Passenger list 1866 - bark Telegraph
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ID 293771Peder Ersan??30 laborer - Residence Sweden  
ID 293782Christine Ersan??*29 wife - Residence Sweden  
ID 293793Halvor Pederson* Ersan??*son - Residence Sweden  
ID 293804Peder Pederson* Ersan??*son - Residence Sweden  
ID 293815!! Peders.* Ersan??*1/2 !! suckling - Residence Sweden - died the morning July 23 from cold   
ID 293826Isak I. Christophersen34 laborer - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 293837Stine 35 wife - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 293848Johan Isaksenson - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 293859David Isaksenson - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2938610Stefanius Isaksenson - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2938711!! Isaks.*¾ !! suckling - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2938812Guttorm Bentsen35 laborer - Residence Sweden  
ID 2938913Bergithe 35 wife - Residence Sweden  
ID 2939014!! Guttorms.*born !! child - Residence Sweden - child born June 25  
ID 2939115Bergithe Guttormsdatter*11 daughter - Residence Sweden  
ID 2939216Anna Guttormsdatter*daughter - Residence Sweden  
ID 2939317Karen Guttormsdatter*daughter - Residence Sweden  
ID 2939418Marit Guttormsdatter*daughter - Residence Sweden  
ID 2939519Bent Guttormsen*son - Residence Sweden  
ID 2939620Ole Olsen53 laborer* - Residence Sweden*  
ID 2939721Karen* 44 wife - Residence Sweden*  
ID 2939822Ole Olsen*21 son - Residence Sweden*  
ID 2939923Ingebrigt Olsen*21 son - Residence Sweden*  
ID 2940024Anna Olsdatter*17 daughter - Residence Sweden*  
ID 2940125Marit Bentzdatter21 laborer - Residence Sweden*  
ID 2940226Pål Olafsen Backmann25 laborer - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2940327Isak A. Bodas31 Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2940428Stine Bodas*43 wife - Residence Kaafjord - died June 7th from cold  
ID 2940529Benjamin Isaksen* Bodas*son - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2940630Jafet Isaksen* Bodas*son - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2940731Eva Bodas*22 daughter - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2940832Marie Bodas*17 daughter - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2940933Sophie Bodas*13 daughter - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2941034!! Isaks.* Bodas*¾ inf suckling - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2941135Esten Estensen28 laborer - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2941236Christine 28 wife - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2941337Emilie Estensdatter*daughter - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2941438Inger Estensdatter*daughter - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2941539Hanna Estensdatter*daughter - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2941640!! Estens.*¾ !! suckling - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2941741Christian Støren60 Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2941842Stine Støren*61 wife - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2941943Marie Christiansdatter* Støren*24 daughter - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2942044Marianne Christiansdatter* Støren*20 daughter - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2942145Fredrikke Støren*18 daughter - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2942246!! Støren*¾ !! suckling - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2942347Johan J. Christo35 Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2942448Berthe Christo*22 wife - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2942549!! Johans.* Christo*¾ !! suckling - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2942650Carl G. Frisk28 Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2942751Cathrine Frisk*26 wife - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2942852Carl Ludvig Carlsen Frisk*son - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2942953Isak H. Komess37 Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2943054Susanna Komess*26 wife - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2943155Johan Isaksen* Komess*son - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2943256Isak Isaksen* Komess*son - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2943357Sophie Isaksdatter* Komess*daughter - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2943458!! Isaks.* Komess*1/4 !! suckling - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2943559Johan Christiansen62 Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2943660Isak Sandquist24 Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2943761Peter A. Tago22 Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2943862P. Johan O. Romsdal21 Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2943963Maren Romsdal*28 wife - Residence Kaafjord - gave birth July 3rd  
