Passenger list 1852 - schooner Zephyr
  HendriksenBergen May 21New York July 28NARA Roll # 117, arr. no. 1029

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ID 68191?? Erickson27   [unreadable] 
ID 68202?? ??27   [unreadable] 
ID 68213Marith Olsdotter21     
ID 68224Anna Olsdotter13     
ID 68235Tollev Knudson53   Lykken, from Vang In Valdres 
ID 68246Østen Tollevson18   Lykken, from Vang In Valdres 
ID 68257Gro Tollevsdottor20   Lykken, from Vang In Valdres 
ID 68268Knud Tollevson15   Lykken, from Vang In Valdres 
ID 68279Ole Tollevson  Lykken, from Vang In Valdres 
ID 682810Kari Tollevsdotter13   Lykken, from Vang In Valdres 
ID 682911Knud Knudson53     
ID 683012Anna Knudsdotter24     
ID 683113Eric Erickson13     
ID 683214?? ??1 mo child born on voyage   
ID 683315Ragnild Olsdotter46   Bøeland, from Vang in Valdres 
ID 683416Bertha Olsdotter  (Berith) Bøeland, from Vang in Valdres 
ID 683517Christoffer Olsen  Bøeland, from Vang in Valdres 
ID 683618Nils Knudson40   Gaasedelen, from Vang in Valdres 
ID 683719Maran Knudson*40   (Maren Tostensd.), from Vang in Valdres 
ID 683820Nils Nilsen*18   Gaasedelen, from Vang in Valdres 
ID 683921Knud Nilsen*  Gaasedelen, from Vang in Valdres 
ID 684022Ingeborg Nilsdatter*  (Inglev) Gaasedelen, from Vang in Valdres 
ID 684123Boje W. Baggethun21   Bøye Wilhelmsen Bagethun from Vang in Valdres 
ID 684224Hakon Knudson20   Robøle, b 1832 16/11 in Vestre Slidre 
ID 684325Knud Knudson20     
ID 684426Ole Knusdon25     
ID 684527Siri Knusdon*24     
ID 684628Knud Knudson22     
ID 684729Knud Tollefson27     
ID 684830Anne Tollefson*28     
ID 684931Ragnild Knudsdatter*11 mo     
ID 685032Anne Thorsdotter17     
ID 685133Lars Larson20     
ID 685234Iver Tollefson21     
ID 685335Knud Knudson22     
ID 685436Nils Knudson22     
ID 685537Berith Knudson*22     
ID 685638Guri Olsdotter19     
ID 685739Ole Jørgenson17     
ID 685840Ole Nilson16     
ID 685941Syvert Juulsson22   (Syver Juulsen Agervold), Svenes Nord-Aurdal 
ID 686042Mons Anderson19   Espelien, Svenes Nord-Aurdal 
ID 686143Ragnild Olsdotter29     
ID 686244Ole Anderson19     
ID 686345Mari Knudsdotter18     
ID 686446Ingeborg Knudsdotter*15     
ID 686547Knud Knudsen*    
ID 686648Ingebreckt Evenson23     
ID 686749Ole Knudson58   Løken, in Vestre Slidre (widower) 
ID 686850Knud Ollson27   Løken, in Vestre Slidre 
ID 686951Anna Ollson*30   Løken, in Vestre Slidre 
ID 687052Anders Anderson    
ID 687153Ole Anderson*4 mo     
ID 687254Anders Rolandson26   Jomen, in Vestre Slidre 
ID 687355Eric Erickson27     
ID 687456Guri Knudsdotter31     
ID 687557Knud Erickson    
ID 687658Ole Knudson20     
ID 687759Thora Olsdotter46   [Ranum] Urdahl 
ID 687860Oline Olsdotter14     
ID 687961Aric Ollson29     
Transcribed by Børge Solem - 2000

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