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BurdenBuiltShipowner or operator Dimensions
176½ kl 1815 at Stockholm, Sweden M. S. Tveten, Grimstad, Norway  
 1850 Captain Andersen  from Grimstad July 12 to New York Sep. 19   
 1850 July 17 off Deal; from Grimstad to New York with passengers. Most of them from SetersdalenAtlantic Journey ID 8310
 1850 Sept. 19 New York with passengesr and a load of iron, value $2500Atlantic Journey ID 8311
 1850 Oct. 5 New York for Canada in ballastAtlantic Journey ID 8312
 1850 Oct. 31 St. John (N.B.) for HullAtlantic Journey ID 8313
 1850 Dec. 20 Hull from St. John. N. B.Atlantic Journey ID 8314
 1851 Jan. 18 leaving Hull for GrimstadAtlantic Journey ID 8315
 1851 Captain Chr. Olsen Voxholt  from Grimstad June 9 to Quebec Oct. 1   
 1851 June 9 left Grimstad with 111 passengers with destination Quebec. Most of the passengers were from Setersdalen, Topdal and OmlidAtlantic Journey ID 8316
 1851 July 4 off Dover; from Grimstad to Quebec, all well onboardAtlantic Journey ID 8317
 1851 July 8 off Portland; from Grimstad to Quebec, all well onboardAtlantic Journey ID 8318
 1851 Sept 9 arrived in St. Johns, Newfoundland, in lack of supplies.Atlantic Journey ID 8319
 1851 Oct.1 Quebec from GrimstadAtlantic Journey ID 8320
 1851 Dec. 25 Hull from Quebec, Capt. OlsenAtlantic Journey ID 8321
 1852 Jan. 20 Hull for GrimstadAtlantic Journey ID 8322
 1852 Feb. 4 Grimstad from Hull, reported contrary windsAtlantic Journey ID 8323
 1852 Captain Chr. Olsen Voxholt  from Grimstad May 18 to Quebec July 16  Passenger list: Passenger list 
 1852 Aug. 12 leaving Quebec for LondonAtlantic Journey ID 8324
 1852 Oct. 3 off Deal; from Quebec to LondonAtlantic Journey ID 8325
 1852 Nov. 29 London for NorwayAtlantic Journey ID 8326
 1853 Captain Chr. Olsen Voxholt  from Grimstad to Quebec May 27   
 1853 June 23 Quebec for GrimsbyAtlantic Journey ID 8327
 1853 Aug. 8 Hull from QuebecAtlantic Journey ID 8328
 1854 Jan. 15 in St. Nazaire leaving for St. Ubes (Portugal)Atlantic Journey ID 8329
 1856 July 9 off Øresund; from Stockholm to London with boardAtlantic Journey ID 8330
 1856 Nov. 2 off Øresund; from Hernøsand to London with boardAtlantic Journey ID 8331
 1857 Dec. 1 Gravesend/London from Umeå, Capt. OlsenAtlantic Journey ID 8332
 1858 June 22 Sundsvall for LondonAtlantic Journey ID 8333
 1859 Oct. 5 Sundsvall from Hull, Capt. OlsenAtlantic Journey ID 8334
 1860 Aug. 21 leaving London for HelsingørAtlantic Journey ID 8335
 1860 Nov. 8 Gravesend/London from Søderhamn, Capt. OlsenAtlantic Journey ID 8336
 1861 April 7, leaving Grimstad with 5 emigrantsAtlantic Journey ID 8337
 1861 Captain Chr. Olsen  from Grimstad Apr. 7 to Quebec June 13   
 1861 July 8 leaving Quebec to LondonAtlantic Journey ID 8338
 1861 Aug. 20 off Deal (Kent, England) from Quebec to LondonAtlantic Journey ID 8339
 1861 Aug. 21 Gravesend/London from QuebecAtlantic Journey ID 8340
The information listed above is not the complete record of the ship. The information was collected from a multitude of sources, and new information will be added as it emerges
The bark Nordpolen was built 1815 in Stockholm, (ex. Scandinavien). She was owned by M. S. Tveten in Grimstad. She was mastered by Capt. Christopher Olsen Voxholdt. In 1851 her burden was 168 Norwegian Commercial lasts.

Her first crossing with emigrants from Norway was in 1850, when she departed from Grimstad, and arrived at New York Sept. 20th. Master was Capt. Andersen. The passenger list for this voyage was archived by NARA.

In 1851 she arrived at Quebec on October 1st, from Grimstad and Christiansand. On this crossing the supplies ran short and the captain had to take the ship in to St. Johns, Newfoundland. According to our information the voyage had taken 114 days from Grimstad. Master was Capt Olsen. Because the National Archives of Canada [NAC] did not start the archiving of passenger lists before 1865, and the Norwegian emigration records did not start before 1867, there are no surviving passenger lists for the Nordpolen voyages ending at Quebec in any of those archives. Timeline to records.

In 1852 she departed from Grimstad May 17th, and arrived at Quebec July 16th. Her tonnage was given to be 176,5 Commercial lasts. No known existing passenger list, see above

Newspaper announcement from "Den Vestlandske Tidende" March 30th 1852; Passenger accommodation from Grimstad to Quebec. With the ship Nordpolen, Capt. C. Olsen which is scheduled to sail from Grimstad to Quebec with passengers there are still available space. The ships steerage is 7 feet high, and has a permanent between deck. The ship also has big cabins and a separate ward. It is fitted in the most comfortable way for the passengers and can take both cabin and steerage passengers. More information can be obtained with Gardener J. J. Tørjesen at Næss ironworks, Lund and Kummelhoff in Arendal and at Sheriff Throndsen and undersigned here in Grimstad. Signed by M. S Tveten.

Notice from the newspaper "Den Vestlandske Tidende" June 1st 1852; Grimstad May 23rd. The emigrant ship "Nordpolen" mastered by Capt. Olsen, left Grimstad with 95 emigrants on May 17th for Quebec. The emigrants came from Holt, Østre Moland, Øiestad and Fjære, also from Ombli parish. Among these were 62 adults 18 - 66 years old, 17 children 4 - 14 years old and 16 children under the age of 3. Among the passengers were one Engine Master, 3 blacksmiths, 2 gardeners, 1 bricklayer, 4 shoemakers, 4 ship carpenters and one school master. The rest were farmers. All together they brought with them about 6000 Speciedaler. Their final destination was in the Buffalo and Wisconsin areas.

The 1852 passengers wrote a letter home to say how pleased they were with the accommodations aboard the ship.

"We, the undersigned emigrants, from Nedenæs and Robygdelaugets municipality in Norway, hereby declare that we in every way are contented with the voyage, as the ship is well equipped, has a high and spacey between deck, and is a good passenger ship. The Nordpolen of Grimstad, mastered by Capt. Christian Olsen left this town on May 18th [!] and anchored in Quebec on July 16th, after about 8 weeks at sea. The Captain is a very good seaman, he also has a great love for people, he is nice, service minded and proper."

The Nordpolen stranded and was wrecked in 1879 at Horns Rev, 1 person died.


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