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Special signs:

??  signifies that the handwriting in the original is indistinct or illegible. Part of a name, or an entire name might not be possible to decipher.
!!  signifies that this information in the source must be wrong for obvious reasons. !! alone in a field means that the information is missing.
@  is used as a separator between two alternative readings of the original when it is impossible to decide which is the correct one.
%  indicates stricken out text in the source. If a word or a sentence is stricken out it is marked with a % in front and behind the stricken out word.
*  after a piece of information, e.g. a patronymic or surname/farmname, indicates that the information is not given in the original, but included by the registrator on the basis of the information regarding the surrounding persons in the source.


Name:Knud Thorssen 
Passenger on:Schooner Ebenezer 1849, from Stavanger Apr. 26 to New York June 18 
Source:arr. no 733 - Transcribed by Wendy Zander and B°rge Solem 
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Additional Information:

Submitted by Nathaniel Meyer, 09. april 2014
Knud Thorsen from Haaversteen farm, Rennes°y traveling with his mother Kirsti Jacobsdtr. from Haaversteen farm, Rennes°y Knud Thorsen was born April 29, 1817 probably at Hoversteen / Haaversteen farm on Rennes°y Island, Rogaland, Norway to parents Thore Knudsen and Kjesti / Kirsti Jacobsdatter. Christened May 2 at Housken parish. Emigrated with his mother. For some reason became Knudt Thompson upon arrival in America and in fact named his son Thomas rather than Thore. Settled near Roland, Story County, Iowa. Died March 21, 1900 and is buried in Roland Cemetery. Was survived by two sons and a stepdaughter.

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The information in the Norway Heritage Project passenger list database mainly covers New York lists 1828 - 1850, and Canadian lists 1865 - 1875. In some cases information about Norwegian emigrants has also been added from other sources like newspaper announcements, voyage accounts or other random records. There are also entries from the Norwegian Police Emigration Records. For more information read the article
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