Passenger list 1852 - ship Colon
  C. HasselKragerø May 27New York July 26arr. no. 1023

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ID 66571David Torgrimsen46 Cabin E: from Ødegård, Sannidal 
ID 66582Boel Abrahamsdatter56 Cabin E: [Bodil] 
ID 66593Abraham Davidsen21 Cabin  
ID 66604Torgrim Davidsen*19 Cabin  
ID 66615Rasmus Svennungsen42 Cabin  
ID 66626!! !! Munster36 Mrs. - Cabin  
ID 66637Julie !! Munster*Cabin  
ID 66648Thomas !! Munster*Cabin  
ID 66659Frantz !! Munster*9m Cabin  
ID 666610Elling Hendrichsen48 Cabin E: from Hellem, Sannidal 
ID 666711Hendrich Ellingsen10 Cabin  
ID 666812Nils Taraldsen53 Cabin E: from Drangedal 
ID 666913Gunild Abrahamsdatter55 Cabin  
ID 667014Gunild Christine 25 Cabin  
ID 667115Knud Nilsen17 Cabin  
ID 667216Ingelev Firmie13 Cabin  
ID 667317Marie 6m Cabin  
ID 667418Halvor Knudsen Waasfiv??23 Cabin  
ID 667519Inger Marie 19 Cabin  
ID 667621Ole Wilumsen Holtane25 Steerage E: from Sannidal 
ID 667722Inger Torine Holtane*29 Steerage  
ID 667823Wilhelm Holtane*5m Steerage E: [Willum] 
ID 667924Grese Olsen18 Steerage E: [Gregers O. Holtane] 
ID 668025Johannes Johannesen20 Steerage  
ID 668126Hans Jacob Andersen48 Steerage E: Tailor from Sannidal 
ID 668227Gunnild Tellefsdatter41 Steerage  
ID 668328Anders Hanssen13 Steerage  
ID 668429Anne Helene Hansdatter*Steerage  
ID 668530Christen HansenSteerage  
ID 668631Tolline Hansdatter*Steerage  
ID 668732Helje Marie Hansdatter*11m Steerage  
ID 668833!! !!2m  An Infant - Steerage, Born on the voyage born on the voyage 
ID 668934Torger Torgersen28 Steerage  
ID 669035Gunder Torgersen21 Steerage  
ID 669136Elen Cirstine 21 Steerage  
ID 669237Ingeborg Kirstin 31 Steerage  
ID 669338Lars Olsen Rensdalen26 Steerage  
ID 669439Johan Peter Johannesen26 Steerage E: see 25 
ID 669540Iver Larsen Frovick26 Steerage  
ID 669641Gunder Olsen Hvedesve26 Steerage  
ID 669742Lars Bakkane40 Steerage E: [Andersen] from Solum 
ID 669843Christen Holim20 Steerage  
ID 669944Torjus Kittilsen Holim*36 Steerage E: Unclear list. From Eiken, Fyresdal 
ID 670045Gunnild Gjermundsdatter Holim*34  Steerage E: Unclear. Bruce Larson: see 48 
ID 670146Gjermund Torjusen* Holim* Steerage E: Cut in list, num. unclear. B.R: From Eiken in Fyresdal 
ID 670246Kittil Torjusen* Holim*Steerage Bruce Larson:From Eiken in Fyresdal 
ID 670347Ole Torjusen Holim*6m Steerage Bruce Larson:From Eiken in Fyresdal 
ID 670448Gjermund Olsen55 Steerage E: from Holer Tveten, Fyresdal 
ID 670549Marie Bjørgersdatter56 Steerage Bruce Larson: From Tveitane in Fyresdal 
ID 670650Ole Gjermundsen25 Steerage Bruce Larson: From Tveitane in Fyresdal 
ID 670751Bjørguf Gjermundsen*22 Steerage Bruce Larson: From Tveitane in Fyresdal 
ID 670852Oluf Gjermundsen*12  Steerage Bruce Larson: From Tveitane in Fyresdal 
ID 670953Torbjørn Olsdatter26 Steerage  
ID 671054Ole Halvorsen35 Steerage  
ID 671155Marthe Nielsdatter30 Steerage  
ID 671256Marthe Olsdatter58 Steerage E: from Siljan 
ID 671357Anna Olsdatter*26 Steerage  
ID 671458Marie Olsdatter*24 Steerage  
ID 671559Peder Christensen28 Steerage  
ID 671660Jacob Christensen*19 Steerage  
ID 671761Taerie Mikkelsen Brekke25 Steerage E: [Tarje] from Mo/Eidanger 
ID 671862Saave Olsdatter25 Steerage  
ID 671963Stener Olsen Hagelie45 Steerage E: from Mo 
ID 672064Joran Aslacksdatter Hagelie*24 Steerage  
ID 672165Oluf Stenersen* Hagelie*Steerage  
ID 672266Aslack Stenersen* Hagelie* Steerage  
ID 672367Stener Stenersen* Hagelie* Steerage  
ID 672468!! Hagelie*3m  Infant - Steerage  
ID 672569Sigri !!25 Steerage  
ID 672670Gunleick Leivick30 Steerage E: [Gunleik Olsen Levik] from Mo 
ID 672771Halvor Sondresen Rue29 Steerage E: from Seljord 
ID 672872Marie A Høiesdatter23 Steerage  
ID 672973Christian Sondresen20 Steerage E: from Rui, Seljord 
ID 673074Guro Halvorsdatter28 Steerage E: from Seljord 
ID 673175Ole Gundersen Lia26 Steerage  
ID 673276Ingeborg Gundersdatter24 Steerage  
ID 673377Christin Marie Engebrightsdatter25 Steerage  
