This article is based up on an article I wrote for the Norwegian National Library for their web presentation "Det Løfterike Landet". The original article was shorter, and was translated to English by Harry T. Cleven. As the article has been added to, and became quite extensive, I have decided to divide it into several web pages, arranged as chapters. (December 2006, Børge Solem)

The article focuses mainly on the transatlantic journey. It is the story of how many emigrants going to America between 1825 and 1925 would travel. It also gives some insight to the amazing development in how ships were constructed and the transportation arranged to meet the demands of the increasing number of people on the move. Even though this is mainly about the experience of Norwegian emigrants, the experiences and conditions of travel will be much the same regardless of the nationality.


The Transatlantic Crossing:

 -  Chapter 1:   Early Norwegian Emigrants
 -  Chapter 2:   Steerage Passengers - Emigrants Between Decks
 -  Chapter 3:   By sail across the ocean - daily life aboard
 -  Chapter 4:   Children of the ocean - life and death on the Atlantic
 -  Chapter 5:   Sailing ship provisions - Food and drink
 -  Chapter 6:   Sanitary conditions on board - health and sickness on emigrant ships
 -  Chapter 7:   From sail to steam
 -  Chapter 8:   The largest, the fastest and most comfortable ships - by steamship across the ocean
 -  Chapter 9:   The giant express steamers - The transatlantic crossing following 1900