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BurdenBuiltShipowner or operator Dimensions
184½ kl 1848 at Wiffsta Wärft, Sweden by E. A. Hagglund M. Thorsen, Christiania, Norway  
 1848 Aug. 31 Marseille from Sundsvall, Capt. OlsenAtlantic Journey ID 7414
 1850 July 30 off Dover, from TorreviejaAtlantic Journey ID 7415
 1850 Nov. 6 at the Needles: from Norway to RochfortAtlantic Journey ID 7416
 1851 Feb. 4 Cardiff for Gibraltar, Capt. OlsenAtlantic Journey ID 7417
 1851 Oct. 1 Barcelona from NewcastleAtlantic Journey ID 7418
 1851 Nov. 4. Leaving Barcelona for TorreviejaAtlantic Journey ID 7419
 1851 Nov. 8. Torrevieja from Barcelona, left 12th for ChristianiaAtlantic Journey ID 7420
 1851 Dec. 12 Christiania from Torrevieja with saltAtlantic Journey ID 7421
 1852 April 16 Gravesend from ChristianiaAtlantic Journey ID 7422
 1852 Captain R. A. Olsen  from Christiania June 15 to Quebec Aug. 12   
 1852 May 22 leaving London for ChristianiaAtlantic Journey ID 7423
 1852 June 4 Christiania from London in ballast with a few goodsAtlantic Journey ID 7424
 1852 Sept. 6 leaving Quebec for GrimsbyAtlantic Journey ID 7425
 1852 Oct. 26 off Deal: from Quebec to Hull Atlantic Journey ID 7426
 1852 Oct. 29 Hull from QuebecAtlantic Journey ID 7427
 1852 Nov. 20 leaving Hull for Christiania Atlantic Journey ID 7428
 1853 Captain G. Müller  from Christiania Apr. 13 to Quebec May 28   
 1853 July 29 departed Quebec for LlanellyAtlantic Journey ID 7429
 1856 July 16 Deal from QuebecAtlantic Journey ID 7430
 1857 Jan 23 departed Queenstown for Christiania, Capt. GundersenAtlantic Journey ID 7431
 1857 April 16 arrived in Christiania from Arendal Atlantic Journey ID 7432
 1857 Captain Gundersen  from Christiania Apr. 25 to Quebec June 15   
 1857 June 26 departed Quebec for London Atlantic Journey ID 7433
 1857 Aug. 15 departed Quebec for London Atlantic Journey ID 7434
 1857 Sept. 30 arrived at Gravesend from Quebec Atlantic Journey ID 7435
 1857 Oct. 31 arrived at Christiania from London in ballast Atlantic Journey ID 7436
 1858 Christiania to Quebec   
 1862 Christiania to Quebec   
The information listed above is not the complete record of the ship. The information was collected from a multitude of sources, and new information will be added as it emerges

This ship was registered in Christiania, flag code: A103

Passenger accommodation to Quebec. The Argo, Capt R. Olsen, which will sail for Quebec with emigrants has now arrived here, and will be ready to depart within 8 - 10 days. There is still some available space. Enrolling at broker Kloed. Christiania June 5, 1852.

In the middle of June the Argo departed with a load of emigrants from Christiania for Quebec. Estimated departure is June 16th. Many of the emigrants traveling on the Argo this year were among those killed in the disaster on Lake Erie, when the S/S Atlantic and S/S Ogdensburg collided. The Atlantic sank, and 67 Norwegian emigrants drowned.

Because the National Archives of Canada [NAC] did not start the archiving of passenger lists before 1865, and the Norwegian emigration records did not start before 1867, there are no surviving passenger list for the voyages the Argo made these years in any of those archives. Timeline to records.

Among the passengers in 1857 was Amund Mortensen Holthagen and Elling Johansen Syverud. In a letter they sent home they told some details about the voyage. A part of the letter is translated below.

"Karen, Christian and I became seasick in the beginning but the others were quite well all the time. Except for Amund who was all the time in bed, until his time was completed. He died on June 4th at 5 o'clock in the morning and was buried in the ocean at 10 in the morning with a graveside ceremony and we sang the psalm "Vor Tanke bort fra Jorden Iler". There were eight deaths aboard the Argo, all were small children except Amund. Gulbrand Ovren lost his son, and Johanes and Berte Bjørge lost their child, the rest were unacquainted people that lost their children. The reason for all the deaths was most probably "Krilla" [Measels] or "Krufsa" as they called it."

[Translated form a transcription printed in the book "Fra Amerika til Norge, Norske utvandrerbrev 1838 - 1857" (From America to Norway, Norwegian emigrant letters 1838 - 1857) by Orm Øverland and Steinar Kjæheim.]


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