ID 2944064!! Romsdal*born !! suckling - Residence Kaafjord - might have died July 13th E: can not determine who of them died 
ID 2944165Jacob Romsdal*son - Residence Kaafjord - might have died July 13th E: can not determine who of them died 
ID 2944266Ole Olsen Romsdal58 Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2944367Johan P. Hurru33 laborer - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2944468Stina Hurru*42 wife - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2944569Kaisa Johansdatter* Hurru*13 daughter - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2944670Peter Johansen*12 son - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2944771Ida Johansdatter*10 daughter - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2944872Hanna daughter - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2944973Johan Johansen*son - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2945074Eilert Nielsen32 sailor - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2945175Anna !!27 wife - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2945276August Eilertsen*son - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2945377Hanna Eilertsdatter*daughter - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2945478!! Eilerts.*1/2 !! suckling - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2945579Isak Mikkelsen36 laborer - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2945680Else !!51 wife - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2945781Isak Isaksen*17 son - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2945882Elisabeth Isaksdatter*13 daughter - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2945983Margrethe Isaksdatter*11 daughter - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2946084Lydia Isaksdatter*daughter - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2946185Salamon Navabodi43 Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2946286Evagama Navabodi*33 wife - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2946387Marie Salamonsdatter* Navabodi*10 daughter - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2946488Johan Salamonsen* Navabodi*son - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2946589Isak Salamonsen* Navabodi*son - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2946690!! Salamons.* Navabodi*¾ !! suckling - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2946791Johan J. Karralla21 Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2946892Anna Lenki50 Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2946993Abraham 17 her son - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2947094Lars E. Rømbek35 Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2947195Johanne Rømbek*24 wife - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2947296Carl Larsen* Rømbek*son - Residence Kaafjord - might have died on July 6 E: Can not determine who of dem died 
ID 2947397Gustaf Adolph Larsen* Rømbek*son - Residence Kaafjord - might have died on July 6 E: Can not determine who of dem died 
ID 2947498Erie Lars.* Rømbek*?? Residence Kaafjord  
ID 2947599!! Lars.* Rømbek*¾ !! suckling - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 29476100Carl O. Strøm39 Residence Kaafjord  
ID 29477101Anna Strøm*42 wife - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 29478102Eva Nappa64 widow - laborer - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 29479103Lars Olsen Kjeldsberg39 laborer - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 29480104Isack W. Sekarisen24 laborer - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 29481105Lars P. Larsen28 mate - Residence Molde  
ID 29482106Peder Engen24 laborer - Residence Norway  
ID 29483107Henrik Gjelde56 laborer - Residence Inderøen  
ID 29484108Ole J. Howseid28 laborer - Residence Hellern  
ID 29485109Lars B. Aasen32 laborer - Residence Hellern  
ID 29486110Johan M. Pedersen48 laborer - Residence Helgelend  
ID 29487111Ingeborg !!48 wife - Residence Helgelend  
ID 29488112Johannes Johansen*11 son - Residence Helgelend  
ID 29489113Christine Johansdatter*daughter - Residence Helgelend  
ID 29490114Erland O. Morkemo43 laborer - Residence Aafjorden  
ID 29491115Ellen Morkemo*42 wife - Residence Aafjorden  
ID 29492116Beret Erlandsdatter* Morkemo*18 daughter - Residence Aafjorden  
ID 29493117Marie Erlandsdatter* Morkemo*16 daughter - Residence Aafjorden  
ID 29494118Ole Erlandsen* Morkemo*11 son - Residence Aafjorden  
ID 29495119Jacob Erlandsen* Morkemo*15 son - Residence Aafjorden  
ID 29496120Andreas Erlandsen* Morkemo*son - Residence Aafjorden  
ID 29497121Johannes Erlandsen* Morkemo*son - Residence Aafjorden  
ID 29498122Magrethe Erlandsen* Morkemo*daughter - Residence Aafjorden  
ID 29499123!! Erlands.* Morkemo*¾ !! suckilng - Residence Aafjorden  
ID 29500124Eva Marie Christo25 Residence Kaafjord  
ID 29501125Thomas Maka65 Residence Kaafjord  
