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Chronology - Hannah Parr crossing 1868

Copyright 2000 - Clair O. Haugen. All rights reserved

Compiled from the three voyage accounts, the Limerick Chronicle, and St. Munchin's parish records.

April 8   Earliest date for boarding
  12 07:15 Set sail for Quebec

  19:00 Drop the pilot
  13   Heavy sea, many passengers seasick
  14   Passengers lose sight of Norway
  18   Sight islands near Scotland; sail into the open Atlantic
  21   High waves
  25   Sight an English ship
  26   Sail into a storm, ship rocked badly
  28 pm Ship overtaken by a storm blowing out of the west
  29 01:00 Captain turns away from the wind, towards Norway
    10:00 Wave breaks over stern and smashes helm
    12:00 Waves wash kitchen and pilothouse overboard
    21:00 Sails blow out even though ship is under minimal canvas
    22:00 Foremast and main topmast break, all sail blown out
  30 04:00 Wind begins to subside
May 4   Reach islands off the coast of Ireland
  5   Contact made with 4 Irish men in a rowboat
  6   Anchored in the Shannon estuary [Scattery Roads]
      Taken in tow by 2 steamboats
  7   Dock at Limerick [at the New Dock]
  10   Attend church in Limerick w/some interference
      Railroad excursion inland
  11   Repairs started on the ship in earnest
  12   LC prints lengthy account of ship and passengers
      LC story suggests ways to prevent begging
      Limerick man tries to hand out tracts on the ship
  14   Edvart Andreasen buried from St. Munchin's
  15   Andrea Andersdatter buried from St. Munchin's
      Concerned person writes Swedish consul re. passengers
      Replacement foremast is received from Cork
  16   LC reports burial services were disrupted repeatedly
      LC runs story about providing for indigent emigrants
      Limerick mayor telegraphs from London--#1
      Limerick mayor telegraphs from London--#2
      Norwegian ship Rubens of Drøback leaves Limerick
      Swedish Consul Ryan reassures concerned persons
    am Third child is reported dead [report in error?]
    pm Admiral Kerr arrives in Limerick to inspect ship
  17 23:45 Young man falls into harbor and escapes drowning
  19 pm Passengers and crew are entertained at Orphan Hall
  23   Passengers again are housed on board the ship
  25   New foremast is stepped and rigged
  26   Plans announced for the Mount Shannon excursion
  28   Fund for needy passengers is announced
  29   Mount Shannon excursion
      Unnamed child buried between May 29 and June 7
June 9 08:00 Leaves New Dock and is towed downriver to Foynes
  18 pm Ready to sail but spar broken while raising sails
  19 08:00 Leave Foynes for the open sea and Quebec
  25   Small ship (Preusen) from Mexico sighted
  29   Little girl from Valdres dies
      Storm which lasts until 6pm
  30   Child of a woman from Christiania dies
    16:00 Funeral for the Valdres girl, who died on the 29th
July 1   Funeral for the Christiania child, who died on the 30th
      Sailboat sighted; probably from America
  3   5 sailboats sighted
  5   6 sailboats and a steamboat sighted
  7   5 icebergs sighted
  8   2 icebergs sighted
  9   Reach the Newfoundland Banks
  11   14-16 sailing or fishing boats sighted
  27   Arrives at Grosse Isle, Quebec (quarantine station)
September 13   Rentz and his party reach Decorah, Iowa

Announcement from the Norwegian newspaper "Morgenbladet" Aug. 15th saying that the ship had arrived at Quebec on July 28th


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