Passenger list 1866 - bark Anna Delius
  N. Th. IversenChristiania Apr. 28Quebec June 7No info.

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ID 94341Kari Halvordsdatter Thorsby27 Residence Swedish - Destination Minnesota  
ID 94352Nils Johan NilsenUnder 7 Residence Swedish - Destination Minnesota  
ID 94363Anders Gustav NilsenUnder 1 Residence Swedish - Destination Minnesota  
ID 94374Dyre J. Ditterud45 seeking employment - Residence Norwegian  
ID 94385Otto Cappelen Simensen Haug32 Farmer - Residence Norwegian - 1 Child born on voyage  
ID 94396Andrine Pedersdatter36 Residence Norwegian  
ID 94407Oline Olsdatter Haug36 Residence Norwegian  
ID 94418Peter Severin OttesenUnder 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 94429Jens OttesenUnder 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 944310Joh. Petter Simensen Haug21 Residence Norwegian  
ID 944411Martinus Pedersen Dillerud34 Residence Norwegian  
ID 944512Peder P Kolstadbekken45 Laborer - Residence Norwegian  
ID 944613Olaf Janssen Mitandenfors46 Residence Swedish  
ID 944714Kirsti Andersdatter38 Residence Swedish  
ID 944815Brita Stina Olsdatter16 Residence Swedish  
ID 944916Johan OlsenUnder 12 Residence Swedish  
ID 945017Marie OlsdatterUnder 12 Residence Swedish  
ID 945118Elin OlsdatterUnder 7 Residence Swedish  
ID 945219Augusta OlsdatterUnder 7 Residence Swedish  
ID 945320Klara Olivia OlsdatterUnder 7 Residence Swedish  
ID 945421Karl Oscar OlsenUnder 1 Residence Swedish  
ID 945522Jens Simensen Olsby49 Residence Norwegian  
ID 945623Magnil Andersdatter45 Residence Norwegian  
ID 945724Anders Jensen Olsby20 Residence Norwegian  
ID 945825Maren Jensen Olsby16 Residence Norwegian  
ID 945926Martinius T Helset37 Residence Norwegian  
ID 946027Christoffer T. Opsal45 Residence Norwegian  
ID 946128Olia Olsdatter50 Residence Norwegian  
ID 946229Thaaline Christoffersdatter20 Residence Norwegian  
ID 946330Mari Christoffersdatter17 Residence Norwegian  
ID 946431Halvor Tyllsen!! Smith - Residence Norwegian  
ID 946532Ole Olsen Granrud45 Residence Norwegian  
ID 946633Karen Andersdatter42 Residence Norwegian  
ID 946734Eli OlsdatterUnder 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 946835Anna OlsdatterUnder 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 946936Ole OlsenUnder 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 947037Ole Olsen Granrud49 Laborer - Residence Norwegian  
ID 947138Jen Christoffersen Mostufallet43 Residence Norwegian  
ID 947239Inger Fredriksdatter!! Residence Norwegian  
ID 947340Anders Trosvigen!! Laborer - Residence Norwegian  
ID 947441Ole Madsen Vasaaseied43 Miller - Residence Norwegian  
ID 947542Olia Nilsdatter36 Residence Norwegian  
ID 947643Ole Olsen16 Residence Norwegian  
ID 947744Johanne OlsdatterUnder 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 947845Martinus OlsenUnder 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 947946Mathea OlsdatterUnder 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 948047Anne OlsdatterUnder 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 948148Johanne Andersdatter Kampstien26 Residence Norwegian  
ID 948249Syver Andersen Kampstien*Under 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 948350Johannes Johannesen Kampstien*35 Residence Norwegian  
ID 948451Mathea Hansdatter Røste31 Residence Norwegian  
ID 948552Hans Hansen Røste*20 Residence Norwegian  
ID 948653Karen Mikkelsdatter22 Residence Norwegian  
ID 948754Inger Anderea JohansdatterUnder 1 Residence Norwegian - Born on voyage  
ID 948855Andreas Gundersen Kiensjord??32 Residence Norwegian - Destination Wisconsin  
ID 948956Lisa Christoffersdatter29 Residence Norwegian  
ID 949057Erik Johnsen Eeg32 Residence Swedish - Destination Minnesota  
ID 949158Karen Eriksdatter32 Residence Swedish  
ID 949259Karoline E Under 7 Residence Swedish  
ID 949360John EriksenUnder 7 Residence Swedish  
ID 949461Erik E Under 7 Residence Swedish - Died June 2nd  
ID 949562Nils Jansen Eeg25 Residence Swedish  
ID 949663Peder Nilsen Kollerud42 Residence Norwegian  
ID 949764Kirsten Børgesdatter29 Residence Norwegian  
ID 949865Nils Pedersen KollerudUnder 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 949966Karin Pedersdatter Kollerud*Under 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 950067Marit Pedersdatter Kollerud*Under 1 Residence Norwegian  
ID 950168Ole Larsen Rosendahlløkken60 Residence Norwegian  
ID 950269Gunild Simonsdatter Rosendahlløkken*70 Residence Norwegian  
ID 950370Kari Jensdatter!! Residence Norwegian  
ID 950471Christian H. Liom43 Residence Norwegian  
ID 950572Marit Nilsdatter Liom*49 Residence Norwegian  
ID 950673Hans Christiansen20 Residence Norwegian  
ID 950774Mathea Christiansdatter Liom*19 Residence Norwegian  
