Passenger list 1873 - s/s Hakon Adelsten
  Christiania - Christiansand - Bergen New York NARA, Film M237, Reel 379.

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Ref.NameAgeSexRemarksAddition: Read or submit by clicking the names
ID 161451Randi A. Paulsdatter38 Steerage Could be Poulsdatter 
ID 161462Eli H. Solheim30 Steerage  
ID 161473Carl Solheim16 Steerage  
ID 161484Anna Stoltenberg40 Residence America - Destination America - Steerage  
ID 161495Henrich Stoltenberg4 & 6mo Residence America - Destination America - Steerage  
ID 161506Oline G. Svendsen19 Steerage  
ID 161517Marthin B. Lather19 goldsmith - Steerage  
ID 161528Anne M. Lather17 Steerage  
ID 161539Tollef Lather32 shoemaker - Steerage  
ID 1615410Carl A. Skou62 labourer - Steerage  
ID 1615511Thona Skou53 Steerage  
ID 1615612Theodor Skou19 Steerage  
ID 1615713Ribikka Skou13 & 6mo Steerage  
ID 1615814Georgina Skou27 Steerage  
ID 1615915Carl Skou9mo  Steerage  
ID 1616016Johan Borsheim48 joiner - Steerage  
ID 1616117Ingeborg Borsheim47 Steerage  
ID 1616218Audrea BorsheimSteerage  
ID 1616319Petra BorsheimSteerage  
ID 1616420Anna L. Johannsen33 Steerage  
ID 1616521Maren Th. Maasestroen26 Steerage  
ID 1616622Lars O. Reisother20 farmer - Steerage  
ID 1616723Thrond O. Slavens22 farmer - Steerage  
ID 1616824Lars L. Sholand24 tailor - Steerage  
ID 1616925Gunhilde L. Beluvik21 Steerage  
ID 1617026Joshen Torgersen13 Steerage All capital J and I look exactly alike - could be Ioshen 
ID 1617127Oulias O. Glenrang29 farmer - Steerage  
ID 1617228Berhard Vik22 clerk - 1st Cabin  
ID 1617329Ludvig O. Tungisvik29 shoolmaster - Steerage  
ID 1617430Haldon Henriksen23 American - Residence American - Destination America - Steerage   
ID 1617531Olaf M. Olsen17 clerk - Steerage  
ID 1617632Guline O. Lysdal24 Steerage  
ID 1617733Sofie Pedersen20 Steerage  
ID 1617834Rasmus Pedersen27 clerk - 1st Cabin  
ID 1617935Baard Andersen26 American - Residence America - Destination America - Steerage  
ID 1618036Olai Neilsen26 fisher - Steerage  
ID 1618137Christian Neilsen25 joiner - Steerage  
ID 1618238Christian Larsen25 fisher - Steerage  
ID 1618339Serenne Larsen23 Steerage  
ID 1618440Dorothea Larsen9mo Steerage  
ID 1618541Knud Knudsen21 shoemaker - Steerage  
ID 1618642Benjamin Hansen24 sailor - Steerage  
ID 1618743Halvor O. Langseth?0 mechanicus - Steerage  
ID 1618844Ionya Larsen30 shoemaker - Steerage Could be Iongan and age could be 60 
ID 1618945Elen Larsen35 Steerage  
ID 1619046Anne LarsenSteerage  
ID 1619147Lauritz Larsen6mo Steerage  
ID 1619248Elling Amundsen28 matchmaker - Steerage  
ID 1619349Caroline Hansen28 1st Cabin  
ID 1619450Tollak Borrasen65 farmer - Steerage  
ID 1619551Sara Borrasen64 Steerage  
ID 1619652Anna Muller22 1st Cabin  
ID 1619753Anton Sivertsen24 sailor - Steerage  
ID 1619854Lina Gulbrandsen26 Steerage  
ID 1619955Carl L. SivertsenSteerage  
ID 1620056Iongen Ingebrigtsen25 farmer - Steerage  
ID 1620157Ingeborg Larsdatter26 Steerage  
ID 1620258Gunhilde Elise Steerage no surname given  
ID 1620359Aaspel Laurine Steerage no surname given  
ID 1620460Ingebrigt 6mo Steerage no surname given  
ID 1620561Ole Henrichsen20 farmer - Steerage  
ID 1620662Martin Eleassen35 engineer - Steerage  
ID 1620763Theodor Mathesen17 farmer - Steerage  
ID 1620864Marthe Hansen20 Steerage  
ID 1620965Ole Mortinsen20 farmer - Steerage  
ID 1621066Ole lehr Olsen23 Steerage  
ID 1621167Hedvig Mikkelsdatter 20 Steerage  
ID 1621268Hans Poulsen33 labourer - Steerage  
