Passenger list 1850 - bark Sjofna
  Søren A. HovlandDrammen New York Sep. 21Roll # 92, arr. no. 1094

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ID 33631G Aladaker60 Cabin  
ID 33642Ole Lortzen34 Cabin  
ID 33653Bertha Lortzen*25 Cabin  
ID 33664Johannes Olsen*Cabin  
ID 33675Lars Olsen*Cabin  
ID 33686Borne Falowsen36 Cabin  
ID 33697Bertha Falowsen*35 Cabin  
ID 33708Falcon Bornesen*12 Cabin  
ID 33719Anders Larson30 Cabin  
ID 337210Johannes Anderson26 Cabin  
ID 337311Frederik Olson39 Cabin  
ID 337412Martha Olson*37 Cabin  
ID 337513Ole Fredriksen*Cabin  
ID 337614Even Fredriksen*Cabin  
ID 337715Agnete FredriksdatterCabin  
ID 337816John Gudbrandsen53 Between deck  
ID 337917Johanette Gudbrandsen*50 Between deck  
ID 338018Christen Johnsen*20 Between deck  
ID 338119Olene Johnsdatter*19 Between deck  
ID 338220Even Johnsen*17 Between deck  
ID 338321Mathias Johnsen*14 Between deck  
ID 338422Agnette Johnsdatter*10 Between deck  
ID 338523Tollef Olsen58 Between deck  
ID 338624Johannes Larsson??18 Between deck  
ID 338725Lars Lie34 Between deck  
ID 338826Claus Olson23 Between deck  
ID 338927Borne Guldbrandson27 Between deck  
ID 339028Henriette Morck53 Between deck  
ID 339129Karin Bornesdatter26 Between deck  
ID 339230Siri Andersdatter22 Between deck  
ID 339331Ole Olson31 Between deck  
ID 339432Marie Olson*29 Between deck  
ID 339533Marie Olsdatter*Between deck  
ID 339634Karin Olsdatter*Between deck  
ID 339735Ole Olson43 Between deck  
ID 339836Martha Olson*40 Between deck  
ID 339937Karin M Olsdatter*13 Between deck  
ID 340038Olaus Olsen*11 Between deck  
ID 340139Inger B Olsdatter*Between deck  
ID 340240Clara G Olsdatter*Between deck  
ID 340341Bertha C Olsdatter*Between deck  
ID 340442Elise Simonsdatter16 Between deck  
ID 340543Simon Gurdmundson??54 Between deck  
ID 340644Mari !! Gurdmundson??*49 Between deck  
ID 340745Bertha Simonsdatter*16 Between deck  
ID 340846Michael Simonsen*14 Between deck  
ID 340947Syverin Simonsen*Between deck  
ID 341048Mathias Simonsen*Between deck  
ID 341149Ole Simonsen*11 mo Between deck  
ID 341250Gulbrand Simonson24 Between deck  
ID 341351Marie do. !! Simonson*20 Between deck  
ID 341452Johannes Torbjørnson42 Between deck  
ID 341553Bertha !! Torbjørnson*39 Between deck  
ID 341654Thomas Johannessen*13 Between deck  
ID 341755Marie Johannesdatter*Between deck  
ID 341856Julie Johannesdatter*Between deck  
ID 341957Klaus Johnson15 Between deck  
ID 342058Mathias Johnson18 Between deck  
ID 342159Johannes Jørgenson39 Between deck  
ID 342260Elen M !! Jørgenson*35 Between deck  
ID 342361Lars Olson16 Between deck  
ID 342462Ole Haagensen45 Between deck  
ID 342563Anne !! Haagensen*40 Between deck  
ID 342664Helene Olsdatter*Between deck  
ID 342765Johanne Olsdatter*Between deck  
ID 342866Ole Olsen*9 mo Between deck  
ID 342967Anders Tollefson36 Between deck  
ID 343068Lars Monson36 Between deck  
ID 343169Johannes Thorsson33 Between deck  
ID 343270Else !! Thorsson*30 Between deck  
ID 343371Thor Johannessen*Between deck  
ID 343472Mons Johannessen*Between deck  
ID 343573Ole Monson28 Between deck  
ID 343674Randine !! Monson*20 Between deck  
ID 343775Martha Monsdatter19 Between deck  
ID 343876Borne Hanson22 Between deck  
ID 343977Johannes Henriksen28 Between deck  
ID 344078Bente !! Henriksen*30 Between deck  
ID 344179Hans Johannessen*Between deck  
ID 344280Johan Johannessen*Between deck  