ID 950875Martin Christiansen Liom*17 Residence Norwegian  
ID 950976Nicilone Christiansdtt Liom*14 Residence Norwegian  
ID 951077Karen Christiansdatter* Liom*Under 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 951178Helene Christiansdatter* Liom*Under 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 951279Helene Assletten!! Residence Norwegian - Destination Wisconsin  
ID 951380Christian Christoffersen Opsal34 Farmer - Residence Norwegian  
ID 951481Birthe Marie Hansdatter Opsal*36 Residence Norwegian  
ID 951582Marthe Beate Christiansdatter Opsal*Under 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 951683Helene Christiansdtatter* Opsal*Under 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 951784Christiane Christiansdatter* Opsal*Under 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 951885Johannes Christiansen Opsal*Under 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 951986Gunda Johansdatter Valer!! Residence Norwegian  
ID 952087Anne Bergersdatter Gjølstad47 Residence Norwegian - Destination Chicago  
ID 952188Ole Bernhard Hansen18 Residence Norwegian  
ID 952289Thea Hansdatter15 Residence Norwegian  
ID 952390Berger Martinus HansenUnder 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 952491Marthe Carine HansdatterUnder 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 952592Halvor Christiansen Sagmoen32 Shoemaker - Residence Norwegian  
ID 952693Karen Andrine Larsdatter Sagmoen*25 Residence Norwegian  
ID 952794Karine Josephine Halvorsdatter Sagmoen*Under 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 952895Hakon HalvorsenUnder 1 Residence Norwegian  
ID 952996Lauritz Skolmen16 Residence Norwegian - Destination Iowa  
ID 953097Hans Andreas Hansen20 Residence Norwegian  
ID 953198Mathias Hansen!! Residence Norwegian - Destination Wisconsin  
ID 953299Johannes HenriksenUnder 1 Residence Swedish - Destination Minnesota  
ID 9533100John Olafsen Olby32 Residence Swedish  
ID 9534101John Johnsen Olby*45 Residence Swedish  
ID 9535102Karl Knudsen!! Residence Norwegian - Destination Manchester  
ID 9536103Martinius Skartlien!! Residence Norwegian - Destination Wisconsin  
ID 9537104Peder Skinderliengen!! Watchmaker - Residence Norwegian - Destination Chicago  
ID 9538105Even Arnesen!! Residence Norwegian - Destination Minnesota  
ID 9539106Ole Nilsen Elton34 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9540107Pernille Andersdatter Elton*25 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9541108Marie Elise OlsdatterUnder 1 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9542109Henrik E Tangen!! Tailor - Residence Norwegian - Destination Wisconsin  
ID 9543110Ole Skartliløkken!! Residence Norwegian  
ID 9544111Gulbrand Snøgjærdingen!! Residence Norwegian  
ID 9545112Anne M Hansdatter!! Residence Norwegian  
ID 9546113Ole O Stene??!! Residence Norwegian  
ID 9547114C Pedersen!! Glazier - Residence Norwegian - Destination Minnesota  
ID 9548115Ole Hansen Skarnes29 Shoemaker - Residence Norwegian - Destination Chicago  
ID 9549116Maren Johannesdatter26 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9550117Marius HansenUnder 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9551118Chr Haukedalssveen!! Residence Norwegian - Destination Wisconsin  
ID 9552119Christian Amundsen29 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9553120Oline Olsdatter27 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9554121Mathias Magnusen29 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9555122Peter P Nygaard!! Residence Norwegian  
ID 9556123Chr Hansen Aamothlia31 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9557124Helene Hansdatter23 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9558125Marie ChristiansdatterUnder 1 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9559126Hans H Rasteengen!! Tailor - Residence Norwegian  
ID 9560127Harald H Ullensager!! Residence Norwegian  
ID 9561128Johannes J Øistad!! Residence Norwegian - Destination Iowa  
ID 9562129Peder Jørgensen!! Residence Norwegian  
ID 9563130Ole O Klevmoen!! Residence Norwegian - Destination Janesville  
ID 9564131Ole A Fraksveen!! Residence Norwegian - Destination Wisconsin  
ID 9565132Oline Larsdatter!! Residence Norwegian  
ID 9566133Andreas Hansen Rongstad!! Residence Norwegian - Destination Iowa  
ID 9567134Ingeborg Tronsdatter!! Residence Norwegian  
ID 9568135Helene Juliane AndersdatterUnder 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9569136Thorvald Andreasen RognstadUnder 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9570137Olava Johannesdtt. Rognstad*54 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9571138Inger Mathea Hansdatter Rognstad*28 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9572139Hans Hansen Rognstad*19 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9573140Amund Hansen!! Residence Norwegian - Destination Chicago  
