Passenger list 1878 - s/s Indiana
  Redford W. SargentLiverpool Philadelphia June 10NARA Roll #96, Arr. No. 38

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Ref.NameAgeSexRemarksAddition: Read or submit by clicking the names
ID 472621Anna Anderson15   
ID 472632Sam Anderson  
ID 472643Ole Anderson  
ID 472654Joseph Anderson  
ID 472665Ole Amundson46 Farmer  
ID 472676Olea Amundson42   
ID 472687Mar??n Amundson15   
ID 472698Olina Amundson11   
ID 472709Elise Amundson  
ID 4727110Olaf Amundson  
ID 4727220Lars. I. Bakstad75 Clergyman  
ID 4727324Julius !! Bjorgen20 Laborer  
ID 4727425Knud K. Brevad25 Laborer  
ID 4727526Ing A. Boe19 Laborer  
ID 4727627Ole Bjornson34 Laborer  
ID 4727728Anna Bjornson57   
ID 4727829Ing Bjornson21 Laborer  
ID 47279104Ole C. Frederickson28 Laborer  
ID 47280138Ing !! Hollum17   
ID 47281148William !! Obulander30 Farmer  
ID 47282149Ole Olsen18   
ID 47283150Olena Olsdatter16   
ID 47284151Anna Olsdatter17   
ID 47285152Syvert Olsen28 Laborer  
ID 47286153Amund !! Hagebakken32 Laborer  
ID 47287154Kari !! Hagebakken30   
ID 47288155Berthe !! Hagebakken10   
ID 47289156Nicolai !! Halmansen18 Laborer  
ID 47290157Ole Hansen19 Laborer  
ID 47291158Ingeborg Helliksdatter28   
ID 47292159Johan !! Hultgren32   
ID 47293160Caroline !! Hultgren30   
ID 47294161Kittel Hanson52 M*   
ID 47295162Ing H. Haugstad20 Laborer  
ID 47296163Peder Hansen35 Laborer  
ID 47297164Per Isaksen19 M*   
ID 47298196Kason Lansdotter45 Farmer  
ID 47299248William !! Obulander30 Farmer  
ID 47300249Ole Olsen18   
ID 47301250Olana Olsdatter16   
ID 47302251Anna Olsdatter27   
ID 47303252Syvert Olsen28 Laborer  
ID 47304253Martha Olsen21   
ID 47305254Frederick Olsen21 Laborer  
ID 47306255Basmus Olsen10   
ID 47307256Even Olsen  
ID 47308257Kari Olsen53   
ID 47309258Lars Olsen18   
ID 47310259Torsten Olsen14   
ID 47311260Mason Olsen30   
ID 47312261Bergit Olsen11   
ID 47313262Peter Olsen17 Laborer  
ID 47314263Ole Olsen18 Laborer  
ID 47315264Ingeborg Olsen18 F*   
ID 47316265Imor Olsen16   
ID 47317266Agnes Olsdatter30   
ID 47318267Karen Olsdatter22   
ID 47319280Christian Pherson26 Farmer  
ID 47320297Ole Svendsen55 Farmer  
ID 47321298Jans Svendsen38 Farmer  
ID 47322299Ole Simonson15 Farmer  
ID 47323300Ole Svenson54 Farmer  
ID 47324301Johannes Sagmo29   
ID 47325302Erik L. Skaar40 Farmer  
ID 47326303Sigris !! Skaar43 Farmer  
ID 47327304Lars !! Skaar63 Farmer  
ID 47328306Sigrid !! Syen27 Farmer  
ID 47329307Peder !! Syen35 Laborer  
ID 47330308Sig. !! Stas18 Laborer  
ID 47331309Mali !! Spfotvold12   
ID 47332310Bernt !! Skormod19   
ID 47333311Ongeli !! Simconi45   
ID 47334312Andrea !! Skjolberg26 Laborer  
ID 47335312Banch !! Simaski35 Laborer  
ID 47336351Anders G. Vangstad26 Laborer Country of Origin incorrectly shown as Denmark-see 1 below 
ID 47337352Gunder Vold30 Laborer Country of Origin incorrectly shown as Denmark-see 2 below 
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Digitalarkivet: Emigrants from Trondheim 1867-1930

Remark 1: Anders G. Wangstad, Occupation-Arbeidsmand, Residence-Verdalen, destination-Red Wing, Minnesota.

Remark 2: Gunder Johans. Vold, Occupation-Arbeidsmand, Residence-StÝrdalen (nedre), destination- Red Wing, Minnesota

Total number of Norwegian passengers 72, total number aboard ship,395. Country of origin for passengers listed - Norway. American Line.

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