Passenger list 1851 - bark Sjofna
  Søren A. HovlandDrammen May 31New York July 21NARA Roll # 102, arr. no. 977

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Ref.NameAgeSexRemarksAddition: Read or submit by clicking the names
ID 54101Christen Petersen26 Cabin  
ID 54112Heri?? ??son30 Cabin   
ID 54123Niels Ericksen21 Cabin   
ID 54134Paul O. Johannesen19 Cabin   
ID 54141Tron Helgesen28 Between deck  
ID 54152Ole Ollsen19 Between deck   
ID 54163Anders Christoffersen19 Between deck   
ID 54174Ole Eriksen17 Between deck   
ID 54185Ole Knudsen40 Between deck   
ID 54196Bertha Larsdatter21 Between deck   
ID 54207Ole Ollson27 Between deck   
ID 54218Eric Ollson24 Between deck   
ID 54229Berthea Pedersdatter22 Between deck   
ID 542310Ole Ollson20 Between deck   
ID 542411Jørgen Eriksen23 Between deck   
ID 542512Erika Olsdatter22 Between deck   
ID 542613Aslak Aslaksen17 Between deck   
ID 542714Andreas Andreasen26 Between deck   
ID 542815Guri Knudsdatter27 Between deck   
ID 542916Knud Jensen26 Between deck   
ID 543017Bertha Torgersdatter27 Between deck   
ID 543118Gunild Me Guldbrandsen19 Between deck   
ID 543219Berthe Colbjørnsdatter23 Between deck from Krødsherad 
ID 543320?? Rønningen25 Between deck   
ID 543421Aslak Larsen16 Between deck   
ID 543522Ingeborg Lundsdatter??25 Between deck   
ID 543623Anne Engebretsdatter20 Between deck   
ID 543724Lars Meedalen57 Between deck   
ID 543825Gunild Meedalen?54 Between deck   
ID 543926Ole Guldbrandsen49 Between deck   
ID 544027Ingrid Guldbrandsen*49 Between deck   
ID 544128Ole Olsen*13 Between deck   
ID 544229Halsteen Olsen*Between deck   
ID 544330Anton Olsen*Between deck   
ID 544431Mens G Olsen31 Between deck [Gulbrand] from Hedal, Valdres 
ID 544532Olaug Andreasdatter28 Between deck   
ID 544633Berthe 2½ Between deck   
ID 544734Christin Amundsdatter20 Between deck   
ID 544835Berthe 1/6yr Between deck   
ID 544936Guldbrand Aunet26 Between deck   
ID 545037Marthe Pedersdatter29 Between deck   
ID 545138Mikkel Larsen32 Between deck from Torebroten, Bagn, Valdres 
ID 545239Anne Larsen*29 Between deck [Reiersdatter] 
ID 545340Lars Mikkelsen*Between deck [Ellensen] 
ID 545441Ingeborg Mikkelsdatter*Between deck   
ID 545542Reier Mikkelsen*1/3yr Between deck   
ID 545643Endre Elingsen34 Between deck   
ID 545744Gunnild Elingsen*30 Between deck   
ID 545845Ole Endresen*Between deck   
ID 545946Kirsti Endresdatter*1/2yr Between deck   
ID 546047Anne Lavransdatter??39 m!! Between deck sex ? 
ID 546148Marthe Ingebretsdatter20 Between deck sex ? 
ID 546249Guldbrand Haraldson23 Between deck sex ? 