ID 9574141Andreas P Bæk Skinderliengen34 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9575142Nicoline Olsdatter29 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9576143Sina Andersdatter SkinderliengenUnder 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9577144Petrine Bæk!! Residence Norwegian  
ID 9578145Peder Hansen Finstad32 Residence Norwegian - Destination Iowa  
ID 9579146Ingeborg Olsdatter Finstad*40 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9580147Ole Petersen Finstad*Under 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9581148Dorthe Christoffersdatter75 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9582149Ole Hansen Finstad38 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9583150Andreas Andreasen Kampslien56 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9584151Johanne Iversdatter Kampslien*59 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9585152Anne Mathea Andersdatter59 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9586153Andreas Andreasen Kampslien21 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9587154Karen Andersdatter Staie34 Residence Norwegian - Destination Minnesota  
ID 9588155Marthe ChristensdatterUnder 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9589156Andreas ChristensenUnder 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9590157Maren Pedersdatter!! Residence Norwegian  
ID 9591158Jørgen Strømbøen!! Tailor - Residence Norwegian - Destination Wisconsin  
ID 9592159Hans Johannesen!! Shoemaker - Residence Norwegian  
ID 9593160Peder Andersen!! Laborer - Residence Norwegian  
ID 9594161Nah Nahsen Graf64 Carpenter - Residence Norwegian  
ID 9595162Oline Olsdatter28 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9596163Hans Iversen Stegseien26 Laborer - Residence Norwegian  
ID 9597164Iver Iversen!! Residence Norwegian  
ID 9598165Ragnhild Christiansdatter54 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9599166Bernt MonsenUnder 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9600167Ole Jørgensen51 Residence Norwegian - Destination Chicago  
ID 9601168Polline Paulsen48 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9602169Caroline Jørgensen21 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9603170Jørgen Olsen Jørgensen19 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9604171Agnes J 18 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9605172Oluf J Under 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9606173Axel?? J Under 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9607174Anton Carlsen!! Tailor - Residence Norwegian  
ID 9608175Emma Evensen!! Residence Norwegian  
ID 9609176Knud Larsen Ankalterud??29 Laborer - Residence Norwegian - Destination Wisconsin  
ID 9610177Berthe Andrine Gudbrandsdatter28 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9611178Gulbrand KnudsenUnder 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9612179Martin Lauritz Knudsen*Under 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9613180Birtha Gunilla Knudsdatter*Under 1 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9614181Christiane M Olsdatter Skagstad20 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9615182Anne Marie Olsdatter Skagstad*17 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9616183Edvard Evensen Øiemoen29 Farmer - Residence Norwegian  
ID 9617184Helene Mathea Gulbrandsdatter Øiemoen*25 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9618185Elen Gunilla Edvardsdatter Øiemoen*Under 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9619186Runnaug Marie Edvardsdatter* Øiemoen*Under 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9620187Emilie Mathea Edvardsdatter* Øiemoen*Under 1 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9621188Andreas Larsen Sveen49 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9622189Guri Gulbrandsdatter. Sveen*49 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9623190Gustav Andreasen Sveen*Under 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9624191Karen Mathea Andreasdatter Sveen*Under 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9625192Andreas Jacobsen Goplien36 Laborer - Residence Norwegian  
ID 9626193Birthe Gulbrandsdatter Goplien*38 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9627194Ingeborg Andreasdatter Goplien*Under 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9628195Ole Andreasen Goplien*Under 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9629196Gustav Andreasen Goplien*Under 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9630197Dophen Andreasen Goplien*Under 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9631198Karen Andreasdatter Goplien*Under 1 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9632199Andreas Ansersen Storhaug47 Residence Norwegian - Destination Minnesota  