ID 344381Marthe Johannesdatter*9 mo Between deck  
ID 344482Borne Johnson53 Between deck  
ID 344583Agnete !! Johnson*50 Between deck  
ID 344684Gunner Bornesen*Between deck  
ID 344785Johannes Bornesen*13 Between deck  
ID 344886Thanette do Bornesdatter*Between deck  
ID 344987Andreas Bornesen*Between deck  
ID 345088Oline Bornesdatter*Between deck  
ID 345189Christian Bornesen*9 mo Between deck  
ID 345290Johannes Hansen22 Between deck  
ID 345391Lars Johnson23 Between deck  
ID 345492Marie Hansdatter19 Between deck  
ID 345593Lisbeth !!16 Between deck  
ID 345694Andreas Thomason18 Between deck  
ID 345795Hans Iversen48 Between deck  
ID 345896Ohlene !! Iversen*40 Between deck  
ID 345997Gunder Hanssen*10 Between deck  
ID 346098Agnete Hansdatter*Between deck  
ID 346199Martha Hansdatter19 Between deck  
ID 3462100Ole Johnson34 Between deck  
ID 3463101Johannes Nielson35 Between deck  
ID 3464102Johannes Olsen23 Between deck  
ID 3465103Ole Olsen57 Between deck  
ID 3466104Maren Olsdatter17 Between deck  
ID 3467105Elise Olsdatter*15 Between deck  
ID 3468106Børre Gudbrandsen55 Between deck  
ID 3469107Ole Larson27 Between deck  
ID 3470108Oline !! Larson*20 Between deck  
ID 3471109Ole Olsen19 Between deck  
ID 3472110Andreas Erikson22 Between deck  
ID 3473111Lars Nilson22 Between deck  
ID 3474112Agnete Gudbrandsen!!45 Between deck  
ID 3475113Gunner Gudbrandsen*17 Between deck  
ID 3476114Elise Gudbrandsen*14 Between deck  
ID 3477115Helene Gudbrandsen*10 Between deck  
ID 3478116Pauline Gudbrandsen*Between deck  
ID 3479117Agnete Børresdatter??15 Between deck  
ID 3480118Anne Børresdatter??*13 Between deck  
ID 3481119Mathias Børreson16 Between deck  
ID 3482120Hans Mathiason25 Between deck  
ID 3483121Ole Jacobsen34 Between deck  
ID 3484122Marthe !! Jacobsen*30 Between deck  
ID 3485123Kari Olsdatter*Between deck  
ID 3486124Johannes Olsen*Between deck  
ID 3487125Agnete Olsdatter*Between deck  
ID 3488126Hans Olsen*7 mo Between deck  
ID 3489127Frederik Guldbrandsen24 Between deck  
ID 3490128Johannes Iversen49 Between deck  
ID 3491129Ole Olsen31 Between deck  
ID 3492130Johanne !! Olsen*29 Between deck  
ID 3493131Ole Olsen*Between deck  
ID 3494132Agnete Olsdatter42 Between deck  
ID 3495133Ole Olsen31 Between deck  
ID 3496134Helene !! Olsen*27 Between deck  
ID 3497135Andreas Olsen*10 mo Between deck  
ID 3498136Engebreth Olsen40 Between deck  
ID 3499137Johannes Olsen38 Between deck  
ID 3500138Mikkel Christophersen24 Between deck  
ID 3501139Andreas Olsen29 Between deck  
ID 3502140Peder Hansen50 Between deck  
ID 3503141Karin !! Hansen*43 Between deck  
ID 3504142Syverine Pedersdatter*Between deck  
ID 3505143Helene Pedersdatter*Between deck  
ID 3506144Børre Pedersen*Between deck  
ID 3507145Ingeborg Pedersdatter*11 mo Between deck  
ID 3508146Johannes Olsen23 Between deck  
ID 3509147Syver Knudsen27 Between deck  
ID 3510148Ole Olsen25 Between deck  
ID 3511149Elis Haagensdatter29 Between deck  
ID 3512150Olle Sorz??40 Between deck  
ID 3513151John Ollson31 Between deck  
ID 3514152Helge Helgeson29 Between deck  
ID 3515153Børre Helgeson*24 Between deck  
ID 3516154Snorre Helgeson*18 Between deck  
ID 3517155Gustaf Henrickson27 Between deck  
ID 3518156Erica Hansdatter20 Between deck  
ID 3519157John Martinson19 Between deck  
Transcribed by Børge Solem - 2000

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