Passenger list 1849 - bark Drafna
  Hartvig EckersbergDrammen New York July 25Roll # 81, arr. no. 1021

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Ref.NameAgeSexRemarksAddition: Read or submit by clicking the names
ID 18071Sophie Jonasdatter20 Cabin  
ID 18082Thorgun?? Christoffersdatter20 m!! Cabin  
ID 18093Brynhild Jansdatter21 Cabin  
ID 18104Ingebore Christoffersdatter23 Cabin  
ID 18115Syvert Kittelsen32 Steerage  
ID 18126Halgrim Jurgensen49 Steerage  
ID 18137Barbra Jurgensen*46 Steerage  
ID 18148Ole Halgrimsen20 Steerage  
ID 18159Bergita Halgrimsen*29 Steerage  
ID 181610Sur Halgrimsen*9@19 Steerage  
ID 181711Bergitte Halgrimsen*17 Steerage  
ID 181812Ambjør Hagensen?? Steerage  
ID 181913Anna HalgrimsdatterSteerage  
ID 182014Ole Halgrindsen4.5 Steerage  
ID 182115Ingri AndersenSteerage  
ID 182216Knud Knudson23 Steerage  
ID 182317Kari Ergen29 Steerage  
ID 182418Ole Larson38 Steerage E: Rotneim in Gol, Hallingdal 
ID 182519Anne Rotneim34 Steerage E: Rotneim in Gol, Hallingdal 
ID 182620Bergita Rotneim*10 Steerage E: Rotneim in Gol, Hallingdal 
ID 182721Lars Rotneim*Steerage E: Rotneim in Gol, Hallingdal 
ID 182822Stener Rotneim*Steerage E: Rotneim in Gol, Hallingdal 
ID 182923Ingeborg Rotneim*Steerage E: Rotneim in Gol, Hallingdal 
ID 183024Stengius Olsen23 Steerage  
ID 183125Ole Olsen*23 Steerage  
ID 183226Bergita Stenersdatter26 Steerage  
ID 183327Ole Herbranson28 Steerage  
ID 183428Thuri Olsdatter20 Steerage  
ID 183529Ritus Hals??by??36 Steerage  
ID 183630Ragnild Syversdatter22 Steerage  
ID 183731Sidsel Kittelsdatterm!! Steerage  
ID 183832Thomas Kittelsen*Steerage  
ID 183933Svend Halsteindsen28 Steerage  
ID 184034Tarkel Halsteindsen*22 Steerage  
ID 184135Halsten Halsteindsen*19 Steerage  
ID 184236Ole Halsteindsen*30 Steerage  
ID 184337Gunnild Svendsdatter23 Steerage  
ID 184438Gunild Olsdatter* OlsenSteerage  
ID 184539Halsten OlsenSteerage  
ID 184640Kittel Erickson25 Steerage  
ID 184741Herman Olsen21 Steerage  
ID 184842Lars Thomassen43 Steerage  
ID 184943Gro Ericksdatter47 Steerage  
ID 185044Ellin Thomason41 Steerage  
ID 185145Syvert Ellinson11 Steerage  
ID 185246Ellin Ellinson*7 f!! Steerage  
ID 185347Lars Knudson20 Steerage  
ID 185448Ole Ollson37 Steerage  
ID 185549Jacob Hansson40 Steerage  
ID 185650Astrid Hansson*48 Steerage  
ID 185751Kirsti Jacobsdotter15 Steerage  
ID 185852Tonne?? Jacobsdatter*Steerage  
ID 185953Knud Jacobsen*24 Steerage  
ID 186054Gunilda Jacobsdatter*30 Steerage  
ID 186155Guri KnudsdatterSteerage  
ID 186256Ole Syvertsen28 f!! Steerage  
ID 186357Tollef Asbjørnson43 f!! Steerage  
ID 186458Kari Hermansdatter25 Steerage  
ID 186559Asbjørn TollefsenSteerage  
ID 186660Knud Halvorsen60 Steerage  
ID 186761Kysborg?? Iveland57 Steerage  
ID 186862Erick Knudsen15 Steerage  
ID 186963Sigrid?? Knudsdatter22 Steerage  
ID 187064Ragnild Knudsdatter*19 Steerage  
ID 187165Ole Mikkelsen33 Steerage  
ID 187266?? Haga??38 Steerage  
ID 187367Mikkel Haga??*Steerage  
ID 187468Thuri Olsdatterm!! Steerage  
ID 187569Knud Olsen6 mo Steerage  
ID 187670Thomas Larsen21 Steerage  
ID 187771Knud Larsen*22 Steerage  
ID 187872Peder Larsen*26 Steerage  
ID 187973Lars Knudsen22 Steerage  
ID 188074Andreas Olsen26 Steerage  
ID 188175Helga Bursge??27 m!! Steerage  
ID 188276Christi Bursge??*6 mo Steerage  
ID 188377Hellik Olsen16 f!! Steerage  
ID 188478Gullik Stensen??44 Steerage  
ID 188579Ambjør Stensen??*35 Steerage  
ID 188680Peter ??lksen28 Steerage  
ID 188781Gunila Halbeinsdatter30 Steerage  
ID 188882Kari PetersdatterSteerage  
ID 188983Anna Petersdatter*6 mo Steerage  
ID 189084Ralf Evensen44 Steerage  
ID 189185Aase Landsdatter33 Steerage  
