie Anderseninf Residence Hurdalen  
ID 14145168Maren Olsdatter26 Residence Eidsvold  
ID 14146169Martin Olauseninf Residence Eidsvold  
ID 14147170Katrine Kristoffersen53 Residence Christiania  
ID 14148171Kari Jonsdatter63 Residence Østmark  
ID 14149172Kristine Henriksdatter22 Residence Østmark  
ID 14150173Ole Evensen49 Laborer - Residence Eidsvold  
ID 14151174Dorthe Larsdatter47 Residence Eidsvold  
ID 14152175Martin Hermansen11 Residence Eidsvold  
ID 14153176Halvor Olsen Hoel41 Joiner - Residence Hof, Solør  
ID 14154177Marin Gundersdatter41 Residence Hof, Solør  
ID 14155178Niels Eriksen23 Residence Hof, Solør  
ID 14156179Pauline Halvorsdatter*14 Residence Hof, Solør  
ID 14157180Gustav HalvorsenResidence Hof, Solør  
ID 14158181Martin HalvorsenResidence Hof, Solør  
ID 14159182Milla Halvorsdatter*Residence Hof, Solør  
ID 14160182aLovise Halvorsdatter*13 Residence Hof, Solør  
ID 14161183Hulda Lovise Mørk30 Residence Christiania  
ID 14162184Karin Olsen25 Residence Christiania  
ID 14163185Emma Mørk6½ Residence Christiania  
ID 14164186Christian MørkResidence Christiania  
ID 14165187Hartvig Mørkinf Residence Christiania  
ID 14166188Arne Johannesen44 Carpenter - Residence Vaage  
ID 14167189Marit Enersdatter36 Residence Vaage  
ID 14168190Johannes Arnesen16 Residence Vaage  
ID 14169191Ole Arnesen12 Residence Vaage  
ID 14170192Massine Arnesdatter*10 Residence Vaage  
ID 14171193Ivar ArnesenResidence Vaage  
ID 14172194Johan Arneseninf Residence Vaage not listed on passenger list 
ID 14173194aThor Arnesen2mo. Residence Vaage  
ID 14174195Ole Andersen Kolstad37 Laborer - Residence Gausdal  
ID 14175196Anne Amundsen38 Residence Gausdal  
ID 14176197Pauline Olsdatter10 Residence Gausdal  
ID 14177198Else Olsdatter6¾ Residence Gausdal  
ID 14178199Agnette OlsdatterResidence Gausdal  
ID 14179200Anton Olseninf Residence Gausdal - husband in America  
ID 14180201Berit Olsdatter44 Residence Fron  
ID 14181202Hans Olsen14 Residence Fron  
ID 14182203Ole Olsen11 Residence Fron  
ID 14183204Ingeborg Olseninf Residence Fron  
ID 14184205Ingeborg OlsenResidence Fron  
ID 14185206Anne Olsen24 Residence Fron  
ID 14186207Knut OlsenResidence Fron  
ID 14187208Anne Olsdatter28 Residence Fron  
ID 14188209Olea EriksdatterResidence Fron  
ID 14189210Anne Knutseninf Residence Fron  
ID 14190211Marit Amundsen30 Residence Fron  
ID 14191212Ole Kjøstelsen45 Residence Vaage  
ID 14192213Ole Olsen6¾ Residence Vaage  
ID 14193214Peter OlsenResidence Vaage  
ID 14194215Peter Kjøstelsen32 Residence Vaage  
ID 14195216Kari Hansdatter31 Residence Vaage  
ID 14196217Marit Pedersdatter*6¾ Residence Vaage  
ID 14197218Anne Pedersdatter*Residence Vaage  
ID 14198219Ole Pederseninf Residence Vaage  
ID 14199220Kristian Pedersen Grønvald26 Shoemaker - Residence Christian  
ID 14200221Kristian Schjerbek36 Laborer - Residence Elverum  
ID 14201222Gjertrud Schjerbek42 Residence Elverum  
ID 14202223Martin Olsen12 Residence Elverum  
ID 14203224Gulbrand Ollangsbraaten26 Mason - Residence Ringebu  
ID 14204225Anne Østensen26 Residence Ringebu - died 19th May - measles  
ID 14205226Ole GulbrandsenResidence Ringebu - died 1st June - measles  
ID 14206227Mari Gulbrandsdatterinf Residence Ringebu  
ID 14207228Halvor Olsen Sulingshaugen46 Tailor - Residence S. Froen  
ID 14208229Sigrid Eriksdatter44 Residence S. Froen  
ID 14209230Birit Eriksdatter12 Residence S. Froen  
ID 14210231Ingebrigt Halvorsen Halvorsen11 Residence S. Froen  
ID 14211232Karen Halvorsen Halvorsdatter*Residence S. Froen  
ID 14212233Marit Halvorsdatter*inf Residence S. Froen  
