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Martin Ulvestad

Martin Ulvestad was born at Volda, Sunnm?re in 1865. In 1886 he immigrated to America. Ulvestad was a pioneer in documenting the early history of the first Norwegian settlers in America. He sent out about 450,000 questionnaires seeking historical and biographical information about Norwegians in America, and early settlements. He published the results in the 2 (3) volume work "Nordm?ndene i Amerika" 1907-1913. They were printed in Norwegian using the old Gothic types. Ulvestad was later criticized for depending too much upon information contributed by others as the primary source for his work. The task Ulvestad undertook was however enormously, specially as this was in the pre computer age. It is inevitable that some errors will be found, and the records are by no way complete. By creating this database we hope to help keep Ulvestad's work alive, and maybe add new value to it.

Norwegians in America, Nordm?ndene i Amerika

Name: Gunerius Holter
Information:. See Gilbert Holter
Source:Martin Ulvestad, Nordm?nd i Amerika, page 698

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