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BurdenBuiltShipowner or operator Dimensions
183 kl 1849 at Drammen, Norway H. Ellingsen, Drammen, Norway  
 1850 Captain Søren A. Hovland  from Drammen to New York Sep. 21  Passenger list: Passenger list 
 1850 June 26 off the Start (England): for NorwayAtlantic Journey ID 10268
 1850 Arrived after 6 weeks New York with passengers. Total fraight $3000, leaving Sept. 28 for St. Johnes N.B. in  ballastAtlantic Journey ID 10269
 1850 October 5, St. John N.B. from New York, loading the 10th for London, left Oct. 26Atlantic Journey ID 10270
 1850 November 25 off Deal (England): from St. John N. B. to London, arriving London Nov. 27Atlantic Journey ID 10271
 1851 April 3. London from Drammen, leaving London May 9 for NorwayAtlantic Journey ID 10272
 1851 Captain Søren A. Hovland  from Drammen May 31 to New York July 21  Passenger list: Passenger list 
 1851 leaving Drammen with 169 passengers (Fraight $3300)Atlantic Journey ID 10273
 1851 July 25. Leaving New York for Br. Northamerica in ballastAtlantic Journey ID 10274
 1851 August 11 Richibuto from New YorkAtlantic Journey ID 10275
 1852 March 30 London from Drammen, return April 16 to NorwayAtlantic Journey ID 10276
 1852 May 15 A large numbers (600-650) of emigrants from Numedal, Sigdal, Krødsherad, Ringerike, Valdres and other  country people were meeting up in Drammen to sail with Christiane, Sjofna, Drafna and Vestalinden to the Promised LandAtlantic Journey ID 10277
 1852 Captain Søren A. Hovland  from Drammen May 18 to Quebec July 4   
 1852 July 28 Leaving Quebec for London, August 31 off Dover, arriving Gravesend/London Sept. 2Atlantic Journey ID 10278
 1852 September 25 leaving London for NorwayAtlantic Journey ID 10279
 1853 April 9 Gravesend/London from Drammen, returning April 23 to NorwayAtlantic Journey ID 10280
 1853 Captain Søren A. Hovland  from Drammen May 17 to Quebec July 16   
 1853 Leaving Drammen with some 265 emigrants, most from Numedal and SigdalAtlantic Journey ID 10281
 1853 Arrived Quebec delayed after 59 days, due to Storm and headwinds. The Captain followed passengers to Montreal  where they the 20th continued inland.Atlantic Journey ID 10282
 1853 The health onboard was good but 4 children died. One infant died shortly after birth due to mother's early  delivery. Another girl put ashore at New-Fundland after her own choice.Atlantic Journey ID 10283
 1853 Captain feared some runaway of the crew at QuebecAtlantic Journey ID 10284
 1853 July 23 loading planks in Quebec for London, leaving Aug. 5Atlantic Journey ID 10285
 1853 September 13 off Deal, arriving Gravesend Sept. 13 and London Sept. 14Atlantic Journey ID 10286
 1853 October 21 leaving London for DrammenAtlantic Journey ID 10287
 1853 November 27 off Dover; for Plymouth, arriving there Dec. 1Atlantic Journey ID 10288
 1854 January 16 Alexandria from Plymouth, returning Feb. 12 to FalmouthAtlantic Journey ID 10289
 1854 April 20 Falmouth from Alexandria, leaving May 10 for LiverpoolAtlantic Journey ID 10290
 1854 June 25 leaving Liverpool for St. John, N.B., arriving Aug. 8Atlantic Journey ID 10291
 1854 September 1 leaving St. John for Hull, Oct. 21 off FolkstoneAtlantic Journey ID 10292
 1855 May 12 Gravesend from Drammen, leaving London May 24 for HelsingørAtlantic Journey ID 10293
 1855 August 5 off Deal; from the Baltic to BristolAtlantic Journey ID 10294
 1855 September 7 Pill leaving for GlouchesterAtlantic Journey ID 10295
 1855 September 29 leaving Glouchester for Balaklava (Ukraine)Atlantic Journey ID 10296
 1856 June 15 leaving Malta for Torrevieja (Salt), Capt. HovlandAtlantic Journey ID 10297
 1857 March 18 Gravesend from Drammen, returning fram London to Drammen April 2, Capt. BuckholtzAtlantic Journey ID 10298
 1857 Captain R. Buchholtz  from Drammen May 16 to Quebec June 26   
 1857 June 6 loading in Quebec for Southampton, leaving June 25Atlantic Journey ID 10299
 1857 Leaving Drammen with 185 passengersAtlantic Journey ID 10234
 1857 September 2 off Deal; from Quebec to London, leaving London Sept. 18 for DrammenAtlantic Journey ID 10300
 1858 Captain R. Buchholtz  from Drammen Apr. 25 to Quebec June 14  Passenger list: Passenger list 
 1858 Leaving Drammen with 117 passengersAtlantic Journey ID 10301
 1858 May 9 off Deal: together with Brig Wilhelm Tell, Chriastophersen. Both for bound for Quebec with passengers.Atlantic Journey ID 10302
 1858 July 5 leaving Quebec for GrimsbyAtlantic Journey ID 10303
 1858 September 9 leaving Hull for Kronstadt, arriving there Sept. 20, returning to London Oct. 19Atlantic Journey ID 10304
 1858 November 18 Gravesend/London from KronstadtAtlantic Journey ID 10305
 1859 April 11, Londonderry: fra Drammen, 7 days severe StormsAtlantic Journey ID 10306
 1859 May 12 leaving Londonderry for St. Stephens N.B.Atlantic Journey ID 10307
 1859 August 10 Bristol fra St. Stephens N. B. leaving Pill Sept.2 for ChristianiaAtlantic Journey ID 10308
 1859 October 11 Texel from Drammen, returning from Amsterdam to Drammen Oct. 22Atlantic Journey ID 10309
 1867 August16, Sjofna, Capt. Jacobsen from Drammen stranded off Svenska Björn, north of Stockholm with planks.Atlantic Journey ID 10310
The information listed above is not the complete record of the ship. The information was collected from a multitude of sources, and new information will be added as it emerges