ID 673478Halvor Olsen Berge44 Steerage  
ID 673579Kari Knudsdatter24 Steerage  
ID 673680Ole Olsen Fandestøel36 Steerage  
ID 673781Ingeborg Bjergesdatter35 Steerage  
ID 673882Aslau Ellefsdatter24 Steerage  
ID 673983Anne !!6m Steerage  
ID 674084Ole Ammundsen Rue32  Steerage E: from Vinje 
ID 674185Sigri !!8m Steerage  
ID 674286Sigvald Olsen Midgaard36 Steerage E: from Vinje 
ID 674387Asbjørn Johnsdatter25 Steerage  
ID 674488Asne Egilsdatter Midgaard26 Steerage E: from Vinje 
ID 674589Gurie Aslacksdatter26 Steerage  
ID 674690Kittel Olsen Glosemoth28 Steerage E: from Seljord 
ID 674791Groe Halvorsdatter27 Steerage  
ID 674892Sigri Kittilsdatter8m Steerage  
ID 674993Hans Teriesen Asheim27 Steerage E: from Seljord 
ID 675094Olaf Olsen Bjergland21 Steerage E: from Mo 
ID 675195Torius Tjostolfsen Etland23 Steerage  
ID 675296Laurentz Aagensen47 Steerage  
ID 675397Anne Johnsdatter43 Steerage  
ID 675498Margit Halvorsdatter40 Steerage  
ID 675599Anne Laurentzdatter24  Steerage  
ID 6756100Sigri Laurentzdatter*14 Steerage  
ID 6757101Anna Laurentzdatter*18  Steerage  
ID 6758102August Laurentzsen*16 Steerage  
ID 6759103John Laurentzsen*14 Steerage  
ID 6760104Tellev Laurentzsen*12 Steerage  
ID 6761105Knud Laurentzsen*10 Steerage  
ID 6762106Torjer Torbjørnsen Waag56 Steerage  
ID 6763107Torjus Torgrimsen35 Steerage  
ID 6764108Marith Olsdatter20 Steerage  
ID 6765109Torgeir Thorvildsen59 Steerage  
ID 6766110Knud Thorvildsen*22 Steerage  
ID 6767111Ingeborg Thorvildsen*Steerage  
ID 6768112Laurentz Aslacksen32 Steerage E: from Hasleborg, Seljord 
ID 6769113Aase Torgrimsdatter25 Steerage  
ID 6770114Ingeborg Thorsdatter57 Steerage  
ID 6771115Anne Thorsdatter*Steerage  
ID 6772116Thorgrim Laurentzen6m Steerage  
ID 6773117Aslack Laurentzen*Steerage  
ID 6774118Knud Knudsen32 Steerage  
ID 6775119Bjug Svendsen Berge38 Steerage  
ID 6776120Thone Thorsdatter Berge*26 Steerage  
ID 6777121Thone Bjugsdatter* Berge*Steerage  
ID 6778122Svalaug Bjugsdatter* Berge*Steerage  
ID 6779123Thorbjørg Bjugsdatter* Berge*Steerage  
ID 6780124Sigrid Bjugsdatter* Berge*Steerage  
ID 6781125Svend Bjugsen* Berge*Steerage  
ID 6782126Thor Bjugsen Berge*6m Steerage  
ID 6783127Greger Kittilsen31 Steerage  
ID 6784128Aase Halvorsdatter42 Steerage  
ID 6785129Ole Kittilsen34 Steerage  
ID 6786130Helge Kittilsdatter27 Steerage  
ID 6787131Svenning Ouversen27 Steerage E: from Kviteseid 
ID 6788132Thone Olsdatter31 Steerage  
ID 6789133Ole Svenningsen*Steerage  
ID 6790134!! Svennings.*Infant  Died on the voyage E: [Ouver, 1 year]  
ID 6791135Even Iversen25 Steerage  
ID 6792136Anlau Olsdatter20 Steerage  
ID 6793137Aslack Auersen32 Steerage  
ID 6794138Bergit Olsdatter25 Steerage  
ID 6795139Karen Aslacksdatter10m Steerage  
ID 6796140Saave Knudsen Groven33 Steerage E: from Kviteseid 
ID 6797141Anne Aadnesdatter Groven*35 Steerage  
ID 6798142Andreas Saavessen* Groven*4½ Steerage  
ID 6799143Knut Saavessen* Groven*Steerage  
ID 6800144Marie Saavesdatter* Groven*Steerage  
ID 6801145Lars Saavessen* Groven*9m Steerage  
ID 6802146Sigri Ouersdatter22 Steerage E: from Kviteseid 
ID 6803147Johan Osmund17 Steerage  
ID 6804148Thor Saavesen34 Steerage E: from Kviteseid 
ID 6805149Tallak Olsen Fosaa49 Steerage E: from Fyresdal 
ID 6806150Assia?? Kittilsdatter50 Steerage E: [Asgjer Kittilsdr from Fyresdal (?)] 
ID 6807151Ole Tallacksen19 Steerage E: from Fyresdal 
ID 6808152Margit Olsdatter55 Steerage E: from Fyresdal 
ID 6809153Guttorm Kyrdalen36 Steerage E: from Kviteseid 
ID 6810154Turie Johannesdatter Kyrdalen*29 Steerage  
ID 6811155Johannes Kyrdalen*11 Steerage  
ID 6812156Gullick Kyrdalen*Steerage  
ID 6813157Even Kyrdalen*Steerage  
ID 6814158Jørgen Svendsen25 Steerage E: from Klevmark, Kviteseid 
ID 6815159Ingeborg Olsdatter25 Steerage  
ID 6816160Svend Jørgensen*Steerage  
ID 6817161Anne Jørgensdatter*9m Steerage  
ID 6818162Tørris Amundsen56 Steerage  
Transcribed by Trond Austheim - 1999

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