Passenger list 1850 - bark Kong Sverre
  Didirich Niels FischerBergen May 8New York July 13Roll # 90, arr. no. 749

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ID 29401Claus K Sjeldahl29 1st cabin  
ID 29412Ragnilde Knudsdatter21 1st cabin  
ID 29423Haldor Knudsen24 1st cabin  
ID 29434Anna Knudsdatter30 1st cabin  
ID 29445Niels Olsen Wale41 1st cabin  
ID 29456Margrethe Knudsdatter36 1st cabin  
ID 29467Ole Nielsen10 1st cabin  
ID 29478Ragna Knudsdatter34 1st cabin  
ID 29489Niels Knudsen Himle46 1st cabin  
ID 294910Anna Larsdatter48 1st cabin  
ID 295011Knud Nielsen17 1st cabin  
ID 295112Lars Nilsen13 1st cabin  
ID 295213Anders Nielsen11 1st cabin  
ID 295314Anna Nielsdatter20 1st cabin  
ID 295415Orlaf Olsdatter28 1st cabin  
ID 295516Ole Pedersen Olde20 1st cabin  
ID 295617 !! Anbjørnsen Himle23 1st cabin  
ID 295718Erik Olsen Rokne30 1st cabin  
ID 295819Mons Bergesen Wigos24 1st cabin  
ID 295920Lars Mikkelsen Rokne55 1st cabin  
ID 296021Marta Larsdatter Rokne*48 2nd cabin  
ID 296122Micael Larssen Rokne*24 2nd cabin  
ID 296223Baar Larssen Rokne*18 2nd cabin  
ID 296324Iver Larssen Rokne*2nd cabin  
ID 296425Gjertrud Larsdatter Rokne*20 2nd cabin  
ID 296526Guro Larsdatter Rokne*14 2nd cabin  
ID 296627Kari Larsdatter Rokne*11 2nd cabin  
ID 296728Ole Olsen Ottenes32 2nd cabin  
ID 296829Ole Elefsen Ottenes62 Steerage  
ID 296930Anne Olsdatter63 Steerage  
ID 297031Peder Olsen Ottenes26 Steerage  
ID 297132Martha Olsdatter24 Steerage  
ID 297233Bertha Olsdatter21 Steerage  
ID 297334Knud Andersen Olden21 Steerage  
ID 297435Bertha Brusedatter26 Steerage  
ID 297536Anders Olsen Brække32 Steerage  
ID 297637Niels Olsen Grimestad44 Steerage  
ID 297738Brite Josefsdatter Grimestad*34 Steerage  
ID 297839Brite Nielsdatter Grimestad*Steerage  
ID 297940Magdele Nielsdatter Grimestad*Steerage  
ID 298041Isak Nielsen Grimestad*9 mo Steerage  
ID 298142Brahve Brynildsdatter21 Steerage  
ID 298243Mekkel Nielsen Maasefind20 Steerage  
ID 298344Knud Nielsen Idland26 Steerage  
ID 298445Erik Andersen Himle24 Steerage  
ID 298546Martha Larsdatter Borge20 Steerage  
ID 298647Brita Larsdatter Borge30 Steerage  
ID 298748Mikkel Andersen Lie37 Steerage  
ID 298849Sigvar !! Lie*32 Steerage  
ID 298950Anders Mikkelsen Lie*4 m Steerage  
ID 299051Marta Mikkelsdatter Lie*10 Steerage  
ID 299152Ingeborg Mikkelsdatter Lie*Steerage  
ID 299253Anna Mikkelsdatter Lie*Steerage  
ID 299354Abelin Knudsdatter23 Steerage  
ID 299455Knud Brynildsen22 Steerage  
ID 299556Sjur Olsen Wigas20 Steerage  
ID 299657Anders Nielsen Leerhuus30 Steerage  
ID 299758Brita Leerhuus*22 Steerage  
ID 299859Ranvei Andersdatter Leerhuus*Steerage  
ID 299960Ingebor Andersdatter Leerhuus*9 mo Steerage  
ID 300061Ingebor Brynildsdatter17 Steerage  
ID 300162Niels Nielsen24 Dræng - Steerage  
ID 300263Anna Nielsdatter17 Steerage  
ID 300364Niels Svendsen Lie33 Steerage  
ID 300465Ragnild Lie*37 Steerage  
ID 300566Sven Larsen15 Steerage  
ID 300667Lars NielsenSteerage  
ID 300768Joseph NielsenSteerage  
ID 300869Brita LarsdatterSteerage  
ID 300970Torbor Sjursdatter18 Steerage  
ID 301071Anna Johnsdatter14 Steerage  
ID 301172Johannes Nielsen Nesum20 Steerage  
ID 301273Synneve Nielsdatter32 Steerage  
ID 301374Anders Sjursen Wigos13 Steerage  
ID 301475Anna Bergesdatter27 Steerage  
ID 301576Lars Knudsen Gjengard??22 Steerage  
ID 301677Mikkel Sjursen Folkedahl20 Steerage  
ID 301778Lars Josephsen Lie29 Steerage  
