Passenger list 1849 - schooner Ebenezer
  H. C. ClausenStavanger Apr. 26New York June 18arr. no 733

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Ref.NameAgeSexRemarksAddition: Read or submit by clicking the names
ID 4151Anders M Iversen25 Cabin  
ID 4162Lourentre Iverson23 Cabin  
ID 4173Ropuld Weesenberg32 Steerage  
ID 4184Ole Boyornsen29 Steerage  
ID 4195Rasmus Ween17 Steerage  
ID 4206Andrea Iversdoter22 Steerage  
ID 4217Edward Larssen10 Steerage  
ID 4228Jacob Larssen28 Steerage  
ID 4239Eric Ericksen25 Steerage  
ID 42410Knud Thorssen32 Steerage  
ID 42511Rositi?? Jacobsdatter60 Steerage  
ID 42612Andreas Wilwonson??29 Steerage  
ID 42713Endre Wilwonson??*23 Steerage  
ID 42814Ole Olshuus22-1/2 Steerage  
ID 42915Wyborg Olshuus*20 (his wife) - Steerage  
ID 43016Ole Ollsen Olshuus*6 mos Steerage  
ID 43117Lars Ollsen12 Steerage  
ID 43218Brugt Amundsen29 Steerage  
ID 43319Neils Endressen22 Steerage  
ID 43420Andreas Mickelsen24 Steerage  
ID 43521Ole Mickelsen21 Steerage  
ID 43622Siri Olsdatter26 Steerage  
ID 43723Peder Pedersson28 Steerage  
ID 43824Anne Olsdatter22 Steerage  
ID 43925Udbjørn?? Guttormsdatter21 Steerage  
ID 44026Ole Olsen Strand27 Steerage  
ID 44127Samsen Andersen28 Steerage  
ID 44228Bjorn Thorsen24 Steerage  
ID 44329Lars Ollsen21 Steerage  
ID 44430Rasmus Ollsen23 Steerage  
ID 44531Thore Olsen21 Steerage  
ID 44632Christian Christoffersen23 Steerage  
ID 44733Syvert Kundsen24 Steerage  
ID 44834Niels Nielsen23 Steerage  
ID 44935Ole Mortensen29 Steerage  
ID 45036Anders Iversen21 Steerage  
ID 45137Elias Larrsen34 Steerage  
ID 45238Niels Nielsen21 Steerage  
ID 45339Jacob Jacobsen25 Steerage  
ID 45440Hellik Olsen34 Steerage  
ID 45541John Thorsen24 Steerage  
ID 45642Elisabeth Christiansdatter23 Steerage  
ID 45743Serine Olsdatter27 Steerage  
ID 45844Jacob Gautesen25 Steerage  
ID 45945Lar?? Nielsen21 Steerage  
ID 46046Valentin Nielsen22 Steerage  
ID 46147Oline Andersdatter25 Steerage  
ID 46248Eric Jacobsen21 Steerage  
ID 46349Paul Tollefsen20 Steerage  
ID 46450Jacob Ericksen26 Steerage  
ID 46551Elin Karin Mickelsdatter34 Steerage  
ID 46652Michael Jacobsen12 Steerage  
ID 46753Lauritz JacobsenSteerage  
ID 46854Anna Jacobsdatter6 mos Steerage  
ID 46955Haaver Guttormsen32 Steerage  
ID 47056Anna Thorsdatter31 Steerage  
ID 47157Marie HaaversdatterSteerage  
ID 47258Bente Haaversdatter11 mos Steerage  
ID 47359Daniel Jørgensen21 Steerage  
ID 47460Daniel Danielsen22 Steerage  
ID 47561Wilhelm Johannes Larsen21 Steerage  
ID 47662Lars Iversen24 Steerage  
ID 47763Rasmus Ericksen47 Steerage  
ID 47864Mette Johannesdatter35 Steerage  
ID 47965Jørgen Rasmussen20 Steerage  
ID 48066Morten Rasmussen15 Steerage  
ID 48167Johannes Rasmussen1/2 Steerage  
ID 48268Anne Rasmussen13 Steerage  
ID 48369Mallen RasmussenSteerage  
ID 48470Helene RasmussenSteerage  
ID 48571Martha Olsdatter29 Steerage  
ID 48672Karin Rasmusdater32 Steerage  
ID 48773Peder Olsen26 Steerage  
ID 48874Michael Olsen21 Steerage  
Transcribed by Wendy Zander and Børge Solem

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All passengers marked residence/origin of Norway - destination U. S. of America

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