Passenger list 1849 - brig Harmoni
  T. F. LandaasStavanger May 13New York July 6Roll # 81, arr. no 879

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ID 11601Stein Pedersen29 Cabin  
ID 11612Søren Halvorsen21 Cabin  
ID 11623Anna Mikkelsdatter20 Cabin  
ID 11634Guri Halvorsdatter17 Steerage  
ID 11645Torger Olson48 Steerage  
ID 11656Marie Larsdatter23 Steerage  
ID 11667Lars Torgersen20 Steerage  
ID 11678Gunila Torgersdatter23 Steerage  
ID 11689Martha Torgersdatter18 Steerage  
ID 116910Alis Torgersdatter16 Steerage  
ID 117011Siri Torgersdatter13 Steerage  
ID 117112Marie TorgersdatterSteerage  
ID 117213Elias Olsen26 Steerage  
ID 117314Guri Johansdatter22 Steerage  
ID 117415Ole Olsen21 Steerage  
ID 117516Guri Olsdatter27 Steerage  
ID 117617Niels Nielson28 Steerage  
ID 117718Guri Pedersdatter20 Steerage  
ID 117819Guri Nilsdatter1 mo Steerage  
ID 117920Peder Pedersen60 Steerage  
ID 118021Guri Askildsdatter50 Steerage  
ID 118122Peder Johannessen24 Steerage  
ID 118223Barbro Johannessen18 Steerage  
ID 118324Ørjan Johannessen45 Steerage  
ID 118425Gjøs Olsdatter44 Steerage  
ID 118526Ørjan JohannessenSteerage  
ID 118627Johannes Ørjansen14 Steerage  
ID 118728Ole Ørjansen*11 Steerage  
ID 118829Lars Ørjansen*Steerage  
ID 118930Gjertrud Ørjansdatter21 Steerage  
ID 119031Ingeborg Ørjansdatter*11 Steerage  
ID 119132Guri Ørjansdatter*Steerage  
ID 119233Gjøs Ørjansdatter*3 mo Steerage  
ID 119334Osmund Halvorsen31 Steerage  
ID 119435Ingeborg Elisabeth Torbjørnsdatter34 Steerage  
ID 119536Osmund OsmundsenSteerage  
ID 119637Torbjørn Osmundsen*Steerage  
ID 119738Halvor Osmundsen*Steerage  
ID 119839Anna Osmundsdatter*10 Steerage  
ID 119940Mari Osmundsdatter*11 mo Steerage  
ID 120041Tørres Halvorsen26 Steerage  
ID 120142Marthe Thomasdatter29 Steerage  
ID 120243Haldor Toresen5 mo Steerage  
ID 120344Lars Christoffersen34 Steerage  
ID 120445Ingeborg Johannesdatter31 Steerage  
ID 120546Christoffer LarsenSteerage  
ID 120647Haldor Thorsen49 Steerage  
ID 120748Marthe Knudsdatter48 Steerage  
ID 120849Knud HaldorsenSteerage  
ID 120950Ingeborg Haldorsdatter*22 Steerage  
ID 121051Inger Haldorsdatter*18 Steerage  
ID 121152Martha Haldorsdatter*15 Steerage  
ID 121253Oline Haldorsdatter*12 Steerage  
ID 121354Jakob Haatorsen35 Steerage  
ID 121455Ida Sofie Torrisdatter38 Steerage  
ID 121556Hactor JakobsenSteerage  
ID 121657Tørres JakobsenSteerage  
ID 121758Sidsella JakobsenSteerage  
ID 121859Ingers Olsdatter20 Steerage  
ID 121960Johanne Thomasdatter25 Steerage  
ID 122061Ole Johannessen49 Steerage  
ID 122162Brithe Larsdatter42 Steerage  
ID 122263Johannes Olsen21 Steerage  
ID 122364Lars Olsen14 Steerage  
ID 122465Christoffer OlsenSteerage  
ID 122566Anne Olsdatter18 Steerage  
ID 122667Brithe Olsdatter*12 Steerage  
ID 122768Ingeborg Olsdatter*Steerage  
ID 122869Britha Olsdatter*Steerage  
ID 122970Marthe Olsdatter*3 mo Steerage  
ID 123071Samson Aaronsen33 Steerage  
ID 123172Lars Larssen24 Steerage  
ID 123273Johann Samsonson50 Steerage  
ID 123374Marthe Thorbjørnsdatter51 Steerage  
ID 123475Peder Olsen32 Steerage  
ID 123576Herborg Jacobsdatter29 Steerage  
ID 123677Johanna PedersenSteerage  
ID 123778Ole Pedersen3 mo Steerage  
ID 123879Torrin Pedersdatter77 Steerage  
ID 123980Anne Pedersdatter*Steerage  
ID 124081Thor Anfindsen52 Steerage  
ID 124182Lars Anfindsen*36 Steerage  
ID 124283Madela Halvorsadatter25 Steerage  
ID 124384Anfind Larsen11 mo Steerage  
ID 124485Sferran?? Wiersen61 Steerage  
ID 124586Wier Johannessen33 Steerage  
ID 124687Kari Olsdatter29 Steerage  
ID 124788Johan WiersenSteerage  
ID 124889Ole WiersenSteerage  
ID 124990Lise WiersdatterSteerage  
ID 125091Guri Wiersdatter6 mo Steerage  
ID 125192Tørris Halstensen68 Steerage  
ID 125293Margrethe Knudsdatter38 Steerage  
ID 125394Sifella Johannesdatter14 Steerage  
ID 125495Torris Johannessen11 Steerage  
ID 125596John Johannessen18 Steerage  
ID 125697Tjørand E??dresen24 Steerage  
ID 125798Askild Larsen31 Steerage  
ID 125899Jonas Jonassen24 Steerage  
ID 1259100Bjørn Jonassen37 Steerage  
ID 1260101Ingeborg Pedersdatter26 Steerage  
ID 1261102Johannes BjørnsenSteerage  
ID 1262103Peder Bjørnsen*3 mo Steerage  
ID 1263104Guri Bjørnsdatter*Steerage  
ID 1264105Wier Anfindsen53 Steerage  
ID 1265106Martha Halvorsdatter45 Steerage  
ID 1266107Anfind Wiersen14 Steerage  
ID 1267108Halvor Wiersen12 Steerage  
ID 1268109Torris Wiersen10 Steerage  
ID 1269110Wier WiersenSteerage  
ID 1270111Hans Wiersen2-1/4 Steerage  
ID 1271112Ingeborg WiersenSteerage  
ID 1272113Martha WiersenSteerage  
ID 1273114Udna Anfindsdatter38 Steerage  
Transcribed by Børge Solem - 2000

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