ID 9633200Olava Nilsdatter Storhaug*45 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9634201Anne Marie Andreasdatter Storhaug*18 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9635202Nils Andreasen Storhaug*16 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9636203Ingeborg Maria Andreasdatter Storhaug*Under 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9637204Berthe Marie Andreasdatter Storhaug*Under 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9638205Nils Ellingsen Storhaug17 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9639206Henrik Mattson Emby34 Residence Swedish  
ID 9640207Ingeborg Jonsdatter Emby*38 Residence Swedish  
ID 9641208Karen Henriksdatter Emby*Under 12 Residence Swedish  
ID 9642209Olaf Henriksen Emby*Under 7 Residence Swedish  
ID 9643210Johannes Olsen Holmen??27 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9644211Sina Samuelsdatter Svelberg??24 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9645212Zakarias Martinsen!! Residence Norwegian - Destination Chicago  
ID 9646213Ole Hansen Skagen@Skogen42 Residence Norwegian - Destination Wisconsin  
ID 9647214Mari Olsdatter Skagen@Skogen*45 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9648215Harald?? Olsen Skagen@Skogen*19 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9649216Karin Olsdatter Skagen@Skogen*15 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9650217Beatha Olsdatter Skagen@Skogen*Under 12 Residence Norwegian - Died May 24th  
ID 9651218Helene Marie Olsdatter Skagen@Skogen*Under 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9652219Lars Olsen Garland46 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9653220Martin Larsen17 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9654221Amund Olsen!! Residence Norwegian - Destination Iowa  
ID 9655222Jens ?? Pedersen Kold43 Residence Norwegian - Destination Wisconsin  
ID 9656223Peder Jensen Kold*15 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9657224Birthe Jensdatter KoldUnder 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9658225Ole L Nybrænden!! Residence Norwegian  
ID 9659226Christiane Finstad!! Residence Norwegian  
ID 9660227Andreas Nilsen Bru??30@50 Farmer - Residence Norwegian  
ID 9661228Marthe Marie Martinsdatter23 Residence Norwegian See 3 below 
ID 9662229Mikkel A Bjeglerud!! Residence Norwegian  
ID 9663230Johan P Vaslien!! Residence Norwegian  
ID 9664231Peder P Halden!! Residence Norwegian  
ID 9665232Nils ?? Hansen35 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9666233Johannes Olsen23 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9667234Ingebregt Johnsen20 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9668235Maren Andersdatter22 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9669236Anne M Hansen30 Residence Norwegian - Destination Iowa  
ID 9670237Ingeborg ØstensdatterUnder 1 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9671238Carl I Foss??!! Tailor - Residence Norwegian - Destination Minnesota  
ID 9672239Ole Olsen Aamoth66 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9673240Ole Olsen Aamoth31 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9674241Gulbrand Olsen Aamoth*28 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9675242Erik Olsen Aamoth*24 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9676243Anders Olsen Aamoth*15 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9677244Helene Halvorsdatter24 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9678245Johannes GulbrandsenUnder 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9679246Olava GulbrandsdatterUnder 1 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9680247Christian Valhold??!! Residence Norwegian  
ID 9681248Torger M Skatlien!! Residence Norwegian See 2 below 
ID 9682249Chr. M Skarlien!! Residence Norwegian See 1 below 
ID 9683250Jens Hansen!! Residence Norwegian  
ID 9684251Dorthea Arnesen51 Residence Norwegian - Destination Chocago  
ID 9685252Nicolai EriksenUnder 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9686253Edvard Johannessen17 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9687254Marie Eriksdatter30 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9688255Anders Pedersen Degerberg33 Residence Swedish - Destination Minnesota  
ID 9689256Anne Andersdatter22 Residence Swedish  
ID 9690257Johanne AndersdatterUnder 1 Residence Swedish  
