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The Anchor Line was founded in 1856 as Handysides and Henderson, sailing Glasgow to New York and Glasgow to Quebec. The name used for the company in Norway when they entered the market about 1865, was "Anker Linien", or some times just noted in the sources as "Anker". By 1865 the Anchor Line was operating fortnightly service to New York and increased that to weekly and twice a week in the summer.

In 1869 the Anchor Line opened a route between Gotenborg - Christiania - Christiansand - Leith/Granton dock, Edinburgh and Glasgow in Scotland. The service was intended as a feeder service for the company's transatlantic service out of the port of Glasgow for New York. They were in sharp competition from the Allan Line, which had also opened a Scandinavian feeder service for their transatlantic passengers. However, at the same time it seams as if they were cooperating to some extent, as the Anchor Line agent in Trondhjem announced that the Anchor Line passengers would sail on the Allan Line feeders, S/S Norway, S/S Sweden and S/S Damascus to Newcastle on the first stage of the voyage. At the same time the Anchor line might have conveyed the Allan Line passengers on their feeders out of Kristiania. This relationship was not easy it seams, as the Trondhjem agents soon after started a newspaper campaign against each other. The ships used for the Scandinavian service was the S/S Scotia and the S/S Scandinavia. The first departure from Kristiania on this service was by the S/S Scandinavian on March 16th 1869, and the last departure was by the S/S Scotia on Oct. 5th 1872. The passengers were conveyed by train from Granton dock, Edinburgh, to Glasgow, a 2 hours journey. Steamships departed every Wednesday and Saturday according to newspaper announcements printed in Norwegian newspapers iun 1871.

The Scandinavian feeder service was not profitable and was discontinued. From then on the Anchor Line passengers were mainly conveyed on feeder ships operated by the Wilson Line via the port of Hull on their first stage of the voyage from Norway to America.

Routes on the Norway - Scotland service: - 1869 - 1870 - 1871 - 1872

Anchor Line announcement
Anchor Line announcement
The announcement for the Anchor Line Scandinavian service is from a 1869 booklet that was issued by the Henderson Brothers, general agents for the line. They were based in Christiania. The booklet gives information about intended sailings from Christiania every Tuesday after noon at 5 o'clock, calling at Christiansand on Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock. The ships would sail for Edinburgh and Glasgow, to connect up with the line's transatlantic steamers which would be leaving out of Glasgow for New York twice a week. For steerage accommodation from Christiania, Christiansand or Gotenburg to New York, the fee was 33 Speciedaler (about 39$), 2nd class accommodation was 42 Spd. (about 49$), and 1st class was between 75 and 85 Spd.

The first general agent in Norway was David Aleksander Bruun Murray, (1869) as representative for Henderson Brothers of Glasgow. The authorization was to convey emigrants by steamship from Kristiania to Leith, from Leith by railway to Glasgow, and from there by steamship to New York, and to by railway to the final destination in America. In Trondhjem the first head agent was Hans L. Dahl (1868). In 1872 the general agency in Kristiania was taken over by James Grozier Herbertson, Agent for Henderson Bros., and on June 20th, 1874 the authorization was transferred to Just. O MÝller. Olaf Rasch 1884 - 1900, Albert Raffel 1899 - 1900, Freberg & KlÝcker 1902 - 1910, J K Freberg 1910 - 1914 and 1920 - 1921 (Anchor-Donaldson Line) , M R Raffel 1914 - 1925. They were based in Christiania (Kristiania - Oslo). There were agencies in other cities too, like in Trondheim. The head agent for the Anchor Line in Trondheim from 1868 to 1879 was L. H. Dahl. For more information check our list of Norwegian agents representing the Anchor Line.

by general agents in Kristiania, Freberg & KlÝcker. Anker Linien convey passengers to America every week with it's large and elegant mail-steamers. Departure from Christiania every Friday, short stay in England. The Anchor Line's 3rd class passengers receives full pension on board, in addition to warm and good berthing. The Anchor Line have several great steamships under building. Tickets are issued, and all conditions can be obtained from the general agents in Norway, Freberg & KlÝcker, BÝrspassagen, Christina, Telephone 9507, Telegraph addr. "KlÝcker"

