Passenger list 1851 - schooner Ebenezer
  H. C. ClausenStavanger New York June 2arr. no. 629

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Ref.NameAgeSexRemarksAddition: Read or submit by clicking the names
ID 41041Zach. Christoffersen43 Cabin  
ID 41052Christoffer Zachariasen*Cabin  
ID 41063John Henrich Zachariasen*Cabin  
ID 41071Svale Nielsen25 Steerage  
ID 41082Ole Johnson36 Steerage  
ID 41093Sophie Johnson*26 Steerage  
ID 41104Marthe Olsdatter* Johnson*10 mo Steerage  
ID 41115Thore Ollson40 Steerage  
ID 41126Ellen Ollson*28 Steerage  
ID 41137Gunvord Thoresdatter* Ollson*Steerage  
ID 41148Johannes Thoresen* Ollson*Steerage  
ID 41159Sivert Thoresen* Ollson*Steerage  
ID 411610Niels Tastenson32 Steerage  
ID 411711Ingeborg K Tastenson*36 Steerage  
ID 411812Theresa Nielsdatter* Tastenson*Steerage  
ID 411913Anne M Nielsdatter* Tastenson*Steerage  
ID 412014Thomas Nielsen* Tastenson*6 mo Steerage  
ID 412115Siva Sjurdatter28 Steerage  
ID 412216Kari Sjurdatter*24 Steerage  
ID 412317Christoffer Halvorson24 Steerage  
ID 412418Gabriel S Watne33 Steerage  
ID 412519Malene S Watne*30 Steerage  
ID 412620Rachel Pedersdotter34 Steerage  
ID 412721Elling Halvorson36 Steerage  
ID 412822Guri Halvorson*24 Steerage  
ID 412923Bordina?? Ellingsdatter* Halvorson*1.5 Steerage  
ID 413024Svend Pedersen37 Steerage  
ID 413125Caroline Olsdotter21 Steerage  
ID 413226Knud Erickson57 Steerage  
ID 413327Ragnild Gullicksdatter Erickson*40 Steerage  
ID 413428Eric Kundsen* Erickson*16 Steerage  
ID 413529Gullick Kundsen* Erickson*11 Steerage  
ID 413630Ole Kundsen* Erickson*Steerage  
ID 413731Orm Kundsen* Erickson*Steerage  
ID 413832Svend Kundsen* Erickson*Steerage  
ID 413933Henrick Kundsen* Erickson*6 mo Steerage  
ID 414034Endre Johannson38 Steerage  
ID 414135Beritha Endresdatter32 Steerage  
ID 414236Haagen Larssen29 Steerage  
ID 414337Ellen M Larssen*24 Steerage  
ID 414438Jacob Oleson22 Steerage  
ID 414539Agatha Olesdotter34 f Steerage  
ID 414640Amund Hellicson30 Steerage  
ID 414741Halvor Nielson27 Steerage  
ID 414842Trine Ericsdotter21 Steerage  
ID 414943Ole Hadleson??24 Steerage  
ID 415044Niels Erickson44 Steerage  
ID 415145Anne K Erickson*37 Steerage  
ID 415246Eric Nielsen* Erickson*14 Steerage  
ID 415347Ingebreckt Nielsen* Erickson*Steerage  
ID 415448Ole Nielsen* Erickson*Steerage  
ID 415549Malene Nielsdatter* Erickson*18 Steerage  
ID 415650Marthea Nielsdatter* Erickson*12 Steerage  
ID 415751Anne K Nielsdatter* Erickson*7 mo Steerage  
ID 415852Lars Johanson24 Steerage  
ID 415953Salve Salveson42 Steerage  
ID 416054Marthe Salveson*24?? Steerage  
ID 416155Sivert A Salveson*15 Steerage  
ID 416256Olea A Salveson*12 Steerage  
ID 416357Anne S Salveson*Steerage  
ID 416458Joel Salveson*Steerage  
ID 416559Martina Salveson*11 mo Steerage  
ID 416660Andor Ellingson34 Steerage  
ID 416761Halvor Bjørnson38 Steerage  
ID 416862Walborg Bjørnson*29 Steerage  
ID 416963Peder Bjørnson*Steerage  
ID 417064Niels Halvorson18 Steerage  
ID 417165Gottchalk Helicson36 Steerage  
ID 417266Margareth Helicson*41 Steerage  
ID 417367Allis Helicson*Steerage  
ID 417468Helic Helicson*Steerage  
ID 417569Britha H Falck33 Steerage  
ID 417670Anna D Falck*10 Steerage  
ID 417771Olaus Falck*Steerage  
ID 417872John Falck*Steerage  
ID 417973Louisa Falck*Steerage  
ID 418074Anna D Falck*63 Steerage  
ID 418175Tyrid Helgesdotter26 Steerage  
Transcribed by Børge Solem - 2000

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All passengers marked Occupation Mechanics/farmers- Residence/origin of Norway - Destination USA

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