Passenger list 1851 - schooner Ebenezer
  H. C. ClausenStavanger New York June 2arr. no. 629

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Ref.NameAgeSexRemarksAddition: Read or submit by clicking the names
ID 41041Zach. Christoffersen43 Cabin  
ID 41052Christoffer Zachariasen*Cabin  
ID 41063John Henrich Zachariasen*Cabin  
ID 41071Svale Nielsen25 Steerage  
ID 41082Ole Johnson36 Steerage  
ID 41093Sophie Johnson*26 Steerage  
ID 41104Marthe Olsdatter* Johnson*10 mo Steerage  
ID 41115Thore Ollson40 Steerage  
ID 41126Ellen Ollson*28 Steerage  
ID 41137Gunvord Thoresdatter* Ollson*Steerage  
ID 41148Johannes Thoresen* Ollson*Steerage  
ID 41159Sivert Thoresen* Ollson*Steerage  
ID 411610Niels Tastenson32 Steerage  
ID 411711Ingeborg K Tastenson*36 Steerage  
ID 411812Theresa Nielsdatter* Tastenson*Steerage  
ID 411913Anne M Nielsdatter* Tastenson*Steerage  
ID 412014Thomas Nielsen* Tastenson*6 mo Steerage  
ID 412115Siva Sjurdatter28 Steerage  
ID 412216Kari Sjurdatter*24 Steerage  
ID 412317Christoffer Halvorson24 Steerage  
ID 412418Gabriel S Watne33 Steerage  
ID 412519Malene S Watne*30 Steerage  
ID 412620Rachel Pedersdotter34 Steerage  
ID 412721Elling Halvorson36 Steerage  
ID 412822Guri Halvorson*24 Steerage  
ID 412923Bordina?? Ellingsdatter* Halvorson*1.5 Steerage  
ID 413024Svend Pedersen37 Steerage  
ID 413125Caroline Olsdotter21 Steerage  
ID 413226Knud Erickson57 Steerage  
ID 413327Ragnild Gullicksdatter Erickson*40 Steerage  
ID 413428Eric Kundsen* Erickson*16 Steerage  
ID 413529Gullick Kundsen* Erickson*11 Steerage  
ID 413630Ole Kundsen* Erickson*Steerage  
ID 413731Orm Kundsen* Erickson*Steerage  
ID 413832Svend Kundsen* Erickson*Steerage  
ID 413933Henrick Kundsen* Erickson*6 mo Steerage  
ID 414034Endre Johannson38 Steerage  
ID 414135Beritha Endresdatter32 Steerage  
ID 414236Haagen Larssen29 Steerage  
ID 414337Ellen M Larssen*24 Steerage  
ID 414438Jacob Oleson22 Steerage  
ID 414539Agatha Olesdotter34 Steerage  
ID 414640Amund Hellicson30 Steerage  
ID 414741Halvor Nielson27 Steerage  
ID 414842Trine Ericsdotter21 Steerage  
ID 414943Ole Hadleson??24 Steerage  
ID 415044Niels Erickson44 Steerage  
ID 415145Anne K Erickson*37 Steerage  
ID 415246Eric Nielsen* Erickson*14 Steerage  
ID 415347Ingebreckt Nielsen* Erickson*Steerage  
ID 415448Ole Nielsen* Erickson*Steerage  
ID 415549Malene Nielsdatter* Erickson*18 Steerage  
ID 415650Marthea Nielsdatter* Erickson*12 Steerage  
ID 415751Anne K Nielsdatter* Erickson*7 mo Steerage  
ID 415852Lars Johanson24 Steerage  
ID 415953Salve Salveson42 Steerage  
ID 416054Marthe Salveson*24?? Steerage  
ID 416155Sivert A Salveson*15 Steerage  
ID 416256Olea A Salveson*12 Steerage  
ID 416357Anne S Salveson*Steerage  
ID 416458Joel Salveson*Steerage  
ID 416559Martina Salveson*11 mo Steerage  
ID 416660Andor Ellingson34 Steerage  
ID 416761Halvor Bjørnson38 Steerage  
ID 416862Walborg Bjørnson*29 Steerage  
ID 416963Peder Bjørnson*Steerage  
ID 417064Niels Halvorson18 Steerage  
ID 417165Gottchalk Helicson36 Steerage  
ID 417266Margareth Helicson*41 Steerage  
ID 417367Allis Helicson*Steerage  
ID 417468Helic Helicson*Steerage  
ID 417569Britha H Falck33 Steerage  
ID 417670Anna D Falck*10 Steerage  
ID 417771Olaus Falck*Steerage  
ID 417872John Falck*Steerage  
ID 417973Louisa Falck*Steerage  
ID 418074Anna D Falck*63 Steerage  
ID 418175Tyrid Helgesdotter26 Steerage  
Transcribed by Børge Solem - 2000

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All passengers marked Occupation Mechanics/farmers- Residence/origin of Norway - Destination USA

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