ID 1621369Car Hoy28 apothecar - 1st Cabin  
ID 1621470Chr Andreasen23 painter - Steerage  
ID 1621571Elen M Andreasen26 Steerage  
ID 1621672Marie Andreasen6mo Steerage  
ID 1621773Martha Johannsen30 Steerage  
ID 1621874Thomas Evensen28 farmer - Steerage  
ID 1621975Caroline Olsen19 Steerage  
ID 1622076Hans Svendsen45 farmer - Steerage  
ID 1622177Peder P. Smedhanger40 farmer - Steerage  
ID 1622278Astrid Knudsdatter35 Steerage  
ID 1622379Anne M. Svendsen21 Steerage  
ID 1622480Johannes Thorsen35 baker - Steerage  
ID 1622581Johanne M. Thorsen36 Steerage  
ID 1622682Inga M. ThorsenSteerage  
ID 1622783?enny ThorsenSteerage Could be Jenny 
ID 1622884Antonette Johannesen28 Steerage  
ID 1622985Mina Johannesen1 & 6mo Steerage  
ID 1623086Kahel O. Moen18 farmer - Steerage  
ID 1623187Anne H. Gullaksen30 Steerage  
ID 1623288Anne M. GullaksenSteerage  
ID 1623389Carl GullaksenSteerage  
ID 1623490Ingvald GullaksenSteerage  
ID 1623591Christi T. Houeremoen20 Steerage  
ID 1623692Johanne Johannesdatter48 Steerage   
ID 1623793Maren MartinsdatterSteerage  
ID 1623894Milla Martinsdatter3 & 9mo Steerage  
ID 1623995Rozna Ellefsen18 Steerage  
ID 1624096G. Christensen18 Steerage  
ID 1624197Carl Kullerud17 Steerage  
ID 1624298Caroline Johannesen30 Steerage  
ID 1624399Karen Kolbjornsen16 Steerage  
ID 16244100Jacob JohnsenSteerage  
ID 16245101Dorothea Arnesen24 Steerage  
ID 16246102Elise Nicolaysen27 Steerage  
ID 16247103Hans Andreassen27 Steerage  
ID 16248104Anne Thorsteinsdatter17 Steerage  
ID 16249105Sofie M. Neilsen24 Steerage  
ID 16250106I. Hebne22 sailor - Steerage  
ID 16251107B. Kromhaus42 sailor - Steerage  
ID 16252108Julius Martinsen16 Steerage  
ID 16253109Johannes Andersen28 farmer - Steerage  
ID 16254110Antonette Haagensen20 Steerage  
ID 16255111Andreas Johannesen6mo Steerage  
ID 16256112Olave Olsen18 Steerage for information on these families; contact Larry at or Sheila at 
ID 16257113Ole Svendsen67 farmer - Steerage for information on these families; contact Larry at or Sheila at 
ID 16258114Randine Olsdatter60 Steerage for information on these families; contact Larry at or Sheila at 
ID 16259115Maren Christiansdatter19 Steerage  
ID 16260116Ole Johnsen21 farmer - Steerage  
ID 16261117Oleane Larsdatter37 Steerage  
ID 16262118Mina MathiasdatterSteerage  
ID 16263119Martin Steerage no surname given  
ID 16264120Ovidin Steerage no surname given  
ID 16265121Ludvig Steerage no surname given  
ID 16266122Martinias Shokke29 Steerage  
ID 16267123Anna K. Olsen33 Steerage  
ID 16268124Johanne K Molstad30 1st Cabin  
ID 16269125Helene Larsdatter20 Steerage  
ID 16270126Anders Molstad25 American - Residence America - Destination America - 1st Cabin  
ID 16271127Olavus Hansen19 farmer - 1st Cabin  
ID 16272128Johan Burchard25 candijaris - 1st Cabin  
ID 16273129Johan Christiansen21 sailor - Steerage  
ID 16274130N. Neilsen20 clerk - Steerage  
ID 16275131Anna Torgrensen20 Steerage  
ID 16276132Anton Jacobsen39 Steerage  
ID 16277133Flora Thorsen20 Steerage  
ID 16278134Anne Berkelsen62 Steerage  
ID 16279135Lauritz Johnsen11 Steerage  
ID 16280136Ole Monsen20 Steerage  
ID 16281137Bertranline Monsen20 Steerage  
ID 16282138Marie Tonnesen22 Steerage  
ID 16283139Inger Tonnesen24 Steerage  
ID 16284140Lauritz TonnesenSteerage  
Transcribed by Sheila Tate;

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All passengers marked Residence/origin of Norway (except ref. 4, 5, 30, 35 and 126) - Destination America