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Fleet list:
 TypeName of ship  SortYear Built   SortConstruction Shipyard   SortTonnage (burthen)   Sort
  S/SAcadia1866 Alexander Stephen & Sons 749 gross 
  S/SAilsa Craig1860 Alexander Stephen & Sons 225 gross 
  S/SAlexandria1870 Robert Duncan & Co. 1†630 gross 
  S/SAlgeria (1)1891 D. & W. Henderson Ltd. 4†510 gross 
  S/SAlgeria (2)1914 Reiherstieg Schiffswerfte & Maschinenfab 8†156 gross 
  S/SAlsatia1876 D. & W. Henderson Ltd. 2†810 gross 
  S/SAnchoria (1)1875 Barrow Shipbuilding Co. 4†168 gross 
  S/SAnchoria (2)1911 Alexander Stephen & Sons 5†430 gross 
  S/SAnglia (1)1869 Alexander Stephen & Sons 2†253 gross 
  S/SAnglia (2)1888 D. & W. Henderson Ltd. 3†287 gross 
  S/SArabia1884 D. & W. Henderson Ltd. 3†598 gross 
  S/SArmenia1881 D. & W. Henderson Ltd. 3†396 gross 
  S/SAsia1884 D. & W. Henderson Ltd. 3†611 gross 
  S/SAssyria (1)1871 Robert Duncan & Co. 1†630 gross 
  S/SAssyria (2)1900 D. & W. Henderson Ltd. 6†399 gross 
  S/SAssyria (3)1908 Germania Werft 8†142 gross 
  S/SAstoria1884 William Denny & Co. 5†086 gross 
  S/SAthenia1922 Fairfield Shipbuilding & Eng. Co. Ltd. 13†465 gross 
  S/SAusonia1909 Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson 7†907 gross 
  S/SAustral1881 John Elder & Co. 5†524 gross 
  S/SAustralia1870 Robert Duncan & Co. 1†999 gross 
  S/SAustralia (2)1892 Short Brothers 3†595 gross 
  S/SBelgravia1881 D. & W. Henderson Ltd. 4†977 gross 
  S/SBohemia1891 D. & W. Henderson Ltd. 3†190 gross 
  S/SBolivia1873 Robert Duncan & Co. 4†050 gross 
  S/SBritannia (1)1863 Tod & McGregor 1†392 gross 
  S/SBritannia (2)1879 D. & W. Henderson Ltd. 3†069 gross 
  S/SBritish Crown1879 Harland & Wolff 3†563 gross 
  S/SBritish Queen1880 Harland & Wolff 3†558 gross 
  S/SCalabria1901 D. & W. Henderson Ltd. 4†376 gross 
  S/SCaledonia (1)1862 Tod & McGregor 1†397 gross 
  S/SCaledonia (2)1863 Tod & McGregor 1†393 gross 
  S/SCaledonia (3)1904 D. & W. Henderson Ltd. 9†223 gross 
  S/SCaledonia (4)1925 Alexander Stephen & Sons 17†046 gross 
  S/SCalifornia (1)1872 Alexander Stephen & Sons 3†287 gross 
  S/SCalifornia (2)1907 D. & W. Henderson Ltd. 8†662 gross 
  S/SCalifornia (3)1923 Alexander Stephen & Sons 16†792 gross 
  S/SCambria1869 Robert Duncan & Co. 2†141 gross 
  S/SCameronia (1)1911 D. & W. Henderson Ltd. 10†963 gross 
  S/SCameronia (2)1919 William Denny & Co. 16†365 gross 
  S/SCampania1892 Fairfield Shipbuilding & Eng. Co. Ltd. 12†950 gross 
  S/SCastalia (1)1872 Charles Connell & Co. 2†201 gross 
  S/SCastalia (2)1906 Barclay, Curle & Co. Ltd. 6†715 gross 
  S/SCircassia (1)1878 Barrow Shipbuilding Co. 4†272 gross 
  S/SCircassia (2)1903 D. & W. Henderson Ltd. 6†861 gross 
  S/SCircassia (3)1937 Fairfield Shipbuilding & Eng. Co. Ltd. 11†179 gross 
  S/SCity of Rome1881 Barrow Shipbuilding Co. 8†415 gross 
  S/SColumbia (1)1866 Alexander Stephen & Sons 1†698 gross 
  S/SColumbia (2)1902 D. & W. Henderson Ltd. 8†292 gross 
  S/SDacian1868 Robert Duncan & Co. 1†038 gross 
  S/SDalmatia1892 D. & W. Henderson Ltd. 3†317 gross 
  S/SDevonia1877 Barrow Shipbuilding Co. 4†270 gross 
  S/SDorian1868 Robert Duncan & Co. 1†039 gross 