ID 14213234Andreas Torgersen20 Laborer - Residence S. Froen  
ID 14214235Christian Christiansen22 Shoemaker - Residence S. Froen  
ID 14215236Johannes Iversen Haavi23 Laborer - Residence Faaberg  
ID 14216237Ole Andersen20 Laborer - Residence Vaage  
ID 14217238Hans Paulsen27 Laborer - Residence N. Aadalen  
ID 14218239Knut Johnsen36 Laborer - Residence N. Aadalen  
ID 14219240Gurine Haakensdatter20 single woman - Residence N. Aadalen  
ID 14220241Ole Jacobsen39 Farmer - Residence Christiania  
ID 14221242Karin Olsen36 Residence Christiania  
ID 14222243Josefine Olsdatter*10 Residence Christiania  
ID 14223244Tilla Olsdatter*Residence Christiania  
ID 14224245Oluf Olseninf Residence Christiania  
ID 14225246Maren Nilsen30 Residence Christiania  
ID 14226247Hans Olsen46 Laborer - Residence Christiania  
ID 14227248Marthe Hansen16 Residence Christiania  
ID 14228249Anton Knutsen19 Butcher ! - Residence Christiania  
ID 14229250Marie Knutsen16 Residence Christiania  
ID 14230251Ole Kristiansen22 Laborer - Residence Eidsvold  
ID 14231252Karin Olsdatter29 Residence Eidsvold  
ID 14232253Conrad Johansen!!3¾ Residence Eidsvold  
ID 14233254Kristoffer Kristiansen28 Laborer - Residence Eidsvold  
ID 14234255Inger Olsdatter26 Residence Eidsvold  
ID 14235256Kristian Kristofferseninf Residence Eidsvold  
ID 14236257Ole Olsen Nøttestad28 Laborer - Residence Stange listed on protocol as Kristine - on passenger list as Kristen, male 
ID 14237258Kristen Nøttestad20 ?? Laborer - Residence Stange  
ID 14238259Torgrim Nielsen34 Saddler - Residence Christiania, Tugthuset  
ID 14239260Mathias Torgersen Støkket35 Carpenter - Residence Ringebu  
ID 14240261Marit Jacobsdatter37 Residence Ringebu - died 26th May - measles  
ID 14241262Bertha MathiasdatterResidence Ringebu  
ID 14242263Karin MathiasdatterResidence Ringebu - died 1st June - measles  
ID 14243264Torger MathiasenResidence Ringebu  
ID 14244265John Mathiaseninf Residence Ringebu  
ID 14245266Jacob Svendsen63 Residence Ringebu  
ID 14246267Tonette Jakobsdatter20 Residence Ringebu  
ID 14247268Niels Olsen42 Printer - Residence Solør  
ID 14248269Andrea Olsdatter*37 Residence Solør  
ID 14249270Oscar Olsen10 Residence Solør  
ID 14250271Hakon Olsen10 Residence Solør  
ID 14251272Harald OlsenResidence Solør  
ID 14252273Agnes Olsdatter*Residence Solør  
ID 14253274Marie Nielsen30 single woman - Residence Drammen  
ID 14254275Andreas Fredriksen28 Baker - Residence Christiania  
ID 14255276Martin Gulbrandsen29 Joiner - Residence Eidsvold  
ID 14256277Herman Ingebrigtsen52 Laborer - Residence Stange  
ID 14257278Margrete Evensdatter48 Residence Stange  
ID 14258279Eline Hermansdatter*21 Residence Stange  
ID 14259280Kirsti Hermansdatter*16 Residence Stange  
ID 14260281Karen Hermansdatter*14 Residence Stange  
ID 14261282Severine Hermansdatter*12 Residence Stange  
ID 14262283Andreas Eriksen21 Residence Stange  
ID 14263284Malene Ingebrigtsdatter46 Residence Stange  
ID 14264285Mathea Pedersdatter22 Residence Stange  
ID 14265286Maren Pedersdatter25 Residence Stange  
ID 14266287Lars Pedersen45 Laborer - Residence Stange  
ID 14267288Mari Olsdatter43 Residence Stange  
ID 14268289Randi Larsdatter*10 Residence Stange  
ID 14269290Agnete Larsdatter*Residence Stange  
ID 14270291Petra Larsdatter*Residence Stange  
ID 14271292Ole Larsen12 Residence Stange  
ID 14272293Jens Pedersen41 Residence Stange  
ID 14273294Mari Alfsdatter36 Residence Stange  
ID 14274295Petra Jensdatter*Residence Stange  
ID 14275296Anton Jenseninf Residence Stange  
