Passenger list 1852 - bark Nordpolen
  Chr. Olsen VoxholtGrimstad May 18Quebec July 16Newspaper account.

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Ref.NameAgeSexRemarksAddition: Read or submit by clicking the names
ID 163421Johan Graham engine master  
ID 163432Herman Hermansen Nes    
ID 163443Aanon Larsen Hognes    
ID 163454J. Landsværk     
ID 163465A. Riise     
ID 163476Christian Olsen Lia Residence Næss  
ID 163487Jens J. Torjesen Residence Holt  
ID 163498Gjert Jorhensen Næss    
ID 163509Iver Ingebrigtsen Have    
ID 1635110Anders Albertsen Berge    
ID 1635211Albert Albertsen Berge    
ID 1635312Theodor Tellefsen Residence Christianisand  
ID 1635413Peder Christensen Lona    
ID 1635514Hans Petter Johnsen Residence Næss ironworks  
ID 1635615Svenning Andersen Residence Næss ironworks  
ID 1635716Svenning Ellevsen Residence Næss ironworks  
ID 1635817Aslak Svendsen Residence Grimstad  
ID 1635918Knud Olsen Foreland    
ID 1636019Kiddel Knudsen Osel    
ID 1636120Jacob Bæruldsen Osel    
ID 1636221Ole Reiersen Residence Næss ironworks  
ID 1636322Danial Just Residence Grimstad  
ID 1636423John Laersen Næss    
ID 1636524Torbiærn Laersen Holt    
ID 1636625Ole Albertsen Nesset    
ID 1636726Torje Andreas Jensen Residence Næss ironworks  
ID 1636827Ole Sigmunsen Mjous    
ID 1636928Olaus Johnsen    
ID 1637029Ole Kjettilsen Tvedt    
ID 1637130Anders Sigmundsen Aalien    
ID 1637231Torje Hansen Tvedt    
ID 1637332Jeppe Svenningsen    
ID 1637433Elling Johnsen    
Transcribed by Børge Solem and Trond Austheim - 2000

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The names were not found on a passenger list, but in a letter the passengers wrote home to a Norwegian newspaper. The letter was sent back to recommend the ship and captain to other emigrants, and signed by the persons listed.

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