Passenger list 1852 - bark Emigrant
  O. C. OlsenFlekkefjord June 16New York July 16NARA Roll # 116, arr. no. 983

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ID 60751Jacob Midbo25 Residence Norway - Cabin  
ID 60762Knud Knudsen27 Residence Norway - Cabin  
ID 60773Cornelius Lavold54 Residence Norway - Cabin  
ID 60784Zacharias Myland25 Residence Norway - Cabin  
ID 60795Anne Christensen25 Residence Norway - Cabin  
ID 60806Inger Kaasen??32 Residence Norway - Cabin  
ID 60817Christoffer Saeland25 Residence Norway - Cabin  
ID 60828Ingeborg Saeland*18 Residence Norway - Cabin  
ID 60839Aelay Vandswaell25 Residence Norway - Cabin  
ID 608410Benedt Larssen24 Residence Norway - Cabin  
ID 608511Anders Tjørevag18 Residence Norway - Cabin  
ID 608612Hanna Jascilds??36 Residence Citizen of US - Cabin  
ID 608713Violeus Luitsa Jascilds??13 Cabin  
ID 608814Johan Hasio?? Jascilds??11 Cabin  
ID 608915Erick Jascilds??Cabin  
ID 609016Julius Hansbald Jascilds??Cabin  
ID 609117Palalia M Jascilds??3½ Cabin  
ID 609218Kanneth?? Larsen30 Cabin  
ID 60931Joh Mooland37 House on deck  
ID 60942Helene Mooland*35 House on deck  
ID 60953Johannes Mooland*11 House on deck  
ID 60964Odevard Mooland*House on deck  
ID 60975John Mooland*House on deck  
ID 60986Julius Mooland*House on deck  
ID 60991Peder Braaten29 Between deck  
ID 61002Gunnhild Braaten*34 Between deck  
ID 61013Jonas Pedersen* Braaten*Between deck  
ID 61024Hans O Pedersen* Braaten*3 mo Between deck  
ID 61035Enok Pedersen* Braaten*23 Between deck  
ID 61046Jonas Støte22 Between deck  
ID 61057John Hethland22 Between deck  
ID 61068Anna Boe24 Between deck  
ID 61079Ole Stene50 Between deck  
ID 610810Ingeborg Stene*55 Between deck  
ID 610911Johannes Løvaas42 Between deck  
ID 611012Anna Besten41 Between deck  
ID 611113Anne O Johannesdatter* Besten*19 Between deck  
ID 611214Jacob Johannesen* Besten*17 Between deck  
ID 611315Christine Johannesdatter* Besten*Between deck  
ID 611416John BueBetween deck  
ID 611517Christian Aanstad28 Between deck  
ID 611618Jacob Eie28 Between deck  
ID 611719Guri Eie*19 Between deck  
ID 611820Torjus Eie*38 Between deck  
ID 611921Marthe Eie*30 Between deck  
ID 612022Jermund Eie*Between deck  
ID 612123Ole Eie*35 Between deck  
ID 612224Giertine Eie*27 Between deck  
ID 612325Mikkel Drange35 Between deck  
ID 612426Bertha Drange*32 Between deck  
ID 612527Monica Mikkelsdatter* Drange*9 mo Between deck  
ID 612628Jens Kaasen28 Between deck  
ID 612729Gunnhild Kaasen*31 Between deck  
ID 612830Carl Carlborg38 Between deck  
ID 612931Ingeborg E Carlborg*48 Between deck  
ID 613032Johan C Carlsen* Carlborg*13 Between deck  
ID 613133Ingebrecht Carlsen* Carlborg*Between deck  
ID 613234Ole Borevand31 Between deck  
ID 613335Anne Borevand*30 Between deck  
ID 613436Ole Olsen* Borevand*Between deck  
ID 613537Ingeborg Lien40 Between deck  
ID 613638Didrik Mjavand27 Between deck  
ID 613739Martta Mjavand*29 Between deck  
ID 613840Guri Didriksdatter* Mjavand*Between deck  
ID 613941Anne Mjavand*55 Between deck  
ID 614042Niels Roeland54 Between deck  
ID 614143Sara Roeland*43 Between deck  
ID 614244Elisabeth Nielsdatter* Roeland*16 Between deck  
ID 614345Hans C Nielsen* Roeland*Between deck  