  S/SElysia (1)1873 John Elder & Co. 2†733 gross 
  S/SElysia (2)1908 D. & W. Henderson Ltd. 6†757 gross 
  S/SEthiopia1873 Alexander Stephen & Sons 4†004 gross 
  S/SEuropa1867 Alexander Stephen & Sons 1†840 gross 
  S/SFurnessia1880 Barrow Shipbuilding Co. 5†495 gross 
  S/SGalatea1870 D. & W. Henderson Ltd. 2†044 gross 
  S/SGrecian1867 Robert Duncan & Co. 744 gross 
  S/SHibernia1865 Alexander Stephen & Sons 1†569 gross 
  S/SHispania1881 D. & W. Henderson Ltd. 3†189 gross 
  S/SHisperia1882 D. & W. Henderson Ltd. 3†037 gross 
  S/SIndia1868 W. Simons & Co. 2†290 gross 
  S/SIowa1863 Malcolmson & Co. 1†988 gross 
  S/SIsmailia1870 Robert Duncan & Co. 1†630 gross 
  S/SItalia (1)1872 Robert Duncan & Co. 2†245 gross 
  S/SItalia (2)1903 D. & W. Henderson Ltd. 4†806 gross 
  S/SJohn Bell1854 Alexander Stephen & Sons 1†101 gross 
  S/SKaramania1882 D. & W. Henderson Ltd. 3†148 gross 
  S/SLetitia1924 Fairfield Shipbuilding & Eng. Co. Ltd. 13†475 gross 
  S/SMacedonia1863 Malcolmson & Co. 2†136 gross 
  S/SMassilia1902 Alexander Stephen & Sons 5†156 gross 
  S/SMessina1863 Charles Connell & Co. 381 gross 
  S/SNapoli1864 Charles Connell & Co. 635 gross 
  S/SNubia1882 D. & W. Henderson Ltd. 3†551 gross 
  S/SOlympia (1)1871 Charles Connell & Co. 2†051 gross 
  S/SOlympia (2)1902 D. & W. Henderson Ltd. 5†197 gross 
  S/SPannonia1904 John Brown & Co. Ltd. 9†851 gross 
  S/SPerugia1901 D. & W. Henderson Ltd. 4†348 gross 
  S/SSaturnia1910 Charles Connell & Co. 8†611 gross 
  S/SScandinavia1865 C. & W. Earle 615 gross 
  S/SScindia (1)1883 D. & W. Henderson Ltd. 645 gross 
  S/SScindia (2)1890 D. & W. Henderson Ltd. 4†358 gross 
  S/SScindia (3)1900 D. & W. Henderson Ltd. 5†178 gross 
  S/SScotia (1)1866 J. & G. Thomson & Co. 499 gross 
  S/SScotia (2)1889 D. & W. Henderson Ltd. 2†763 gross 
  S/SSidonian1870 Robert Duncan & Co. 1†236 gross 
  S/SState of California1891 Alexander Stephen & Sons 4†244 gross 
  S/STempest1854 Sandeman & McLaurin 866 gross 
  SailTempest1854 Sandeman & McLaurin 845 gross 
  S/STransylvania (1)1914 Scott‘s Shipbuilding & Eng. Co. Ltd 14†315 gross 
  S/STransylvania (2)1925 Fairfield Shipbuilding & Eng. Co. Ltd. 16†923 gross 
  S/STrinacria1871 Robert Duncan & Co. 2†107 gross 
  S/STrojan1867 Robert Duncan & Co. 744 gross 
  S/STuscania (1)1914 Alexander Stephen & Sons 14†348 gross 
  S/STuscania (2)1919 Fairfield Shipbuilding & Eng. Co. Ltd. 16†991 gross 
  S/STyrian1869 Robert Duncan & Co. 1†039 gross 
  S/SUnited Kingdom1857 Robert Steele & Co. 1†305 gross 
  S/SUnited States1860 Tod & McGregor 1†202 gross 
  S/SUtopia1874 Robert Duncan & Co. 2†720 gross 
  S/SVenezia1865 Alexander Stephen & Sons 656 gross 
  S/SVictoria1872 Robert Duncan & Co. 3†242 gross 

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Some companies may have had additional ships in their fleets to those mentioned above. They might not have been included if the ships were not engaged in the conveyance of emigrants. Some ships mentioned in the fleet lists may have been chartered from other companies, see the ship's description and history for more details.

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