Passenger list 1865 - s/s Hibernian (1)
  DuttonLiverpool Oct. 12Quebec Oct. 23NAC C-4520 list 73

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Ref.NameAgeSexRemarksAddition: Read or submit by clicking the names
ID 218061Ragnhild Johansdatter36 matron - Residence Scandinavian?  
ID 218072Euge child - Residence Scandinavian?  
ID 218083J. W. Bergstrøm15 tailor - Residence Scandinavian?  
ID 218094Peter Christensen26 laborer - Residence Scandinavian?  
ID 218105Erik Andersen30 laborer - Residence Scandinavian?  
Transcribed by Børge Solem - 2001

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Only passengers with Norwegian (Scandinavian) names have been transcribed

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