Passenger list 1852 - brig Bjørgvin
  Gunder P. OlsenBergen May 26New York July 16NARA Roll # 116, arr. no. 961

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ID 59261Herman Larsen Romei45 In Cabin  
ID 59272Lars Charstensen14 In Cabin  
ID 59283Hans Muckelbust50 In Cabin  
ID 59294Thrine Muckelbust46 In Cabin  
ID 59305John Muckelbust17 In Cabin  
ID 59316Alise Muckelbust14 In Cabin  
ID 59327Hans Muckelbust12 In Cabin  
ID 59338Gjert MuckelbustIn Cabin  
ID 59349Johannes MuckelbustIn Cabin  
ID 593510Trine Muckelbust20 In Cabin  
ID 593611Hans Muckelbust3 mo In Cabin  
ID 593712Trine Olsdatter30 In Cabin  
ID 593813Berent JohannesenIn Cabin  
ID 593914Randi Olsdatter27 In Cabin  
ID 594015Knud Knudsen Berge59 Houses on deck  
ID 594116Christie Johannesdatter Berge*58 Houses on deck  
ID 594217Knud Knudsen* Berge30 Houses on deck  
ID 594318Ingeborg Iversdatter Berge*36 Houses on deck  
ID 594419Guro Knudsdatter* Berge*Houses on deck  
ID 594520Knud Knudsen* Berge*Houses on deck  
ID 594621Svend Knudsen* Berge*Houses on deck  
ID 594722Asbjørn Raa38 Houses on deck  
ID 594823Ragnild Andersdatter Raa*34 Houses on deck  
ID 594924Anders Asbjørnsen* Raa*Houses on deck  
ID 595025Anne Asbjørnsdatter* Raa*6 mo Houses on deck  
ID 595126Lars Raa*37 Houses on deck  
ID 595236Kari Olsdatter26 Between deck  
ID 595328Synneve 15 Between deck  
ID 595429David Between deck  
ID 595530Christie Between deck  
ID 595631Anders 6 mo Between deck  
ID 595732Ingevar Olsen Forthamn??49 Between deck  
ID 595833Anne Abrahamsdatter36 Between deck  
ID 595934Anne Iversdatter26 Between deck  
ID 596035Sjur RomerBetween deck  
ID 596136Ole Romer10 Between deck  
ID 596237Berthe RomerBetween deck  
ID 596338Anne RomerBetween deck  
ID 596439Niels Bjørkum32 Between deck  
ID 596540Marie Olsdatter Bjørkum*32 Between deck  
ID 596641Peder Bjørkum*Between deck  
ID 596742Ole Bjørkum*Between deck  
ID 596843Asle Olsdatter Bjørkum*Between deck  
ID 596944Anne Bjørkum*Between deck  
ID 597045Niels Nielsen Bjørkum*6 mo Between deck  
ID 597146Ole Olsen Hellestad33 Between deck  
ID 597247Brithe Pedersdatter Hellestad*29 Between deck  
ID 597348Kari Olsdatter* Hellestad*Between deck  
ID 597449Ole Olsen* Hellestad*Between deck  
ID 597550Peder Olsen Hellestad6 mo Between deck  
ID 597651Jens Andersen Eggum22 Between deck  
ID 597752Haagen S Smed??31 Between deck  
ID 597853Ingeborg Pedersdatter Lysne29 Between deck  
ID 597954Kari Andersdatter35 Between deck  
ID 598055Gjertrud Between deck  
ID 598156Karen Between deck  
ID 598257Anne 2.5 Between deck  
ID 598358Ole Stiansen Bakke59 Between deck  
ID 598459Ragnhide Jensdatter Bakke*58 Between deck  
ID 598560Ingeborg Bakke*33 Between deck  
ID 598661Ole Bakke*Between deck  
ID 598762Gaute Eriksen Bakke43 Between deck  
ID 598863Ingeborg Eriksdatter Bakke*53 Between deck  
ID 598964Ingeborg Bakke*10 Between deck  
ID 599065Christopher Rognaldsen40 Between deck  
ID 599166Gjertrud Gundersdatter33 Between deck  
ID 599267Ragnald Christophersen*15 Between deck  
ID 599368Lars Christophersen*11 Between deck  
ID 599469Marthe Christophersdatter*Between deck  
ID 599570Ole Christophersen*Between deck  
ID 599671Christopher Pedersen Svendsrud??38 Between deck  
ID 599772Bertha Selphesdatter42 Between deck  
ID 599873Peder Christophersen*6 mo Between deck  
ID 599974Ludvig Pedersen Romer56 Between deck  
ID 600075Christie Ellingsdatter46 Between deck  
ID 600176Hendrick Romer*19 Between deck  
ID 600277Elling Romer*14 Between deck  
ID 600378Mette Ellingsdatter24 Between deck  
