Passenger list 1850 - brig Bjørgvin
  Gunder P. OlsenBergen May 25New York July 15Roll # 90, arr. no. 754

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ID 110411Knud Nielsen Gjert54 Cabin  
ID 110422Brithe Gjert*34 Cabin  
ID 110433Kari Gjert*11 Cabin  
ID 110444Inger Gjert*Cabin  
ID 110455Anne Gjert*Cabin  
ID 110466Knud Andersen ??20 Cabin  
ID 110477Ole Mortensen Stub26 Cabin  
ID 110488Brithe 20 Cabin  
ID 110499Anne Torbjørnsdatter25 Cabin  
ID 1105010Joen Tenne??32 Cabin  
ID 1105111Britte 26 Cabin  
ID 1105212Erick Sjursen Arndak??29 Cabin  
ID 1105313Jori Colbensdatter28 Cabin  
ID 1105414Catharine 3.5 Cabin  
ID 1105515Anders Joensen Skuta??25 Cabin  
ID 1105616Guri Sjursdatter Saue??30 Cabin  
ID 1105717Britte Ericksdatter21 Cabin  
ID 1105818Niels Olsen Agre18 Cabin  
ID 1105919Knud Olsen Grane36 Steerage  
ID 1106020Atsfer Olsdatter Grane26 Steerage  
ID 1106121Oldi Grane'Steerage  
ID 1106222Martha Olsdatter24 Steerage  
ID 1106323Anna Olsdatter18 Steerage  
ID 1106424Gutall Olsen Grane28 Steerage  
ID 1106525Isach Olsen Benke48 Steerage  
ID 1106626Karin Isachsdatter44 Steerage  
ID 1106727Britte 22 Steerage  
ID 1106828Martha 19 Steerage  
ID 1106929Isach Benke??9 mo Steerage  
ID 1107030Stork Svendsen ??24 Steerage  
ID 1107131Peder Olsen20 Steerage  
ID 1107232Christopher Amundsen Grane40 Steerage  
ID 1107333Guri Sversdatter47 Steerage  
ID 1107434Amund 22 Steerage  
ID 1107535Anne 17 Steerage  
ID 1107636Niels Knudsen Meløe??52 Steerage  
ID 1107737Steinvaar Meløe??*52 Steerage  
ID 1107838Maritte Meløe??*26 Steerage  
ID 1107939Knud Nielsen Meløe??*18 Steerage  
ID 1108040Viking G. Narum??27 Steerage  
ID 1108141Kiesti 27 Steerage  
ID 1108242Ingeborg Herlofsdatter27 Steerage  
ID 1108343Kari herlofsdatter*27 Steerage  
ID 1108444David Knudsen Hylle42 Steerage  
ID 1108545Martha 20 Steerage  
ID 1108646Knud Storksen18 Steerage  
ID 1108747Brithe Storksdatter15 Steerage  
ID 1108848Stephen Sjursen Agre23 Steerage  
ID 1108949Ingeborg Larsdatter22 Steerage  
ID 1109050Lars Sjursen Agre23 Steerage  
ID 1109151Ole Sjursen Agre18 Steerage  
ID 1109252Amund Torgersen Bak22 Steerage  
ID 1109353Lars Nielsen Noqvikn28 Steerage  
ID 1109454Iver Sversen Toen20 Steerage  
ID 1109555Gunbjør Toen*57 Steerage  
ID 1109656Iver Bottelsen Toen*23 Steerage  
ID 1109757Brynild Bottelsdatter* Toen*15 Steerage  
ID 1109858Marta Svensdatter Toen*48 wodow - Steerage Enke (widow) is written before the name Marta 
ID 1109959Lars Bottelsen Toen*21 Steerage  
ID 1110060Brite Bottelsdatter Toen*20 Steerage  
ID 1110161Niels Olsen Eskjer32 Steerage  
ID 1110262Ingeborg Gjellsdatter Eskjer*32 Steerage  
ID 1110363Ole Nielsen Eskjer*12 Steerage  
ID 1110464Ielle Nielsen* Eskjer*Steerage  
ID 1110565Brite Nielsdatter* Eskjer*Steerage  
ID 1110666Baar Nielsen* Eskjer*6 mo Steerage  
ID 1110767Anna Olsdatter23 Steerage  