The bark Sjofna was built in Drammen in 1949. In 1856 she was owned by H. Ellingsen in Drammen, and later by his widow. Her tonnage was 192 Norwegian Commercial lasts. This ship made a number of voyages with emigrants from Norway to North America.

Newspaper announcement from 1850

Newspaper announcememt from 1853

Newspaper announcement from "Morgenbladet" Jan. 2nd, 1857

The 1850 newspaper announcement says the the ship was 1 year old, and would take passengers for New York

In 1851 she departed from Drammen again and arrived at New York on July 21st. Master was Capt. Hovland. 7 passengers died during the crossing. The passenger list for this voyage is kept at the US National Archives (NARA).

In 1852 she sailed from Drammen on May 18th with 240 passengers, this time to Quebec where she arrived on July 4th. Master was Capt. Hovland. Because the National Archives of Canada [NAC] did not start the archiving of passenger lists before 1865, and the Norwegian emigration records did not start before 1867, there is no surviving passenger list for this voyage in any of those archives.

From Drammen to Quebec on the Sjofna in 1852. This is an excerpt from "The ANDERSON FAMILY HISTORY" Written and Compiled by Albert G. Anderson, Jr., 1949 and privately published. Submitted and prepared by Eleanor H. Erdevig

She also made a voyage with emigrants from Drammen in 1853. She departed Drammen c. May 17th and arrived at Quebec after 8 weeks and 5 days. She was carrying about 350 passengers. Master was Capt. Søren A. Hovland. The 1853 newspaper announcement says the ship the previous years, along with the Christiane crossed in 6 weeks, and in all ways was a 1st classed ship.

An Autobiography of an Early Settler - (voyage on the Sjofna 1853) - The story of a Norwegian family traveling on the Sjofna in 1853.

Newspaper announcement from "Morgenbladet" Jan. 2nd, 1857: Passenger accommodation to America. If a sufficient number of passengers signs on, the ships Sjofna, 192 Commercial lasts, mastered by Capt. Buckholz, and the Geifon, 174 Commercial lasts, mastered by Capt. S. A. Hovland, both ships class A. - No 1, will depart in the middle of May. Conditions are negotiated and enrolling at H. Ellingsen in Drammen. There were two ships by the name "Sjofna" sailing with emigrants from Norway to America in 1857. This ship was mastered by Captain Buckholtz. The other Sjofna was mastered by Captain Petersen.

Ole Løkensgård's account of the crossing on the Sjofna in 1857. Ole Lokensgard, "Pioneer Stories," The Lokensgard Family, a Collection of Reminiscences, St. Paul Minnesota, 1994. (2d Printing). Originally published under the title "Nybygger Historier," in Hallingen, a Norwegian language monthly publication by and for immigrants from Hallingdal, Norway.

Because the National Archives of Canada [NAC] did not start the archiving of passenger lists before 1865, and the Norwegian emigration records did not start before 1867, there is no surviving passenger list for the pre 1865 Quebec arrivals in any of those archives. Timeline to records.


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