ID 301879Marta Olsdatter24 Steerage  
ID 301980Synneve Johannesdatter28 Steerage  
ID 302081Lars Rasmussen Kinde54 Steerage  
ID 302182Ingebor JosephsdatterSteerage  
ID 302283Ole Larsen45 Steerage  
ID 302384Ranvei Kinde45 Steerage  
ID 302485Ole Wiking Gjerager50 Steerage  
ID 302586Steinvaar Gjerager*52 Steerage  
ID 302687Inger Olsdatter16 Steerage  
ID 302788Kari Olsdatter11 Steerage  
ID 302889Brita OlsdatterSteerage  
ID 302990Anders Rognaldsen Hauge34 Steerage  
ID 303091Lars Sjursen Ladve29 Steerage  
ID 303192Randvei Knudsdatter30 Steerage  
ID 303293Marta LarsdatterSteerage  
ID 303394Peder Johannes Seim40 Dreng - Steerage  
ID 303495Anna Johansdatter Flagge47 Steerage  
ID 303596Christina Olsdatter18 Steerage  
ID 303697Peder Knudsen Lie39 Steerage  
ID 303798Cecilia Johanesdatter Lie*34 Steerage  
ID 303899Johanes Pedersen Lie*10 Steerage  
ID 3039100Knud Pedersen Lie*Steerage  
ID 3040101Kari Pedersdatter Lie*Steerage  
ID 3041102Marta Pedersdatter Lie*Steerage  
ID 3042103Cecilia Clausdatter20 Steerage  
ID 3043104Peder Olsen Skytle24 Steerage  
ID 3044105Anna Andersdatter22 Steerage  
ID 3045106Ole Pedersen6 mo Steerage  
ID 3046107Iver Knudsen Rokne19 Steerage  
ID 3047108Joseph Anfindsen Bryn31 Steerage  
ID 3048109Brita Bryn*30 Steerage  
ID 3049110Anfind Josephsen Bryn*Steerage  
ID 3050111Marta Josephsdatter Bryn*Steerage  
ID 3051112Anna Josephsdatter Bryn*Steerage  
ID 3052113Lars Josephsen Bryn*Steerage  
ID 3053114Brita Eriksdatter20 Steerage  
ID 3054115Torbjørn Magnusen Ryke26 Steerage  
ID 3055116Wiking O Gjerager24 Steerage  
ID 3056117Aase Gjerager*26 Steerage  
ID 3057118Steinvaar Wikingsdatter Gjerager*Steerage  
ID 3058119Katte Wikingsdatter Gjerager*Steerage  
ID 3059120Guri Olsdatter21 Steerage  
ID 3060121Lars Olsen24 Steerage  
ID 3061122Tollef Olsen16 Dreng - Steerage  
ID 3062123Anfind Josephsen Bryn51 Steerage  
ID 3063124Anna Bryn*51 Steerage  
ID 3064125Mons Anfindsen Bryn*18 Steerage  
ID 3065126Bjørn Anfindsen Bryn*15 Steerage  
ID 3066127Anders Anfindsen Bryn*Steerage  
ID 3067128Knud Anfindsen Bryn*Steerage  
ID 3068129Sigri Philipsdatter20 Steerage  
ID 3069130Ingebor Olsdatter24 Steerage  
ID 3070131Niels Johannes Skytter23 Steerage  
ID 3071132Brita Skytter*25 Steerage  
ID 3072133Gjertrud Knudsdatter17 Steerage  
ID 3073134Ingo Steffensdatter50 Steerage  
ID 3074135Marta Knudsdatter14 Steerage  
ID 3075136Christopher G Svelgen44 Steerage  
ID 3076137Kari Svelgen*38 Steerage  
ID 3077138Lars Christophersen Svelgen*Steerage  
ID 3078139Anna Olsdatter Svelgen*70 Steerage  
ID 3079140Ole Christophersen Svelgen*Steerage  
ID 3080141Guri Christophersdatter* Svelgen*Steerage  
ID 3081142Anna Christophersdatter* Svelgen*Steerage  
ID 3082143Eli Sjursdatter16 Steerage  
ID 3083144Steffen Knudsen Skutle20 Steerage  
ID 3084145Iver Larsen Isda52 Steerage  
ID 3085146Mari Isda*52 Steerage  
ID 3086147Mons Larsen23 Steerage  
ID 3087148Lars Iversen16 Steerage  
ID 3088149Halstein Iversen*11 Steerage  
ID 3089150Torbjør Iversdatter21 Steerage  
ID 3090151Brita Larsdatter30 Steerage  
ID 3091152Lars Larsen Takle27 Steerage  
ID 3092152Ana Knudsdatter29 Steerage  
Transcribed by Børge Solem - 2000

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All passengers marked occupation Mechanics/farmers (except ref. 62, 94 and 122) - all residence/origin Norway

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