ID 600479Gunele Ellingsdatter??22 Between deck  
ID 600580Elisabeth Ellingsdatter??14 Between deck  
ID 600681Anders Andersen B??24 Between deck  
ID 600782Agathe Johnsdatter25 Between deck  
ID 600883Baard ?? Haugen31 Between deck  
ID 600984Anne do. Haugen23 Between deck  
ID 601085Christen Baardsen6 mo Between deck  
ID 601186Vebjørn Endresen Engene32 Between deck  
ID 601287Herbrandt Knudsen Torsæth21 Between deck  
ID 601388Margreth Knudsdatter23 Between deck  
ID 601489Knud Knudsen Brokledahl26 Between deck  
ID 601590Siri Knudsdatter Brokledahl*33 Between deck  
ID 601691Lars Knudsen* Brokledahl*Between deck  
ID 601792Anders Olsen Gryte22 Between deck  
ID 601893Ole Knudsen Hagen30 Between deck  
ID 601994Sigrid Enderesdatter Hagen*35 Between deck  
ID 602095Margreth Olsdatter Hagen*Between deck  
ID 602196Knud Olsen* Hagen*9 mo Between deck  
ID 602297Knud Olsen Pudethun26 Between deck  
ID 602398Erick Ericksen Flaget36 Between deck  
ID 602499Siri Flaget*29 Between deck  
ID 6025100Niels Ericksen* Flaget*Between deck  
ID 6026101Guraae Ericksdatter* Flaget*Between deck  
ID 6027102Erick Ericksen* Flaget*Between deck  
ID 6028103Ragnhild Ericksdatter* Flaget*6 mo Between deck  
ID 6029104Henrick Tellefsen Huleback32 Between deck  
ID 6030105Margreth Huleback*30 Between deck  
ID 6031106Gullick Henricksen* Huleback*Between deck  
ID 6032107Thure Tellefsdatter22 Between deck  
ID 6033108Anders Olsen Thorseth38 Between deck  
ID 6034109Fr Theodr Nielsen21 Between deck  
ID 6035110Ole Nielsen Humle47 Between deck  
ID 6036111Brite Humle*48 Between deck  
ID 6037112Brite Olsdatter* Humle*19 Between deck  
ID 6038113Runvei Olsdatter* Humle17 Between deck  
ID 6039114Inger Olsdatter* Humle*Between deck  
ID 6040115Niels Olsen* Humle*10 Between deck  
ID 6041116Erick Isacsen Nyre36 Between deck  
ID 6042117Ragnhild Nielsdatter Skuledahl36 Between deck  
ID 6043118Ingebrigkt Knudsen Vika29 Between deck  
ID 6044119Kari Vika*44 Between deck  
ID 6045120Knud Ingebrigtsen* Vika*Between deck  
ID 6046121Iver do. Ingebrigtsen* Vika*Between deck  
ID 6047122Niels do. Ingebrigtsen* Vika*Between deck  
ID 6048123Jacob do. Ingebrigtsen* Vika*3 mo Between deck  
ID 6049124Lars Pedersen Grolland29 Between deck  
ID 6050125Marthe Grolland*24 Between deck  
ID 6051126Brithe Larsdatter* Grolland*Between deck  
ID 6052127Knud Sjursen Drugstad26 Between deck  
ID 6053128Gulick Samuelsen?? Skutle39 Between deck  
ID 6054129Catharine Halvorsdatter Verlie26 Between deck  
ID 6055130Ingeborg Halvorsdatter23 Between deck  
ID 6056131Iver Colbeinsen Helgeland36 Between deck  
ID 6057132Aseline Helgeland25 Between deck  
ID 6058133Sjur Thorbjørnsen Hammerdahl30 Between deck  
ID 6059134Ingeborg Hammerdahl*23 Between deck  
ID 6060135Thorbjørn Sjursen* Hammerdahl*6 mo Between deck  
ID 6061136Peder Olsen Selland50 Between deck  
ID 6062137Solva Egilsdatter. Selland*51 Between deck  
ID 6063138Ole Pedersen* Selland*18 Between deck  
ID 6064139Egil Pedersen* Selland*15 Between deck  
ID 6065140Knud Pedersen* Selland*13 Between deck  
ID 6066141Lars Pedersen* Selland*Between deck  
ID 6067142Anna Pedersdatter15 Between deck  
ID 6068143Niels Berge18 Between deck  
ID 6069144Ragnhild Andersdatter Messefield22 Between deck  
ID 6070145Ole Messefield6 mo Between deck  
ID 6071146Stork Knudsen Dugstad20 Between deck  
ID 6072147Ole Andersen Aasved27 Between deck  
ID 6073148Bendicke 31 Between deck  
ID 6074149!!   one child born on the voyage  
Transcribed by Børge Solem - 2000

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