Passenger list 1836 - brig Agnes
  Wm. M. B??Gothenburg New York July 5NARA Roll #30, Arr. No. 566

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Ref.NameAgeSexRemarksAddition: Read or submit by clicking the names
ID 35485 4Sivert Jõrgenson !!39 Planters  
ID 35486 5Ragnid Hansdõtter !!32 Planters*  
ID 35487 6??ol??ck Rolfson Torkelsves28 Planters*  
ID 35488 7 Påhl Juarsson !!30 Planters*  
ID 35489 8 Margreta Månsdotter !!35 Planters*  
ID 35490 9 Ingeborg Ivansdotter !!10 Planters*  
ID 3549110Bans??igs Nelson Flyga27 Planters*  
ID 3549211Christian Olson Smådahl29 Planters*  
ID 3549312Sivart Carlson !!35 Planters*  
ID 3549413Malena Jõnsdatter !!24 Planters*  
ID 3549514Nils Knutson !!30 Planters*  
ID 3549615Torbjor Jõnsdotter !!27 Planters*  
ID 3549716 N??ns Sivertson !!1½ Planters*  
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