Passenger list 1850 - bark Freya
  Jens R. WalløDrammen New York Aug. 5Roll # 91, arr. no. 871

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ID 25831Amund Thoresson24 House on deck  
ID 25842Kari Syvertsdotter56   
ID 25853Sigri Ellingsdotter14   
ID 25864Guri Ellingsdotter*12   
ID 25875Sørine Christoffersdotter24   
ID 25886Anders Ki??33   
ID 25897Marie Ki??30 House on deck  
ID 25908Anne Ki??7 mo House on deck  
ID 25919Christi Ellingsdotter24 House on deck  
ID 259210Peder Helgeson14   
ID 259311Johannes Halvorson24   
ID 259412Knud Bleksand40   
ID 259513Niels Bleksand*36   
ID 259614Ole Bleksand*12   
ID 259715Marie Bleksand*  
ID 259816Gunild Bleksand*  
ID 259917Endre Sandager30 House on deck  
ID 260018Eli Sandager*20 House on deck  
ID 260119Anders Rosbye30   
ID 260220Knud Andersson25 House on deck  
ID 260321Berit Knudsdotter22 House on deck  
ID 260422Kari Syversdotter30 House on deck  
ID 260523Erik N Nordfield9 mo   
ID 260624Erik N Nordfield*40   
ID 260725Arne Erickson20   
ID 260826Jul?? Erickson*18   
ID 260927Nikolaj Erickson*16   
ID 261028Christian Erickson*14   
ID 261129Martha Arnesdotter29   
ID 261230Knud 3 mo son* -  
ID 261331Marthe Nielsdotter25   
ID 261432Knud Thomasseth27   
ID 261533Anne Arnesdotter24   
ID 261634Kari Thorstensdotter33   
ID 261735Karin Olsdotter25   
ID 261836Anne Jørgensdotter35 House on deck  
ID 261937Eric Torgerson Field46?? House on deck  
ID 262038Ingeborg Jørgensdotter77 House on deck  
ID 262139Martha Ericksdotter43   
ID 262240Marit Ericksdotter18   
ID 262341Anne K Ericksdotter16   
ID 262442Thore do. Ericsen*14   
ID 262543Jørgen Ericsen*11   
ID 262644Ole Sywerson22   
ID 262745Syve?? Syverson20   
ID 262846Syver Syverson7 mo   
ID 262947Barbro Knudsdotter30   
ID 263048Syver Syversson16   
ID 263149Engebreth Johansson20   
ID 263250Marit Syversdotter18   
ID 263351Ole Guttormson23   
ID 263452Johanne Syversdotter33   
ID 263553Olivia Syversdotter*9 mo   
ID 263654Ole Olson76   
ID 263755Ingeborg Hansdotter44   
ID 263856Anders Ollson20   
ID 263957Agnete Ollson16   
ID 264058Anne Ollson14   
ID 264159Søren Erickson60   
ID 264260Maren O Andersdotter47   
ID 264361Anne Erlendsen30   
ID 264462Sigrid Andersdotter25   
ID 264563Erlend Arnesson23   
ID 264664Anne Arnesdotter12   
ID 264765Sigrid Arnesdsdotter17   
ID 264866Anders Arnesson34   
ID 264967Gunild Arnesdotter22   
ID 265068Christian Arnesson  
ID 265169Ragnild Arnesdotter*m!!   
ID 265270Ole Arnesson70   
ID 265371Anne Ericksdotter64   
ID 265472Halvor Oleson30   
ID 265573Kjirsti Olsdotter27   
ID 265674Erlend Arnesson22   
ID 265775Knud Erlendson30   
ID 265876Halvor Erlendson*27   
ID 265977Olivia Olsdotter17   
ID 266078Ole Halvorson40   
ID 266179Ellen do. Halvorson*36   
ID 266280Niels do. Halvorson*12   
ID 266381Ragnild do. Halvorson*10   
ID 266482Ingeborg do. Halvorson*  
ID 266583Olivia do. Halvorson*  
ID 266684Guri do. Halvorson*  
ID 266785Christian Ollson Halvorson*16   
ID 266886Knud Erlendson*10 mo  (son of E A No. 63)  
ID 266987Gullick Erlandson30   
ID 267088Stengrim Bjørnson28   
ID 267189Peder Gunderson28   
ID 267290Ole Granum40   
ID 267391Marit Halvorsdotter42   
ID 267492Syver Granum30   
ID 267593Ole Olson30   
ID 267694Knud Monson31   
ID 267795E?? Knudson25   
ID 267896Christoffer Braaten30   
ID 267997Kari Knudsdotter25   
ID 268098Knud Knudsen*10   
ID 268199Guri Knudsdotter*  
ID 2682100Karin Knudsdotter*  
ID 2683101Knud Braaten36   
ID 2684102Anne Østesndotter 32   
ID 2685103?? ?? ????2   
ID 2686104Christine Knudsdotter10   
ID 2687105Hans Knudsen*  
ID 2688106Anders Knudsen*  
ID 2689107Ingeborg Knudsdotter*6 mo   
ID 2690108Ole Engen30   
ID 2691109Sørrine Ericksdotter25   
ID 2692110Syver Korne24   
ID 2693111Ole Helgeson46   
ID 2694112Kari Jørgensdotter40 f   
ID 2695113Helge Ollson12   
ID 2696114Ole Helgeson10   
ID 2697115Juel Helgeson  
ID 2698116Sigri Helgesdotter*  
ID 2699117Martha Helgesdotter*  
ID 2700118Ole Olson5 mo   
ID 2701119Barbra Wilhelmsdotter60   
ID 2702120Ole Berg??36 Cabin  
ID 2703121!! !! Berg??26 his wife - Cabin  
ID 2704122Johannes Oleson10 mo Cabin  
ID 2705123Matthias Thorsson36 Residence Citizen of US - Cabin  
ID 2706124!! !!24 his wife - Residence Citizen of US - Cabin  
ID 2707125Anders ??32 Residence Citizen of US - Cabin  
ID 2708126Ingeborg 25 Residence Citizen of US - Cabin  
ID 2709127Nicolai Andersdotter!!Residence Citizen of US - Cabin  
ID 2710128Sigrid do. Andersdotter*7 mo Residence Citizen of US -Cabin  
ID 2711129Martha O Bugge24 Cabin  
Transcribed by Børge Solem - 2000

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All passengers marked Farmers/Mechanics - Residence/origin of Norway (exept Ref. 123 - 128) - all with destination USA

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