ID 9691258Nils H Sagen46 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9692259Ole Hansen Sætre36 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9693260Marthe Olsdatter43 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9694261Else OlsdatterUnder 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9695262Olaus OlsenUnder 1 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9696263Anton OlsenUnder 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9697264Johan Nystrøm!! Residence Norwegian  
ID 9698265Carl Larsen!! Carpenter - Residence Norwegian  
ID 9699266Ole Christoffersen Kringle46 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9700267Beathe Marie Eriksdatter Kringle*33 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9701268Marie Olsdatter Kringle*Under 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9702269Olaus Olsen Kringle*Under 1 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9703270Anne Olsdatter Kringle*Under 1 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9704271Karen Eriksdatter Kringle*18 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9705272Mikal C Kind50 Residence Norwegian - Destination Wisconsin  
ID 9706273Anne Marie Ilsdatter Kind35 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9707274Christien Mikalsen Kind*Under 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9708275Ole Mikalsen Kind*Under 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9709276Hans Mikalsen Kind*Under 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9710277Christiane Mikalsdatter Kind*Under 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9711278Martin Mikalsen Kind*Under 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9712279Anne Mikalsdatter Kind*Under 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9713280Karen Mathea Christoffersdatter45 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9714281Hans M Nord??!! Residence Norwegian  
ID 9715282!! !! Jahr*43 Farmer - Residence Norwegian - Lars Olsen Jahr's wife  
ID 9716283Hansine Julie LarsdatterUnder 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9717284Emilie Ovedia Larsdatter*Under 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9718285Alida Mathea Larsdatter*Under 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9719286Mine Gunilla Larsdatter*Under 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9720287Lars Larsen26 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9721288Christian Larsen28 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9722289Andreas Kold42 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9723290Sophie Mathiasdatter40 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9724291Carl Sverre AndreasenUnder 1 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9725292Anthon ChristiansenUnder 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9726293Hans Johannesen38 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9727294Maria Hansdatter48 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9728295Nils Danielsen38 Joiner - Residence Norwegian  
ID 9729296Eva Sversdatter53 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9730297Johan Danielsen15 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9731298Amalie D Under 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9732299Emma Stjerning17 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9733300John Sørensen!! Joiner - Residence Norwegian  
ID 9734301Andreas Eriksen Mileb33 Residence Norwegian - Destination Chicago  
ID 9735302Ingeborg Johansdatter33 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9736303Emil AndersenUnder 12 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9737304Mathea AndersdatterUnder 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9738305Ole AndersenUnder 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9739306Ingeborg AndersdatterUnder 7 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9740307Karen AndersdatterUnder 1 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9741308Aron Olsen!! Residence Norwegian  
ID 9742309C Simenstad20 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9743310S Simenstad16 Residence Norwegian  
ID 9744311Ludvig Andersen Residence Norwegian  
ID 9745312Nils Larsen Carpenter - Residence Norwegian  
ID 9746313!! !! Tufte Doctor - Residence Norwegian - (returning with ship)  
Transcribed by Børge Solem - 1999

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Additional information:
ID 555241Christian Martinsen Skartlien18  Skartlien farm in Oppland in Torpa Subm. by Mary Ann Tapey 
ID 555252Torger Martinsen Skartlien22  Skartlien farm in Oppland in Torpa Subm. by Mary Ann Tapey 
ID 555263Marthe Marie Martinsdatter27  Skartlien farm in Oppland in Torpa Subm. by Mary Ann Tapey 
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