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BurdenBuiltShipowner or operator Dimensions
144½ kl 1841 at Lubeck, Germany G. H. Vedeler, Bergen, Norway 102, 5ft x 27,5ft x 16,3ft 
 1844 Captain Didirich Niels Fischer  from Bergen June 1 to New York Aug. 2  Passenger list: Passenger list 
 1844 August 25 leaving New York for CadizAtlantic Journey ID 10486
 1844 October 6 Cadiz from New YorkAtlantic Journey ID 10501
 1845 Captain Didirich Niels Fischer  from Bergen May 10 to New York June 30   
 1845 Reported some 166 passengersAtlantic Journey ID 8171
 1845 July 29 New York for CadizAtlantic Journey ID 8172
 1846 Captain Didirich Niels Fischer  from Bergen May 6 to New York June 29  Passenger list: Passenger list 
 1846 August left New York for Hamburg with cotton, rice and resinAtlantic Journey ID 8173
 1847 January 31 bound for Norway; returned to St. Ubes with leakage Atlantic Journey ID 8174
 1847 Captain Didirich Niels Fischer  from Bergen May 11 to New York June 24   
 1847 Ulvestad page 678: 165 persons from Etne pr. Bergen leaded by Torkel H Kallestadbakken (Torkel Henryson) rented the ship. They settled at Lisbon, Kendall Co. ILAtlantic Journey ID 9206
 1847 July 16 New York for Sligo, IrelandAtlantic Journey ID 8175
 1847 Aug. 14 Sligo from New YorkAtlantic Journey ID 8176
 1847 Oct. 12 St. Ybes from SligoAtlantic Journey ID 8177
 1848 May 25 Marseille from SegnaAtlantic Journey ID 8178
 1848 Sept. 19 Shields/Newcastle from BergenAtlantic Journey ID 8179
 1848 Oct. 24 leaving Newcastle for MarseilleAtlantic Journey ID 8180
 1848 Dec. 4 Marseille from NewcastleAtlantic Journey ID 8181
 1849 May 28 Shield/Newcastle for New YorkAtlantic Journey ID 8182
 1849 Aug. 2 New York from NewcastleAtlantic Journey ID 8183
 1849 Aug./Sept. New York for CadizAtlantic Journey ID 8184
 1849 Oct. 17 Cadiz from New YorkAtlantic Journey ID 8185
 1849 Dec. 20 Texel from FredrikstadAtlantic Journey ID 8186
 1850 Captain Didirich Niels Fischer  from Bergen May 8 to New York July 13  Passenger list: Passenger list 
 1850 May 13 leaving Stolmen, Bergen for sea with 153 passengersAtlantic Journey ID 9436
 1850 July 17 New York for QuebecAtlantic Journey ID 8187
 1850 Aug. 12 Quebec from New YorkAtlantic Journey ID 8188
 1850 Aug. 30 Quebec for WeymouthAtlantic Journey ID 8189
 1850 Quebec: Sept. 5 collided with another ship and was filled with water. She was abounded by the crew but found later by some fishermenAtlantic Journey ID 8190
 1850 Nov. 7 Weymouth from QuebecAtlantic Journey ID 8191
 1851 Jan. 24 Weymouth for St.Ybes Atlantic Journey ID 8192
 1851 Feb. 17 St.Ybes from PlymouthAtlantic Journey ID 8193
 1851 July 4 Shields/Newcastle from BergenAtlantic Journey ID 8194
 1851 July 18 leaving Newcastle for OdessaAtlantic Journey ID 8195
 1851 Oct. 4 Constantinopel from Newcastle, left for OdessaAtlantic Journey ID 8196
 1851 Oct. 20 Odessa from Newcastle Atlantic Journey ID 8197
 1851 Dec. 22 Constantinopel from Odessa, leaving for AmsterdamAtlantic Journey ID 8198
 1852 March 15 off Dungeness; from Odessa to RotterdamAtlantic Journey ID 8199
 1852 March 21 Helvoet from OdessaAtlantic Journey ID 8200
 1852 May 2 St. Ybes from RotterdamAtlantic Journey ID 8201
 1852 Nov. 16 Venice from BergenAtlantic Journey ID 8202
 1852 Dec. 19 Ancona from Venice, Capt. FicherAtlantic Journey ID 8203
 1853 Jan. 12 leaving Ancona for FalmouthAtlantic Journey ID 8204
 1853 March 12 Queenstown from AnconaAtlantic Journey ID 8205
 1853 March 21 Kingstown from AnconaAtlantic Journey ID 8206
 1853 March 26 Dublin from AnconaAtlantic Journey ID 8207
 1853 April 15 loading in Dublin for New YorkAtlantic Journey ID 8208
 1853 Captain Didirich Niels Fischer  from Dublin May 1 to New York June 27   
 1853 May 1 leaving Dublin for New YorkAtlantic Journey ID 8209
 1853 May 10 spoken at 49º 10’N 18º 6’W, all well onboard Atlantic Journey ID 8210