ID 189286Ole RalfsenSteerage  
ID 189387Christi Ralfsdatter3.5 Steerage  
ID 189488Helge Ralfsen*1.25 Steerage  
ID 189589Syvert Hermansen34 Steerage  
ID 189690Helje Olsdatter38 m!! Steerage  
ID 189791Gunild SyvertsdatterSteerage  
ID 189892Herman SyvertsenSteerage  
ID 189993Sevald Sevaldsen23 Steerage  
ID 190094Torkel Ericksen18 Steerage  
ID 190195Knud Heslie34 Steerage  
ID 190296Bergetta Heslie*45 Steerage  
ID 190397Magret Knudsdatter16 Steerage  
ID 190498Helge Syvertsen29 Steerage  
ID 190599Guri Syvertsen*29 m!! Steerage  
ID 1906100Agnes Syvertsen*m!! Steerage  
ID 1907101Ingeborg Syvertsen*11 mo Steerage  
ID 1908102??ten Thorkildsen42 Steerage  
ID 1909103Henrik Jensen13@73 Steerage  
ID 1910104Mikkel Knudsen22 Steerage  
ID 1911105Lars Rime43 Steerage add. info by Rhoda MacKenzie 
ID 1912106Guri Rime*38 Steerage  
ID 1913107Guri Larsdatter Rime*11 Steerage  
ID 1914108Margit Larsdatter* Rime*Steerage  
ID 1915109Thuri Larsdatter* RimeSteerage  
ID 1916110Sidsel Larsdatter* Rime*Steerage  
ID 1917111Eric?? Arnesen29 Steerage  
ID 1918112Catrin Arnesen*9 mo Steerage  
ID 1919113Anne Arnesen*23 Steerage  
ID 1920114Ann Olsen56 Steerage  
ID 1921115Anna Arnesen18 Steerage  
ID 1922116Anne Kopsrig20 Steerage  
ID 1923117Truls Haga46 Steerage  
ID 1924118Anders Nordalen19 Steerage  
ID 1925119Knud Knudsen31 Steerage  
ID 1926120Endi?? Jørgensen??22 Steerage  
ID 1927121Mai Jørgensen*??24 Steerage  
ID 1928122Elin Ellevssen28?? Steerage  
ID 1929123Anbjør Bosseng??22 Steerage  
ID 1930124Wybor Ellinsdatter2 mo Steerage  
ID 1931125Siri Kittelsdatter26 m!! Steerage  
ID 1932126Tollef Arnessen25 Steerage  
ID 1933127Magni?? Arnessen*26 Steerage  
ID 1934128Anne Arnessen*9 mo Steerage  
ID 1935129Inger?? Olsen24 f* Steerage  
ID 1936130Guri Bransvold??21 Steerage  
ID 1937131Ole Arnessen32 Steerage  
ID 1938132Guri Sanden32 Steerage  
ID 1939133Brynild OlsdatterSteerage  
ID 1940134Gurine OlsenSteerage  
ID 1941135Kari Olsdatter3.5 Steerage  
ID 1942136Ulla Olsdatter11 mo Steerage  
ID 1943137Syver Tollefsen31 Steerage  
ID 1944138Anne ??22 Steerage  
ID 1945139Tollef ??Steerage  
ID 1946140Ole Svendsen35 Steerage  
ID 1947141Anne Talk28 Steerage  
ID 1948142Helge OlsenSteerage  
ID 1949143Gro Olsdatterm!! Steerage  
ID 1950144Lars Rasmussen23 Steerage  
ID 1951145Asle?? Knudsen57 Steerage  
ID 1952146Astrid Thostensdatter*??47 Steerage  
ID 1953147Levor Knudsen24 Steerage  
ID 1954148Guri Aslesdatter15 Steerage  
ID 1955149Christi Aslesdatter*11.5 Steerage  
ID 1956150Knud Aslessen8.125 Steerage  
ID 1957151Ellin Knudsen32 f!! Steerage  
ID 1958152?? Haagensdatter29 Steerage  
ID 1959153Magni Ellingsdatter9.5 Steerage  
ID 1960154Bereth Ellingsdatter*Steerage  
ID 1961155Haagen Ellinsen9.5 Steerage  
ID 1962156Knud Ellinsen*11 mo Steerage  
ID 1963157Ragnild Nilsdatter86 Steerage  
ID 1964158Helga Pedersdatter53 Steerage  
ID 1965159Ragnild Gundbjørnsdatter25 Steerage  
ID 1966160Peder Gundbjørnsen22 Steerage  
ID 1967161Aase Gundbjørnsen*20 Steerage  
ID 1968162Mari Gundbjørns.17 m!! Steerage  
ID 1969163Nils Gundbjørnsen*15 Steerage  
ID 1970164Ole Gundbjørnsen*Steerage  
ID 1971165Ellen Gundbjørnsdatter*5.5 Steerage  
ID 1972166Ole Mikkelsen45 Steerage  
ID 1973167Aagot?? Rønbrut??49 Steerage  
ID 1974168Peder Ollsen17?? Steerage  
ID 1975169Ragnild OlsdatterSteerage  
ID 1976170Peder Larsen24 Steerage  
ID 1977171Helje Christoffersen20 Steerage  
Transcribed by Børge Solem - 2000

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All passengers marked Farmers and Mechanics - Residence/origin of Norway - Destination USA

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