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BurdenBuiltShipowner or operator Dimensions
57 kl 1847 at Stavanger, Norway L. & S. Svendsen, Stavanger, Norway  
 1848 Captain H. C. Clausen  from Stavanger to New York June 24  Passenger list: Passenger list 
 1849 Captain H. C. Clausen  from Stavanger Apr. 26 to New York June 18  Passenger list: Passenger list 
 1850 Captain H. C. Clausen  from Stavanger Apr. 19 to New York May 15  Passenger list: Passenger list 
 1851 Captain H. C. Clausen  from Stavanger to New York June 2  Passenger list: Passenger list 
 1853 Captain H. C. Clausen  from Stavanger Apr. 18 to New York May 29  Passenger list: Passenger list 
The information listed above is not the complete record of the ship. The information was collected from a multitude of sources, and new information will be added as it emerges
The Ebenezer was built in 1847 at Jacob Kielland & Søns ship yard by Knud Kaisen. She was built for L. & S. Svendsen who owned her from 1847 to 1865. The Ebenezer was a schooner of about 199 tons. She made 5 voyages from Stavanger to New York with Norwegian emigrants. She first crossed in 1848, the year after she had been built, and the last voyage with emigrants was in 1853. On all of these voyages she was mastered by Capt. Clausen, who mastered the ship for 10 years. The Ebenezer was one of the fastest of the Norwegian emigrant ships. Her record crossing was 30 days from Stavanger to New York in 1850.

This is picture of the Ebenezer is from a photograph belonging to the Stavanger Sjøfartsmuseum. You can order a copy by contacting them, (picture reference: no. 45) They also have another picture of her (ref. no 353). Remember to include all details when ordering.

Below is a translated letter telling about the 1851 voyage. It was sent back to Borhaug, Vest Agder from Zacharias CHRISTOPHERSEN to his brother. Info on Zacharias on p. 863 of Listaboka,1980. This translation was supplied to David L. Johnson in 1995 by a newly found cousin (Ruth Niermeyer, nee JOHNSON) that he located while researching his Norwegian roots. David have made this letter available to us, but would like to give credit to Ruth and Russell Niermeyer in supplying this wonderful piece of history. Both Ruth and David are first cousins, twice removed to Jan Hendrig(k) mentioned in the letter. Gabriel S. WATNE (SAKARIASEN) and Malene S. WATNE ( SAKARIASDATTER) were also on the schooner and from Vatne, Vest Agder and can be found on p. 864 of Listaboka, 1980. They were cousins to Zacharias.


June 1, 1851

Christoffer Svendson Watne

We came happily to New York the first of June this year. We had a pleasant trip to America. Our dear Savior was merciful and kept us from all danger and harm. We got a good breeze as we left from Stavanger, which lasted about 14 days, but then we got storm and contrary wind a couple of days, and good weather again and the wind variable so that it went fast with the trip. We were aboard 5 weeks on the trip. Sunday, April 27th we sailed from Stavanger and Sunday, June 1st, we arrived in New York. With the seasickness it went fairly well. Jan Hendrig became entirely well in a few days. With Christopher it lasted 8 - 10 days before he became entirely well. Malene did not get well until we arrived. She was sick off and on, but now is well, and all are well and active. The sail trip went off well without danger, but a very strange thing I must tell you: The time we came to the eastern Newfoundland Banks we saw 8 great Icebergs. They seemed like off the foresale boom(?). We calculated they could be about 200 feet high. That you may not believe, but we think so. Yet none of them was nearer, than one mile (Norwegian or sea mile) from us. We are living, God be praised, all well and in good health.

Wednesday, June 4, we shall in God's name continue the trip inland. The price is about 4 dollars for each person. All is well on board. Captain Clausen is a good man, he is a good sailor, friendly and accommodating. Now I have no more to write except best wishes from me and my children. With love from us to father, mother, and "søskend" (brothers and sister) and also to Grandma Borhaug, (Mobre and Moster) (Mother's brother and mother's sister).

Our Lord and Savior's grace be with us and all of you.

Gabriel and Malene wish to be remembered to Reinert and all "søskend." etc. etc.

Zacharias Christophersen Wathne


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