 1853 July 16 New York for St. John N.B.Atlantic Journey ID 8211
 1853 July 27 St. John N.B. from New YorkAtlantic Journey ID 8212
 1853 Aug. 13 leaving St. John N.B. for DublinAtlantic Journey ID 8213
 1853 Sept. 19 Kingstown from St. John N.B.Atlantic Journey ID 8214
 1853 Nov. 17 leaving Dublin for OdessaAtlantic Journey ID 8215
 1854 Jan. 11 Odessa from DublinAtlantic Journey ID 8216
 1854 July 8 Shields/Newcastle from Bergen, Capt FischerAtlantic Journey ID 8217
 1854 Aug. 29 Malta from NewcastleAtlantic Journey ID 8218
 1854 Sept. 20 leaving Malta for Constantinopel Atlantic Journey ID 8219
 1854 Oct. 28 Cagliari from ConstantinopleAtlantic Journey ID 8220
 1855 Captain Didirich Niels Fischer  from Bergen Apr. 27 to New York July 4  Passenger list: Passenger list 
 1855 Aug. 8 leaving New York for CadizAtlantic Journey ID 8221
 1855 Nov. 2 Cadiz for Rio JaneiroAtlantic Journey ID 8222
 1856 Feb. 14 Rio Janeiro in the harbor, Capt. FischerAtlantic Journey ID 8223
 1856 April 16 leaving Rio Janeiro for HamburgAtlantic Journey ID 8224
 1856 July 13 Hamburg from Rio JaneiroAtlantic Journey ID 8225
 1856 Aug. 30 Shields from HamburgAtlantic Journey ID 8226
 1856 Dec. 23 Constantinople from Malta, left for Odessa, Capt FischerAtlantic Journey ID 8227
 1857 Jan. 19 Odessa from ConstantinopleAtlantic Journey ID 8228
 1857 March 28 Constantinople from OdessaAtlantic Journey ID 8229
 1857 May 13 Falmouth from Odessa, leaving May 17 for LondonAtlantic Journey ID 8230
 1857 June 9 London for BergenAtlantic Journey ID 8232
 1857 August 19 Shields from Bergen, Capt. SchramAtlantic Journey ID 8233
The information listed above is not the complete record of the ship. The information was collected from a multitude of sources, and new information will be added as it emerges
The bark Kong Sverre (ex Lübeck) was built in 1841 at Lubeck, Germany . Her tonnage was 348 tons gross, 336 tons net, or 144½ Norwegian Commercial lasts. She was flying flag X 92 (Bergen No. 92) She was owned by G. H. Vedeler 1851 - 1861. The Kong Sverre had a long career as an emigrant ship, but there were probably 3 different ships by this name, all of them at some stage involved in the transportation of emigrants from Norway.

In 1850 the Kong Sverre departed from Bergen in ballast, and was carrying 152 passengers. Master was Capt. Didirich N. Fischer. Cargo 3000 Dollars. She arrived New York on July 13th, and after disembarking her passengers she departed for Quebec on July 17th. In Quebec she picked up a load of lumber and departed for Weymouth. On the 5th of September, in thick foggy weather the Kong Sverre was struck by another incoming ship and was filled with water so the crew had to abandon the ship; "8 P.M. We had the misfortune to be struck by a three masted vessel, being in the impossibility of getting clear from her, being so thick fog and not having seen her before. She was quite close to our vessel. She run her bowsprit between the main mast and the mizzen mast of our vessel, and broke the mizzen mast into three pieces, broke at the same time the larboard quarter abaft the mizzen mast to the stem and the stern too. When the mizzen mast fell down, it broke and dashed to pieces the deck cabin, the wheel binnacle and ship log house. The vessel being heavily injured, we thought that the rudder received damages at the same time, but we could not ascertain it was the case in consequence of the cabin, wheel, binnacle being last broke to pieces and lying on deck. The man who worked the helm at the time was killed and thrown overboard, it is supposed because we did not hear him nor see him since." Read the full report at the Lower St. Lawrence Maritime History web site. The wreck was found by local fishermen the on September the 7th, and brought to Little Metis. On September 15th the ship returned to Quebec for repairs before setting off for Weymouth again.


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