ID 546350Guri Olsdatter26 Between deck   
ID 546451Arne Ollsen18 Between deck   
ID 546552Britha Christoffersen59 Between deck   
ID 546653Marie C Christoffersen*14 Between deck   
ID 546754John Knudsen24 Between deck Ollund from Bagn, Valdres 
ID 546855Kari Knudsen*26 Between deck   
ID 546956Dorthea Johnsdatter*1/4yr Between deck   
ID 547057Marjeth Olsdatter33 Between deck   
ID 547158Reier !!Between deck   
ID 547259Eric Ammundsen36 Between deck   
ID 547360Gunnild do Ammundsen*33 Between deck   
ID 547461Andreas do Ericsen*Between deck   
ID 547562Sophie do Ericsdatter*Between deck   
ID 547663Østen?? Johnsen26 Between deck   
ID 547764Gunnild Ammundsdatter32 Between deck   
ID 547865Tron Ollsen30 Between deck   
ID 547966Guri Ollsen*26 Between deck   
ID 548067Arne Ollsen27 m Between deck   
ID 548168Ingri Ollsen*22 Between deck   
ID 548269Marit Arnesdatter* Ollsen*Between deck   
ID 548370Sophie Arnesdatter* Ollsen*11/12yr Between deck   
ID 548471Hans Monsen37 Between deck   
ID 548572Martha Monsen*44@66 Between deck   
ID 548673Mathias Hansen*Between deck   
ID 548774Mathea Hansdatter*Between deck   
ID 548875Beate Hansdatter*Between deck   
ID 548976Karin Monsdatter29 Between deck   
ID 549077Eric Olsen59 Between deck   
ID 549178Ellen Olsen*26 Between deck   
ID 549279Guri Gundersdatter29 Between deck   
ID 549380Hendrik Nilsen22 Between deck   
ID 549481Birgitte Nilsdatter28 Between deck   
ID 549582Ole Hermandsen33 Between deck   
ID 549683Hans Arnesen27 Between deck From Tomten, Bagn, Valdres 
ID 549784Gunnild Monsdatter24 Between deck   
ID 549885Arne Knudsen23 Between deck   
ID 549986Kari Reiersdatter18 Between deck   
ID 550087Arne Mikkelsen29 Between deck from Bagn, Valdres 
ID 550188Thora Mikkelsen*30 Between deck [Iversdatter] 
ID 550289Berthea Arnesdatter*Between deck [Berit] 
ID 550390Mikkel Arnesen*1/2yr Between deck   
ID 550491Ole Evensen30 Between deck from Bagn, Valdres 
ID 550592Berthea Iversdatter32 Between deck   
ID 550693Merete Iversdatter*Between deck   
ID 550794Halsteen Mikkelsen65 Between deck from Heldal, S. Aurdal 
ID 550895Tormund?? Mikkelsen*65 Between deck   
ID 550996Mikkel Halsteensen40 Between deck from Heldal, S. Aurdal 
ID 551097Karin Halsteensen37 Between deck   
ID 551198Halsteen Mikkelsen*Between deck   
ID 551299Torgrim Mikkelsen*1½ Between deck   
ID 5513100Karin Mikkelsdatter*Between deck   
ID 5514101Halsteen Aslaksen17 Between deck   
ID 5515102Ole Ollsen20 Between deck [Neerforflaten] from Bagn 
ID 5516103Ole Maldvinsen26 Between deck   
ID 5517104Ole Nielsen17 Between deck   
ID 5518105Niels Nielsen*27 Between deck   
ID 5519106Live Nielsen*28 Between deck   
ID 5520107Anders Johnsen22 Between deck   
ID 5521108Christoffers Olsen22 Between deck   
ID 5522109Enre Ericksen24 Between deck   
ID 5523110Knud Ollsen26 Between deck   
ID 5524111Ane Ollsen*21 Between deck   
ID 5525112Ole Knudsen3/4yr Between deck   
ID 5526113Lars Pedersen53 Between deck   
ID 5527114Kaia Pedersen*56 Between deck   
ID 5528115Gunnild Pedersen*42 Between deck   
ID 5529116Marthe Pedersen*42 Between deck   
ID 5530117Guttorm Johannesen16 Between deck   
