Passenger list 1852 - ship Bolivar
  P. M. PetersenPorsgrunn June 19Quebec Aug. 6Newspaper Correspondenten September 15, 1852

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ID 161141A. Halvorsen Residence Tinn  
ID 161152H. Bjørnsen Residence Tinn  
ID 161163Ole Herbjørnsen Øiene Residence Tinn  
ID 161174E. Endresen Residence Laurdal  
ID 161185Jens Paulsen Blom Residence Laurdal  
ID 161196Kittil Hæljesen Residence Laurdal  
ID 161207Thov Olsen Residence Laurdal  
ID 161218Stener Mikkelsen Residence Laurdal  
ID 161229Ole Halvorsen Venløs Residence Sidsborg  
ID 1612310John Olsen Magnushommen Residence Tveten  
ID 1612411Anderas Olsen Saugvolden Residence Tveten  
ID 1612512Syvert Syvertsen Kallerud Residence Kongsberg  
ID 1612613Poul Halvorsen Svervelien Residence Flaaddal  
ID 1612714Ole Jacobsen Kjeldalen Residence Eidanger  
ID 1612815Aanund Gundersen Nordtvedt Residence Mor  
ID 1612916Ole Wetlesen Bergland Residence Mor  
ID 1613017Tarje Gundersen Findreng Residence Vraals annex  
ID 1613118Hans Olsen Keagnæs Residence Vraadals annex  
ID 1613219Lars Tarjesen Revskjel Residence Laurdal  
ID 1613320Ole Halvorsen Gaadeholdt Residence Laurdal  
ID 1613421Aadne Tollefsen Residence Laurdal  
ID 1613522Thorgrim Thorgrimsen Uvaas Residence Hjertdal  
ID 1613623Knud Halvorsen Gryde Residence Moland  
Transcribed by Trond Austheim & Børge Solem - 2001

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