ID 29502126!! %Maka*%%42% %wife% - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 29503127Henrik Maiko34 Residence Kaafjord  
ID 29504128Christine Maiko*25 wife - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 29505129Johan Abraham Maiko*Residence Kaafjord  
ID 29506130!! Maiko*1/4 !! suckilng - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 29507131Peder Johansen Dolle43 Residence Kaafjord  
ID 29508132Ole S. Olsen34 Residence Kaafjord  
ID 29509133Othine 32 Residence Kaafjord  
ID 29510134August Olsenson - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 29511135Peder Andersen31 Residence Indherred  
ID 29512136Jensine 29 wife - Residence Indherred  
ID 29513137!! Peders.*¾ !! suckilng - Residence Indherred  
ID 29514138Ole P. Bjørnsmo70 laborer - Residence Nordland  
ID 29515139Oliver Olsen Bjørnsmo*25 Residence Nordland  
ID 29516140Gutorm Halvorsen Bjørnsmo*11 Residence Nordland  
ID 29517141Olea Olsdatter Bjørnsmo*31 Residence Nordland  
ID 29518142Karin Olsdatter Bjørnsmo*22 Residence Nordland  
ID 29519143Peder Olsen Bjørnsmo*29 Residence Nordland  
ID 29520144Cerine Pedersdatter Bjørnsmo*10 Residence Nordland  
ID 29521145Carl O. Pedersen32 Residence Nordland  
ID 29522146Gurine !!31 wife - Residence Nordland  
ID 29523147Emma Carlsdatter*daughter - Residence Nordland  
ID 29524148Ole Carlsen*son - Residence Nordland  
ID 29525149Peder Carlsen*son - Residence Nordland  
ID 29526150Hans K. Leiland21 Residence Horrig  
ID 29527151Botthold K. Wirak29 Residence Horrig  
ID 29528152Jens Klæbo30 Residence Klæbo  
ID 29529153Elias Pedersen20 Residence Norland  
ID 29530154Haagen Jonassen21 Residence Norland  
ID 29531155Christian Rolfsen33 Residence Norland  
ID 29532156Morten P. Marken47 Residence Norland  
ID 29533157Martha Marken*52 wife - Residence Norland  
ID 29534158Nathan Mortensen* Marken*22 son - Residence Norland  
ID 29535159Peder Mortensen* Marken*13 son - Residence Norland  
ID 29536160Johanne Mortensdater* Marken*17 daughter - Residence Norland  
ID 29537161Christine Mortensdater* Marken*daughter - Residence Norland  
ID 29538162Georg Hansen39 Residence Norland  
ID 29539163Sivert Fladaas37 farmer - Residence Leinstrand  
ID 29540164Anna Fladaas*37 wife - Residence Leinstrand  
ID 29541165Niels Sivertsen* Fladaas*11 son - Residence Leinstrand  
ID 29542166Lars Sivertsen* Fladaas*son - Residence Leinstrand  
ID 29543167Martin Sivertsen* Fladaas*son - Residence Leinstrand  
ID 29544168Anna Sivertsdatter* Fladaas*daughter - Residence Leinstrand  
ID 29545169Sivert Olsen18 Residence Leinstrand  
ID 29546170Iver Fladaas31 Residence Leinstrand  
ID 29547171Ingeborg Iversdatter* Fladaas*12 daughter - Residence Leinstrand  
ID 29548172Erik Olsen32 Residence Leinstrand  
ID 29549173Johan Chr. Jensen40 Residence Norland  
ID 29550174Jens Jensen30 Residence Norland  
ID 29551175Gertrud Marie 26 Residence Norland  
ID 29552176Beretanna Lovise 19 Residence Norland  
ID 29553177Niels A Olsen24 Residence Norland  
ID 29554178Grethe Pedersdatter24 servant - Residence Hellern  
ID 29555179Thomas Th. Maiko34 laborer - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 29556180Marie A. Vinteraas23 Residence Kaafjord  
ID 29557181Marie 1/4 suckling - Residence Kaafjord  
ID 29558182Johan Petter MaikoResidence Kaafjord  
ID 29559183Thore P. Thorhaug32 Residence Aafjorden  
ID 29560184Inger 23 his girlfriend - Residence Aafjorden  
ID 29561185Johannes Solberg24 farmer - Residence Strinden  
ID 29562186Lars K. Bjerseth19 Residence Strinden  
ID 29563187Christoffer Stav36 Residence Strinden  
ID 29564188Johannes O. Statland38 laborer - Residence Namsos  
ID 29565189Anne Statland*44 Residence Namsos  
ID 29566190Anna Johannesdatter* Statland*15 Residence Namsos  
ID 29567191Marie Johannesdatter* Statland*13 Residence Namsos  
ID 29568192Christoffer Olsen35 Residence Nordland  
ID 29569193Carl Hagen35 shoemaker - Residence Trondhjem  
ID 29570194Berret Hagen*40 wife - Residence Trondhjem  
ID 29571195Johan Carlsen* Hagen*son - Residence Trondhjem  
ID 29572196Carl Hægerstrøm30 saddler - Residence Trondhjem  
ID 29573197Hanna Hægerstrøm*29 wife - Residence Trondhjem  
ID 29574198Charlotte Carlsdatter* Hægerstrøm*daughter - Residence Trondhjem  
ID 29575199!! Carls.* Hægerstrøm*¾ !! suckilng - Residence Trondhjem  
ID 29576200Olaus Saxhaug34 laborer - Residence Strinden  
ID 29577201Andrea Saxhaug*31 wife - Residence Strinden  
ID 29578202!! Olaus.* Saxhaug*¾ !! suckilng - Residence Strinden  
ID 29579203Kristen Nilsdatter Moesi??36 Residence Nordland  
ID 29580204Randine daughter - Residence Nordland  
ID 29581205Elisa daughter - Residence Nordland  
ID 29582206Trine daughter - Residence Nordland  
ID 29583207!! !!¾ !! suckilng - Residence Nordland  
ID 29584208!! Henriks.*13 Residence Kaafjord - Henrik Pedersens child  
Transcribed by Børge Solem - 2002

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