ID 5531118Ole Halvorsen30 Between deck   
ID 5532119Gunder Ericksen29 Between deck   
ID 5533120Niles Olsen18 Between deck   
ID 5534121Torkild Amundsen26 Between deck   
ID 5535122Kirstine Amundsen*21 Between deck   
ID 5536123Eric Torkildsen20 Between deck   
ID 5537124Guldbrand Gulbrandsen27 Between deck   
ID 5538125Ole Haraldsen15 Between deck   
ID 5539126Ole Pedersen39 Between deck   
ID 5540127Anne Pedersen*30 Between deck   
ID 5541128Peder Olsen*Between deck   
ID 5542129Giertrud Olsdatter*Between deck   
ID 5543130Inger Olsdatter*Between deck   
ID 5544131Andrine Olsdatter*1/2 Between deck   
ID 5545132Johannes Nielsen26 Between deck   
ID 5546133Anders Ollsen28 Between deck from S. Aurdal 
ID 5547134Kirsti Ollsen*29 Between deck   
ID 5548135Ole Anderssen*Between deck   
ID 5549136Ellev Kolbjørnsen28 Between deck from Krødsherad 
ID 5550137Tori Kolbjørnsen*25 Between deck   
ID 5551138Anne Ellevsdatter*Between deck   
ID 5552139Nicoline Christoffersdatter26 Between deck   
ID 5553140Eric Ollsen32 Between deck   
ID 5554141Marie Knudsdatter27 Between deck   
ID 5555142Christen F Ruid??49 Between deck   
ID 5556143Olava Ruid??*45 Between deck   
ID 5557144Agnette Christensdatter* Ruid??*15 Between deck   
ID 5558145Ole Christensen* Ruid??*Between deck   
ID 5559146Christen Christensen* Ruid??*Between deck   
ID 5560147Oline Christensdatter* Ruid??*1/3 Between deck   
ID 5561148Ammund Olsen55 Between deck   
ID 5562149Marthe Olsen*54 Between deck   
ID 5563150Hans Jonasen28 Between deck   
ID 5564151Marit Syversdatter33 Between deck   
ID 5565152Johannes J. J??16 Between deck   
ID 5566153Peder Hovelsen49 Between deck   
ID 5567154Gunild Hovelsen*52 Between deck   
ID 5568155Andreas Pedersen*20 Between deck   
ID 5569156Petrina Pedersdatter*11 Between deck   
ID 5570157Olene Pedersdatter*15 Between deck   
ID 5571158Harald Knudsen54 Between deck from Hedal, Valdres 
ID 5572159Olaug Knudsen*50 Between deck [Paulsdatter] 
ID 5573160Knud Haraldsen*26 Between deck   
ID 5574161Niels Guldbrandsen39 Between deck   
ID 5575162Olea Olsdatter39 Between deck   
ID 5576163Gulbrand Nielson14 Between deck   
ID 5577164Marthea M Nielsdatter*12 Between deck   
ID 5578165Dorthe Nielsdatter*1/8 Between deck sex ? 
ID 5579166Ingar?? Hansson??36 f!! Between deck   
ID 5580167Anne Hansson??*34 Between deck   
ID 5581168Hans Ingarsen*Between deck   
ID 5582169Andreas Ingarsen*Between deck   
ID 5583170Johan Ingarsen*1/3 Between deck   
ID 5584171Andrine Ingarsdatter*13 Between deck   
ID 5585172Elisabeth Ingarsdatter*Between deck   
ID 5586173Ole Olsen23 Between deck   
ID 5587174Iver Pedersen29 Between deck   
ID 5588175Anne Pedersen*32 Between deck   
ID 5589176Gunnild Ivarsdatter*Between deck   
ID 5590177Petronelle Ivarsdatter*1/4 Between deck   
ID 5591178Johannes Halvorsen24 Between deck   
ID 5592179Søneve M Halvorsen*!! Between deck   
ID 5593180Ole Andersen28 Between deck   
ID 5594181!! !!1/2 !! Between deck   
ID 5595182Mari Loniedtr@Lornsdtr20 Between deck Loniedtter@Lornsdatter 
ID 5596183!! !!¾ Child born on passage   
Transcribed by Trond Austheim - 1999

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