Passenger list 1868 - bark Skien
  F. MelancthonSkien Apr. 18Quebec June 22NAC C-4523 L45

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ID 413121Christen Andersen Follestad28 Skien  
ID 413132Ingeborg Follestad*29 wife - Skien  
ID 413143Lauritz Frogner29 Skien  
ID 413154Anders Andersen Follested29 Skien  
ID 413165Mathea Thorsdatter32 Porsgrund  
ID 413176Carl Johan Carlsen!! Skien  
ID 413187Ingeborg Marie !!!! wife - Skien  
ID 413198Ole Carlsen*15 son - Skien  
ID 413209Marie Carlsdatter*13 daughter - Skien  
ID 4132110Edward Carlsen*10 son - Skien  
ID 4132211Peder Holst62 captain - Skien  
ID 4132312Gunild Holst64 wife - Skien E: Gunild Halvordsdatter (1865 census) 
ID 4132413Gunild Pedersdatter* Holst20 daughter - Skien  
ID 4132514Georg Pedersen* Holst18 son - Skien  
ID 4132615Christine Sand34 Skien  
ID 4132716Mathilde Sand*daughter - Skien  
ID 4132817Anna Sand*daughter - Skien  
ID 4132918Maren Lovise Amundsdatter!! Slemdal  
ID 4133019Daniel Moe56 Gjerpen  
ID 4133120Andreas Danielsen* Moe*19 son - Gjerpen  
ID 4133221Mads Danielsen* Moe*16 son - Gjerpen  
ID 4133322Ingeborg Danielsdatter* Moe*22 daughter - Gjerpen  
ID 4133423Maren Danielsen* Moe*11 daughter - Gjerpen  
ID 4133524Gunder Andersen23 Skien  
ID 4133625Mathilde Johanine Børresen23 Skien  
ID 4133726Ingeborg Stensaasen!! Skien  
ID 4133827Lars Isaaksen Bratsbergskauen19 Gjerpen  
ID 4133928Ole Peter Andersen Bratsbergkleven20 Skien  
ID 4134029Thorvald Johannesen26 coachman - Skien  
ID 4134130Johanne 31 wife - Skien E: Johann Berntsdatter (1865 census) 
ID 4134231Bredine Guelia Thorvaldsdatter*daughter - Skien  
ID 4134332L. J. Solverød!!  Brevig  
ID 4134433Tarje Evensen Hestad!! Molland E: would be 48yrs old (1865 census) 
ID 4134534Anne Gulmundsdatter Hestad*!! wife - Molland E: would be 63yrs old (1865 census) 
ID 4134635Anne Gulmundsdatter?? Hestad*!! foster daughter - Molland E: foster child (1865 census) 
ID 4134736F. M. Samuelsen27 Langesund  
ID 4134837Fredrikke Sørensen20 Langesund  
ID 4134938Wilhelm Sørensen18 Langesund  
ID 4135039Marthin Sørensen15  Langesund  
Transcribed by Christopher W. Lyons - 2003

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