ID 14276297Anne Jensdatter*inf Residence Stange  
ID 14277298Even Evensen30 Laborer - Residence Stange  
ID 14278299Lina Olsdatter30 Residence Stange  
ID 14279300Even EvensenResidence Stange  
ID 14280301Hans Jensen29 Laborer - Residence Ullensaker  
ID 14281302Hakon Olsen Vollum19 Laborer - Residence Ringsaker  
ID 14282303Jens Olsen36 Laborer - Residence Brandvald  
ID 14283304Eli Johnsdatter36 Residence Brandvald  
ID 14284305Ole JensenResidence Brandvald  
ID 14285306Johannes JensenResidence Brandvald  
ID 14286307Christine Jensdatter*inf Residence Brandvald  
ID 14287308Eli Jensdatter*Residence Brandvald  
ID 14288309Andres Person43 Mason - Residence Karlstad  
ID 14289310Per Jønson32 Laborer - Residence Lekvatn  
ID 14290311Marit Nielsdatter32 Residence Lekvatn  
ID 14291312Johan Person4½ Residence Lekvatn  
ID 14292313Per PersonResidence Lekvatn  
ID 14293314Johannes Pedersen29 Laborer - Residence Gran  
ID 14294315Hans Larsen34 Residence Gran  
ID 14295316Martin Olsen Kolby25 Residence Ullensaker  
ID 14296317Ole Olsen Furuberget40 Laborer - Residence Grue  
ID 14297318Helene Larsdatter Furuberget*37 Residence Grue  
ID 14298319Lina Olsdatter Furuberget*14 Residence Grue  
ID 14299320Ole Olsen Furuberget*11 Residence Grue  
ID 14300321Marie Olsdatter* Furuberget*Residence Grue  
ID 14301322Hakon Olsen Furuberget*Residence Grue  
ID 14302323Lars Olsen Furuberget*Residence Grue  
ID 14303324Helga Olsdatter* Furuberget*Residence Grue  
ID 14304325Johannes Olsen Furuberget*inf Residence Grue not listed on protocol 
ID 14305326Martin Mathiasen22    
ID 14306327Amund Moe23 Shoemaker - Residence Vinger  
ID 14307328Hans Berg19 Joiner - Residence Vinger  
ID 14308329Maren Gundersdatter25 single woman - Residence Vinger - died 22nd May - measles  not listed on protocol 
ID 14309330Carl August Jacobseninf    
ID 14310331Anton Andersen30 Joiner - Residence Christiania  
ID 14311332Arias?? Erik Erikson25 Laborer - Residence Dalarne  
ID 14312333Gub Per Matson21 Residence Dalarne  
ID 14313334Nisbol Erik Matson@Person21 Residence Dalarne  
ID 14314335Lars Per Person30 Residence Dalarne  
ID 14315336Anders Andersen26 Laborer - Residence Dalarne  
ID 14316337Nils Græsby43 Farmer - Residence Vang  
ID 14317338Marit Olsdatter Græsby*42 Residence Vang  
ID 14318339Martin Nilsen Græsby*Residence Vang  
ID 14319340Jacob Peterson33 Laborer - Residence Gunnarskog  
ID 14320341Tron Kristiansen29 Laborer - Residence Ullensaker  
ID 14321342Henriette Jappe27 Residence Ullensaker  
ID 14322343Kristian Tronseninf Residence Ullensaker  
ID 14323344aOlaves Svendsen39 Residence Christiania extra protocol passengers, not on the passenger list 
ID 14324344bOle Johansen Nystrøm24 Residence Christiania extra protocol passengers, not on the passenger list 
ID 14325344cMarit Johnsdatter27 Residence Christiania extra protocol passengers, not on the passenger list 
ID 14326344dKirsti Insdatter27 Residence Christiania extra protocol passengers, not on the passenger list 
Transcribed by Sue Swiggum and Trond Austheim - 2000

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Transcribed from the original passenger list and the emigrantprotocol. Infants on this list, are younger than one year. Occasionaly you will find a child listed as an infant when you know them to be older. Infants travelled free, those from 1-14 travelled at half the adult fare. Those who were grouped as travelling together, are listed under a "group number". Where there was no indication of a group, the marks -- have been used.

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