ID 1110868Gjøri 3 mo Steerage  
ID 1110969Anna Sjursdatter22 Steerage  
ID 1111070Niels Olsen Grane25 Steerage  
ID 1111171Lars Gullaksen Gran18 Steerage  
ID 1111272Jorgen Olsen Gran24 Steerage  
ID 1111373Marette Gullaksdatter Gran20 Steerage  
ID 1111474Inver Nielsen28 Steerage  
ID 1111575Peder Larsen Bøe22 Steerage  
ID 1111676Erick Knudsen Winge??48 Steerage  
ID 1111777Sigri 38 Steerage  
ID 1111878Knud Ericksen*9.5 Steerage  
ID 1111979Mikkel Ericksen*Steerage  
ID 1112080Lars Olsen Quale43 Steerage  
ID 1112181Brite Olsdatter Quale*43 Steerage  
ID 1112282Ole Larsen Quale19 Steerage  
ID 1112383Andrea Larsdatter Quale10 Steerage  
ID 1112484Kari Larsdatter* Quale*Steerage  
ID 1112585Marthe Larsdatter* Quale*Steerage  
ID 1112686Brithe Larsdatter* Quale*Steerage  
ID 1112787Brithe Andersdatter Toen22 Steerage  
ID 1112888Peder Pedersen Narbøe21 Steerage  
ID 1112989Niels Olsen Seim??25 Steerage  
ID 1113090Aslak Nielsen T??28 Steerage  
ID 1113191Colben Larsen Grane30 Steerage  
ID 1113292Lars Larsen Grane32 Steerage  
ID 1113393Britha Grane*30 Steerage  
ID 1113494Gudvei Larsdatter* Grane*Steerage  
ID 1113595Kari Larsdatter* Grane*Steerage  
ID 1113696Gjertrud Larsdatter* Grane*4 mo Steerage  
ID 1113797Iver Larsen* Grane*Steerage  
ID 1113898Ingeborg Kilsdatter Hylbøe32 Steerage  
ID 1113999Lars Knudsen HimleSteerage  
ID 11140100Mons Knudsen Graave??20 Steerage  
ID 11141101Johannes Olsen Dahle50 Steerage  
ID 11142102Brithe Nielsdatter Dahle*46 Steerage  
ID 11143103Johannes Johannessen* Dahle  Steerage  
ID 11144104Ole Johannessen* Dahle26 Steerage  
ID 11145105Dorthe Johannesdatter* Dahle*13 Steerage  
ID 11146106Agathe Johannesdatter* Dahle*10 Steerage  
ID 11147107Marthe Johannesdatter* Dahle*9 mo Steerage  
ID 11148108Brirhe Nilsdatter27 Steerage  
ID 11149109Joh. Nielsen Dahle70 Steerage  
ID 11150110Martha Evensdatter25 Steerage  
ID 11151111Ole Johansen23 Steerage  
ID 11152112Martha Olsdatter60 Steerage  
ID 11153113Johannes 4 mo Steerage  
ID 11154114Dordi Johanesdatter21 Steerage  
ID 11155115Martha Enocksdatter22 Steerage  
ID 11156116Synneve Rasmusdatter22 Steerage  
ID 11157117Ingeborg Knudsdatter25 Steerage  
ID 11158118Sigri Larsdatter Bøe18 Steerage  
ID 11159119Jomfrue!! Olsen20 Steerage  
ID 11160120P. A. Rasmusen18 Steerage  
ID 11161121David Knudsen E??50 Steerage  
ID 11162122Marie Steffensdatter40 Steerage  
ID 11163123Knud Olsen22 Steerage  
ID 11164124Christin 19 Steerage  
ID 11165125Kistie 14 Steerage  
ID 11166126Knud Sjursen Digle??20 Steerage  
ID 11167127Steffen Larsen Bøe25 Steerage  
ID 11168128Niels Davidsen Wilge??26 Steerage  
Transcribed by Børge Solem - 2001

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All passengers marked Farmers & Mechanics - residence/origin of Norway - destination US of America

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