ID 614446Grete M Nielsdatter* Roeland*Between deck  
ID 614547Ingeborg Nielsdatter* Roeland*4 mo Between deck  
ID 614648Olina S Nielsdatter* Roeland*Between deck  
ID 614749Sivert Midfield49 Between deck  
ID 614850Anne B Midfield*41 Between deck  
ID 614951Lise M Sivertsdatter* Midfield*10 Between deck  
ID 615052Ole T Sivertsen* Midfield*Between deck  
ID 615153Regine Siversdatter* Midfield*Between deck  
ID 615254Severine Siversdatter* Midfield*Between deck  
ID 615355Berend Brastad??47 Between deck  
ID 615456La?? ?? Between deck  
ID 615557Svend ??21 Between deck  
ID 615658Lars ??56 Between deck  
ID 615759Elisabeth ??45 Between deck  
ID 615860Syvert ??20 Between deck  
ID 615961Berthe C ??15 Between deck  
ID 616062Marie E ??16 Between deck  
ID 616163Christian ??Between deck  
ID 616264Lars A ??Between deck  
ID 616365?? ??  Between deck  
ID 616466?? ??  Between deck  
ID 616567Lars Helland46 Between deck  
ID 616668Berend Midbo27 Between deck  
ID 616769Reinet Skovland19 Between deck  
ID 616870Anne Hansdatter24 Between deck  
ID 616971Halvor Gaasdal46 Between deck  
ID 617072Karin Gaasdal*40 Between deck  
ID 617173Sigbjørn Halvorsen* Gaasdal*18 Between deck  
ID 617274Thron Halvorsen* Gaasdal*16 Between deck  
ID 617375Tyri ds Halvorsdatter* Gaasdal*14 Between deck  
ID 617476Fredrik Halvorsen* Gaasdal*Between deck  
ID 617577Rackel T Halvorsdatter* Gaasdal*Between deck  
ID 617678Sarah Halvorsdatter* Gaasdal*Between deck  
ID 617779Niels T Halvorsen* Gaasdal*Between deck  
ID 617880Sigbjørn Aasedal27 Between deck  
ID 617981Sivert Aasedal*18 Between deck  
ID 618082Asbjørn Fonstad54 Between deck  
ID 618183Ingeborg Fonstad*66 Between deck  
ID 618284Hans Asbjørnsen* Fonstad*20 Between deck  
ID 618385Per C Asbjørnsen* Fonstad*15 Between deck  
ID 618486Christian Asbjørnsen* Fonstad*12 Between deck  
ID 618587Torkel Hansen44 Between deck  
ID 618688Morten Salvesen* Konstali45 Between deck Lois Doll ( 
ID 618789Anna B erthe Sigbjornsdatter* Konstali*25 Between deck Lois Doll ( 
ID 618890Ingeborg Mortensdatter* Konstali*Between deck Lois Doll ( 
ID 618991Sara Mortensdatter* Konstali*8 mo Between deck Lois Doll ( 
ID 619092Tomas Mollan31 Between deck  
ID 619193Johanne Mollan*38 Between deck  
ID 619294Tobias Tomasen* Mollan*Between deck  
ID 619395Carel Mjasund51 Between deck  
ID 619496Anne T Mjasund*40 Between deck  
ID 619597Alisia Carelsdatter* Mjasund*Between deck  
ID 619698Andreas Carelsen* Mjasund*Between deck  
ID 619799Christiane Cerelsdatter* Mjasund*Between deck  
ID 6198100Tovs Horudvolla36 Between deck  
ID 6199101Christian Maasund23 Between deck  
ID 6200102Omund Listøl43 Between deck  
ID 6201103Helena Listøl*40 Between deck  
ID 6202104Omund Omundsen* Listøl*13 Between deck  
ID 6203105Sigbjørn Omundsen* Listøl*10 Between deck  
ID 6204106Ole Omundsen* Listøl*Between deck  
ID 6205107Halvor Omundsen* Listøl*Between deck  
ID 6206108Lars Gabriel Omundsen* Listøl*9 mo Between deck  
ID 6207109Marthe Hadland19 Between deck  
ID 6208110Tomas Tovestad19 Between deck  
Transcribed by Trond Austheim - 1999

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All passengers marked Occupation Mechanics/farmers - Destination USA

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